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  26 th Nov 2009

SNEA TNCircle / SNEA Chennai Telecom District Combined GB

Special General Body Meeting at Chennai on 02 Dec Wednesday 

Com.G.L.Jogi GS Addresses

All are Invited.

All the District Seccretaries are Requested to moblise our members and make the GB a massive one.

--All SNEA Comrades of TN Circle and Chennai Telephones are invited-- Make the GB a massive one--- Venue : Pandian Marriage Hall ,10/18A station Road,West Mambalam, Near Mambalam Rly Station, Chennai

All the District Secretaries are requested  to kindly co-ordinate and approach the District administration to send the following  requirements to Circle Administration. 

The Vigilance Clearance Report of the JTOs who are officiating as SDE for their reposting as SDE(officiating) after  their reversion may kindly be arranged to avoid delay in reposting.The District Secretaries of MA,TR,Erode are requested  to kindly speed up the process.

List of  JTOs who got promotion as SDE  in the last LDCE and their Vigilance Report may kindly be arranged to send Circle Office.

The details of Regular DEs may kindly be arranged  to send to Circle office.

We  regret to inform the sudden demise of the father of Com. M.Gopinathan ACS at Karaikudi . SNEA TN circle  extends deep condolences .

20 th Nov 2009 Joint Action Committee of SNEA and other Associations/Unions of Taminadu circle was conducted at Chennai under the Presidentship of Com.S.Sundarakrishnan our Circle President . It was decided to strongly oppose the Govt moves on issue of IPO in BSNL . An Resolution was passed in this regard. <<Pl Click here for the Resolution>>   

 It was decided in the meeting to conduct 

   *  Demonstrations on  4 th December  Friday at all branches 

   *  Protest Meeting on 16 th Dec  Wednesday at all District Head Qtrs

It was also decided to submit Memorandum to the Hon.Members of Parliament to high light the issue.  <<Please Click here  for the  Memorandum>> 

15 th Nov 2009 Diversion of Broadband Modems : TN Circle is likely to get 11000 Modems during this month,Nov 2009.<<Click>>

13 th Nov 2009 Provision of STD facility to all Executives on request - orders issued <<Click>>

Policy matters related to RSTC and concessional telephones transferred to GM(Admn), BSNL CO <<Order>>

Provision of 3G facility to officers from JAG and above - orders issued <<Click>>

Furnishing data in respect of regular STS officers by 18.11.2009 for making seniority list for promotion to JAG <<order>>

13  th Nov 2009 Meeting with DDG (Estt), DoT: GS along with AGSs met DDG(Estt), DoT and discussed:

a) Clarification sought by BSNL on seniority of 270 SDEs: We requested him to expedite the clarifications sought by BSNL on the seniority of 270 SDEs working as Adhoc DEs. The entire process of regularization of remaining 2400 Adhoc DEs are delayed due to the seniority issue. He promised that the clarification will be sent to BSNL at the earliest after taking legal opinion.

b) Approval of Pay scales of JTOs and SDEs: We requested him to approve the E1A and E2A pay scales immediately as the JTOs are given provisional E1 scale starting with Rs. 16400/- only. The case is pending with DoT for months together. BSNL Board approved the pay scales along with other scales and sent to DoT for its approval, but these scales are not approved by DoT so far. Since the pay scales are not approved, the Time Bound Promotions for JTOs recruited in 2001  and 2002 year are also not getting implemented. Similarly the same case of JAOs and AOs also pending.

c) Option to continue in CDA scale till promotion / retirement: Since matter is not settled so far, the pension of about 700 Executives are not getting settled for several years. During absorption process thousands of Executives exercised this option by refunding arrears to the tune of one to two lakhs. If it is not settled, then all of them face recovery of pay for the last nine years.

We couldn't meet Member (Services), as he is attending a Parliament Standing Committee meeting. He will be in office only on 24th.

12 th Nov 2009 Membership verification of Executives'/Officers' Association in BSNL.- The extract of recommendations of the Committee constituted for framing rules &regulations governing conduct of membership verification of executive employees association in BSNL for offering your association's comments/views on it. The comments/feedback of the associations to be furnished latest by 25-11-2009. >>Click>>

Here is an instance of our comrades beating our competitor through amazing service which was appreciated by the customer at Chennai. CGM, CHTD also made appreciative remarks: <<Letter>>

