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Previous Pages of News of the months before May 2004.

GS discusses with Sr.DDG(Per) about the absorption problems of adhoc STS officers. He calls for all the details from the Association for the inclusion in the terms of reference for the proposed committee.

GS addresses Director (HRD)/BSNL on Finalization of policy of Time Bound Promotions IN BSNL. Salient features are (A) First T.B.P from JTO scale to SDE scale after 4 years. (B) From SDE to STS scale after 6 years. (C) From STS to JAG after 5 years. (D) From JAG to SG/JAG after 5 years.

The file for promotion orders for JTOs to SDE in the 25% Competitive quota had been cleared and sent to Member (Services) for his approval.

Association is examining the logic behind the transfer of 44 Level I TAXs from Circle to Maintenance Regions. The case will be considered for discussion with the Management giving due importance to the implication involved.

AAO cadre is declared as a wasting cadre. BSNL orders that no promotion will be given from JAO to AAO .

First Year Anniversary of our association SNEA(India)--Circle secretary to address meetings at Cuddallore-21st Coimbatore-24th and Dharmapuri - 30th April.

Our CS along with AGS and ACS meets GM STR Chennai and discusses with him.

BSNL Corporate Office is collecting the details of financial implication of leave encashment-- asks Circles to intimate the extent of the financial implication  click.

DOT issues order clarifying that officers against whom disciplinary cases / vigilance cases are contemplated will be absorbed in MTNL/BSNL w.e.f 01-10-2000. DOT Order No.20-2/2004-STG-IIdated 08-04-2004.>>>>

DE officiating order issued for 157 SDEs in Tamil Nadu circle. Click for the order

SNEA is completing one year of unparallel achievements in Trade Union History- Some achievements are ..

**Launching Successful Agitation to get IDA Pay Scales

*Ensuring smooth Absorption in BSNL to the executives

**Issuing of Eligiblity List for 10791 JTOs

*Decleration of Competetive Examination Results

... Officiating for 307 JTOs as SDEs ...

** Officiating for 157 SDEs as DEs**

... Look on DGM for 34 DEs...

** Settelling all the Request tranfer cases of JTOs **

We are stepping to next year to achieve

- Time Bound Promotions to the Executives -

- Getting Due Weightage to the past service in DOT -

- DGM promotion as next Promotion to Adhoc DEs -

Pledge to Achieve ------Future is with us


All District/ Branch Secretaries are requested to arrange Special Meetings to celebrate  the occasion of First Year Anniversary of the Birth of our Association SNEA(India) during this week.

GS discusses issues concerning adhoc DE absorption with SrDDG(Per) Shri N.D .Grover.

GS interacts with DDG (Estt) on unjustified diversion / upgradation of JAG posts particularly from Kerala Circle

GS addresses  Director (HRD), BSNL - To fulfill the commitment of BSNL Management Issues relating to adhoc STS, requiring quick resolution   (A) The beginning of the IDA pay scale i.e 14,500 350 18,700 has to be uplifted by two stages     (B) Point to point fixation in the IDA pay scale corresponding to CDA pay scale of STS in respect of adhoc STS   (C)Their first time bound promotion has to be only and only in the pay scale of JAG and this is something that cannot be negotiated (D) Improvement in the existing rate of increment  Click for the Letter

BSNL accords full recognition to SNEA . Some of the facilities extended to us are 1) Formal Meetings 2) Immunity Transfer to Office bearers 3) Telephone Facility 4) Special Casual Leave for Meetings 5) Notice Board.We congratulate our GS and all our Comrades for achieving this .

The posting orders in respect of JTOs promoted to SDEs in the Competitive quota is being persued by the Association and expected to be released with in a week.

DEs Officiating  order is likely to be  issued  immediately after issuing Reversion orders.

Our Association hosts a party at Chennai to our CGM Shri. K.Mahadevan who is going to take over as Advisor(Operations) in DOT Head quarters at New Delhi. We wish him all the success in his new assignment.

Our Circle Secretary , Circle Vice President K.Rathakrishnan and CWC Member Com.Kuppuswamy addresses the members at Salem on 30-3-2004.

