Circle Secretary

------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ -------------------------------------------                                                                      SNEA ( I ) /TN / CGM                                              Dated      27-04-04


            SUB: Tamil Nadu Circle –Rotational transfers in TES Group–B / STS 

                        Group –A  cadres  - Reg


                                         In continuation of our earlier discussion on 7-04-04, the following few points are brought to your kind attention, with respect to the above Transfer policy of Tamil Nadu Circle. All our District Secretaries have expressed their anxiety and strong reaction over this rotational transfer policy of the Circle. During our meeting   on 7-04-04 itself we informed to your good self and also to GM(A). Out reservations and unwillingness to agree to rotational transfer policy of Tamil Nadu Circle. 


                                          More over this transfer policy, not rotational, is from DOT and not from BSNL Head quarter. Already we clarified this issue with our General Secretary New Delhi.


                                          This transfer policy of DOT need not be imposed on us. Now it is very early stage and the absorption process and related pay fixation etc are taking place very smoothly. At this early stage when the officers are being in the process of adapting to BSNL policies, BSNL work culture, Corporate service etc., by implementing DOT transfer policy our members will be demoralized.


                                            The STS officers are all adhoc, Purely temporary and Officiating status only.  Your good self will understand their anxiety in disturbing

them  citing their mere stay of 8 years and not considering their temporary status    definitely  they  would  not have  remained in  the  same station if they had been accorded their permanent status in STS, which the letter speaks about.   


                                             Similarly for group B officers 24 years stay in the same SSA  has  been  taken  into  account, including  the  service  in the lower cadres, which also  not agreeable to us. Since this couples the service in  group C cadre also. If that  is  the case, definitely  for group  D and group C cadres also definite period of stay must be incorporated.


                                          In  BSNL  all  HRD  issues  are dealt  with  respect  to Executives and non-Executives only and not by cadre hierarchy such as A.B.C.D etc.,  which  is  DOT  policy. In  view  of  all  the  above  points,  it   is  earnestly requested not to implement the rotational transfer till a suitable policy is framed by BSNL- Head Quarters please.


                                         Assuring our cooperation always.


                                                                                    Yours faithfully


                                                                        ( L.JAYAPAL , Circle Secretary )