11  th Nov 2009 Convening of CPC for Executives (BSNL Management Services) in respect of various streams -Telecom Operation, Telecom Finance, Civil, Electrical, Architect, Telecom Factories and other streams of BSNLMS. -  Recruitment Rules of BSNL Management Services issued vide No. 400-10612007-pers.l dated 14.01.2009. The Recruitment Rules, 2009 in respect of Executives (BSNL Management Services) have come into force with effect from 11.06.2009. Notified the composition of CPC in different streams - Telecom Operation, Telecom Finance,Civil, Electrical, Architect, Telecom Factories and other streams of BSNLMS for the purpose of convening CPCs >>>>>>>>>>

Recruitment of Management Trainees - Status of various Court cases from various Benches of Tribunals all over India for modification in MTRRs. >>>>>>>>>>>.BSNL Management decided to transfer all court cases on the subject matter to CAT Principal bench New Delhi to have a common judgment in the matter.

Recruitment of Junior Accounts Officers (JAOs) in BSNL >>>>>>>>CLOSING DATE  OF RECEIPT OF APPLICATION: 15.12. 2009

The examination is likely to be held in February/March 2010 and the exact date of the examination will be announced later on. Application form >>>>>>>>

10  th Nov 2009 Meeting with Director(HRD): GS along with AGSs, Com Khan and Com Sebstian, met Director(HRD) and discussed the following issues:   

DPC from JTO to SDE under 67 % quota : The DPC should be immediately notified for the vacancy years 2008-09 and 2009-10 and necessary action be initiated in this regard, we urged upon director(HRD) who assured us that he would direct concerned officers to initiate appropriate action in this direction .

LDCE from JTO to SDE: The LDCE from JTO to SDE for about 4400 TES Gr B vacancies should be immediately notified against the vacancy years 2006-07 and 2007-08. The resultant vacancies for the year 2008-09 may also be taken into account before notifying the exam, we requested Director(HRD). Favourable consideration of our request and early notification of the examination was assured.

Regularization of adhoc STS officers: The process of regularization of about 2300 existing adhoc STS officers which is stalled due to legal reasons needs to be expedited as early as possible. We informed Director(HRD) that we are not averse to any kind of arrangement that helps in regularization of adhoc STS officers at the earliest. Director(HRD) informed that BSNL has send the legal opinion that it has received from its legal counsel representing BSNL in Supreme Court to DOT for taking a final view on the matter.

Promotion from STS regular to JAG: Immediate steps may be taken to initiate the process for promotion of recently regularized 280 STS officers to JAG. Director(HRD) informed that this process is expected to be completed shortly and necessary action to promote these regular STS officers to JAG has already started.

DPC from SDE to Adhoc STS: We requested Director(HRD) to direct CGM/J&K to take appropriate action to ensure early listing of the case by BSNL in J&K High Court so that the interim stay granted by High Court is vacated as soon as possible by submission of facts before Hon’ble High Court. Director(HRD) spoke to CGM/J&K to initiate immediate action for early listing of the case to enable BSNL Hqs to issue promotion orders from TES Gr B to adhoc STS as early as possible.

Referendum of Associations: Dir (HRD) informed that this issue is under active consideration of BSNL management since the committee constituted to finalize the modalities for holding the referendum has submitted its report.

ACP of Civil & Electrical: We informed Director(HRD) that since the committee constituted for the purpose of deciding the issue for Civil/Electrical etc has already finalized and submitted its report which we understand is positive and addresses the issue appropriately, there is no point in linking the issue to other cadres and thus unnecessarily delaying it. We impressed upon the Director(HRD) to get the necessary orders to remove the anomaly in respect of Civil/Electrical etc issued at the earliest, and we were assured by director(HRD) that he would discuss the issue further with the concerned officers.

Continuation in CDA scales till the date of promotion/retirement: The pension of all the persons who have availed this option is not being settled by Jt.CCAs. GM (Est.) has already asked for the requisite information from the circles but no major circle has provided the same. We requested Dir (HRD) to kindly issue DO letters to CGMs to send the information at the earliest. Dir (HRD) asked us to remind the same in the next week as GM (Est.) will be available next week only.

09  th Nov 2009 Management trainee’s internal- engineering theory paper classes are conducted at the following address by: 


Interested candidates may contact Mr. Nagoorgani  ph.044-24333031.

Classes are also conducted at Madurai centre .

04  th Nov 2009 CGM TN Circle calls for  Options for filling up  additional DE vacancies, by officiating arrangement,   from amongst the 141 SDEs, , assigned  restored  seniority, vide  BSNL, ND, Letter No.57-01/2009-Pers.(DPC)/35  dt. 26/10/2009, who have completed minimum of six years service as SDE. <<Click>>

27 th Oct 2009 Restoration of Seniority for 141 comrades Approved by BSNL Head Quarters in 1966 case. Comrades eligible for officiating/Adhoc DE promotion may kindly represent. Representations are already  received from three comrades Com.V.Mahendiran, Com.Vidyasagar and Com. Muthiyal. Our thanks to Com.S.Sundarakrishnan Circle President, Com.A.A.Khan AGS and Com.Sebastian AGS for their best efforts.