Our AGS Com.Sukveer Singh and Circle Secretary Com.L.Jayapal addresses SNEA meeting at Nagarcoil on 29-3-04.

SSAs have started making payment of Pay Fixation Arrears to the Executives.

POs for the TN List-2 is issued by circle office to the SSAs and received in SSAs.

Circle Secretary addresses well attended meetings at Madurai,Viruthunagar and Tirunelveli. There was enthusiastic participation of members. Discussions were held regarding BSNL Pay Fixation and about CWC Meeting held at Luthiana..

Pay Fixation Memo on BSNL Scale is issued by the SSAs.

 Go to http://sneachq.tripod.com to see JTO Eligiblity List

All Branch/Dist Secretaries are requested to collect a minimum  Amount of Rs500 from each members as Donation. The amount will be distributed as follows Branch Rs100, District Rs100, Circle Rs150 and CHQ Rs150.

Allowing option to retain CDA pay scales till next promotion has been accorded in the PO itself. The POs issued for permanent absorption contain instructions regarding regulation of pay on absorption- " pay will be regulated in terms of Para 4 of DOP& PW OM No.4/18/87-P&PW (D) dated 05/07/1989" which reads thus "The Public Sector Undertaking/ Autonomous body will formulate the terms and conditions of service in the new body at the earliest possible date. The Employees will however have an option to retain their Government pay scales till their next promotion or retirement whichever is earlier or to come over to the service conditions of the PSU / Autonomous body. However until the exercise of option they will be continued to be governed by the pay scales, leave entitlements and terminal benefits under the Government."( Ref- Appendix-12-CCS Pension Rules)JTOs promoted as SDE after oct 2000 may be benefited by this.They can give required option for the same.

1)IDA PAY SCALES Fitment ORDER RELEASED BY BSNL Click for the order Firstpage secondPage Page3 Page4 Page5 Fitment

2)Eligibility List of 559 JTOs of TN circle click

3)BSNL PO LIST NUMBER-2 of TN Circle released Click

4)BSNL PO LIST NUMBER-2 of STR released Click

5)District Secretaries please go through the List of  Missing ACR/  Spl Report of SDEs for DE officiating and take immediate necessary action to see that the ACR/Reports sent to CGM office immeditely  :Click For

i)List of ACR dossiers for DE officiating.

ii)Special Report/ CR spells 

Click for BSNL TES Gr B Absorption Lists

TNList-1 STR LIST STP List Arrears Calculation

Eligiblity List of JTO s released

DOT issued List for the absorption of TES Grp'B' officers whose names were missing for GUJ(33), AP(86), J&K(10), REPC(4), CHENNAI TD(37), BH(19), HR(11).


Eligiblity List for JTOs released covering 10971 JTOs. It will be diplayed after 19 th March. The List covers

ST JTOS COMPLETED 3 YEARS as on 1-7-2002

The CWC at Ludhiana unanimously decides that time-bound promotions from JTO to SG JAG,within the framework of the promotional policy would provide most attractive career prospects of the Executives .

CWC discusses Service weightage and one-time upgradation.

For coducting DPC for DE officiating 238 CRs were called for from SSAs. But only about 100 CRs are received in circle office. District Secretaries are requested to bestow their personal attention to see that the CRs written upto March 2003 and Special report reaches the circle office before the end of this week.

Spl Reports are required for the following JTOs passed in the Competetive Exam. District secretaries are requested to persue the case.


Request Transfer Orders issued for 19 JTOs of Tamil Nadu Circle . Click for the list

CEC meeting of Tamilnadu Circle at Coimbatore was conducted on 28-02-2004. Open session addressed by CHQ President Com.W.Seshagiri Rao, GS Com.G.L.Jogi , AGS Com. A. Sugumaran, Jt Secretary (South)Com.T.Issac, PGM (Operations) Shri. Kuppuswamy and PGM Coimbatore Shri.Varadarajan. The meeting was attended by a huge turnout of around 500 members.

Posting Order issued for JTOs of Batch N019 and Batch N0 20 of RTTC Chennai .Some of the JTOs given transfer to their SSA . Click for batch 19 Batch 20

Transfers in the cadre of STS of ITS Gr "A"/TES Gr. "B" for 38 officers to DOT , (those who opted for govt. service) issued

TN Circle issues POs to JTOs Left out cases(JTO as on oct 2000) Click for Page1 Page2

BSNL, MTNL yet to get full-time heads Read the News item

IDA orders issued for 44% from oct 03 and 44.9% from Jan04.

The Telephone Number our Circle Secretary is ---Off: 044-24345300 Res: 044-26204818.

DOT issues conslitated PO for Absorption of Accounts and Finance officers in BSNL to different circles including TN circle.

'SNEA(I) NEWS' - Current Issue is despatched to all District Secretaries. Pl get your copy and Read.

DE Officiating issued for the following SDEs

Name Present post as SDE Posting as officiating DE
Posting orders issued for JTOs of Batch 17 & 18 of RTTC Chennai Click to view the List.

Personal copies of Individual Presidential orders for the TES Gr B officers absorbed in BSNL are issued and received by the executives of TN circle in SSAs

Following CGMs are posted as Advisers in DOT

Following promotions from DGM to GMs and Transfer in GM s issued by BSNL in TN circle
Name Shri/Smt Presnt post Posted as
P.Padmanabhan DGM Salem GM Tuticorin
I.Thirunavukkarasu DGM Coimbatore GM Udipi KTK
S.E.Rajam DGM Madurai GM Ernakulam Kerala
M.B.Ravichandran DGM Chennai GM Hubli KTK
E.M.Abraham GM Ernakulam GM Erode
P.V.Vijayakumaran GM Kannur GM Nagarcoil
Mohd Abubacker GM Kottayam GM Kumbakonam
L.Kannan GM Hubli GM Trichy
Circle Secretary joins as DE (Op&Comml) in Chengalpet SSA at Chennai.

Notice issued for CEC Meeting of TN circle SNEA at Coimbatore on 28-2-04 (Saturday)

Corrigendum issued for Tamil Nadu Circle Presidential Order- name of 27 officers included in the original order deleted Click

Click for List of Consolidated Presidential Order to STR

104 names of TES Gr B executives of TNCircle left out in the first list of Absorption will be included in DOT second list.Circle Secretary/Circle Administration are taking necessary action.Click for the List.

Four Regular DGMs from TN Circle gets promotion as GMs and allotted to BSNL. Two look on DGMs retire on 31-1-04. As such 6 more Adhoc DEs are likely to get look on DGM postings.

Trainees deputed to Phase II Training for JTOs (Deptl 2003) at RGM CTTC , Chennai from 09-02-04-Click for list

Tranfer order of Com.N.Gopal DE to NE-II circle is cancelled.

Total number of Officials included in the Presidential Orders (Consolidated) for the 39 Circles (as on 29-01-2004) - 15459

Shri. K.Balakrishnan GM(NS),KTK circle is posted as CGM STR , Chennai.

Shri.G.Sankaraiah is posted as PGM(O) Chennai TD and Shri.V.Rangachari is posted as PGM (D), Chennai TD.

DOT issued Consolidated Presidential Order to three more circles viz. (31) Gujarat - 1025 (32) Rajasthan - 581 and (33) STR on 27-01-04

DOT issued Presidential Orders to three more circles viz. (28) UP (W) - 386 (29) UP (E) - 692 and (30) Madhya Pradesh - 549.

Pl log on to http://tnsnea.741.com/ or

Pl log on to http://tnsnea.topcities.com/

Pl note these Web Addresses.


Consolidated Presidential orders issued by DOT for absorption of SDE/DEs of STP circle.Pl click here

Circle Secretary meets GM(A) TN Circle on 14-01-04 and discussed with her pending Request Transfer cases of JTO/SDE/DEs.

Results of the Competitive Exam for the promotion of JTOs to SDEs held in Dec 2002 declared vide DOT letter NO. 5-9/2003/DE dated 15-12-2003. 1633 candidates declared successful. From Tamil Nadu Circle 150 JTOs are succesful . Congrats 

Designed and Maintained By: K.Rathakrishnan, Circle Vice-President.