26 th Oct 2009 Broad band Services is the Bread and Butter for us. It is understood certain percentage of  Modems are under Faulty condition and are to be Repaired. All the concerned Comrades are Requested to bestow their Best Efforts in getting the BB Modems repaired early. The Modems from disconnected BB connections also to be collected. The Repairing and collections of Modems will help in achieving better spares management as well as best Service to our Customers.

26 th Oct 2009 CGM TN Circle issues order for officiating arrangements in the grade of Divisional Engineer  for 13 SDEs with immediate effect <<Click for order>>  

24 th Oct 2009   CGM TN Circle issues order for extensoin for DE officiating:  The local temporary officiating arrangements in the grade of Divisional Engineer ordered vide CGM-TN Circle  office Memo TSA/10-15/2009 dated 29/09/2009, for one month, in respect of the SDEs   is extended for a further period of 149 days with effect from 29/10/2009.

21 st Oct 2009 Scheme and syllabus for LDCE from JTO (T) to SDE (T) notified. Consistent efforts of SNEA (India) resulted in this notification and change of scheme into OMR system even though some groups tried their best to stop the LDCE as last time. The examination will be on OMR evaluation basis. There will be two papers of 100 marks each with 3 hours duration. The minimum pass mark for each paper will be 50% for 'OC' and 45% for 'SC/ST'. DE cell will issue separate notification intimating the date and time.

Limited Departmental Competitive Examination for promotion to the grade of Sub Divisional Engineer (Telecom) for vacancy years 2006-07 and 2007-08 under 33% quota. - Regarding >>>>>>

 Syllabus, Scheme, and Application form. >>>>>>>

19 th Oct 2009 Volunteers  from  DEs / Adhoc DEs  for posting  in RGMTTC, Chennai, under  Tamilnadu  Circle >>>>>>>>

15 th Oct 2009 Congratulations!! 280 Senior Comrades in Adhoc STS regularized in STS. Untiring and hard-fought efforts of the Association is throwing open the bottleneck has finally succeeded with fruitful results. 33 comarades from TN circle are promoted on regular basis Remaining adhoc STS officers are also to be regularized on receipt of legal opinion on 270 seniority case. Our heartful thanks to CMD, Dir (HRD) and BSNL Management for their kind involvement and cooperation.  >>>>>>>>>>>

Hon. CAT, Ernakulam admits OA 672/2009 filed by SNEA(India), CHQ against the MT Rect. All members desirous of appearing in the MT Rect. (Intl quota) may apply immediately irrespective of age / qualification. Last date extended for 10 days by the Hon. CAT, EKM on 13.10.2009.( Click here for  BSNL order dtd 15-10-09)

CGM TN Circle issues Officiating orders for 22 SDEs to DEs in 8 SSAs. Congrats... <<Click For the List>>

Joint Forum writes to Hon. MOC&IT protesting the deputation of Indian P&T Accounts & Finance Group A officers into BSNL for whom the absorption process is already completed >>>>

Joint Forum writes to Hon. MOC&IT regarding immediate absorption of ITS Group A officers into BSNL >>>>

Joint Forum writes to CMD, BSNL regarding immediate absorption of ITS Group A officers into BSNL >>>>

Joint Forum writes to CMD, BSNL regarding interference of BCG in day to day functioning of BSNL >>>>

All District Secretaries to note Please: All the District Secretaries along with the Circle Office Bearers are requested to meet and discuss with the SSA heads regarding the Restructuring plan of the SSA and get  the information on the Restructuring. The details of Allocated posts , Present working strength, Retirement up to Dec 2009 and the Posts to be filled for JTO/SDE/DE/DGM cadres for the SSA may please be intimated to the Circle Secretary.

Dear Comrades,

   SLOW and STEADY Wins the Race !!

              Achieving the  Target is our Motto  !!

   Yes, Achieving the Target is our Motto  !!

   But, Don't be in a Hurry to Implement Scrupulously the Instructions , 

              Follow the Procedures and Implement it !!

  Taking care of ourselves is more important as taking care of BSNL !!

     6 th Oct 2009 Hon. Central administrative Tribunal, Ernakulam bench admits OA No. 672/2009 filed by SNEA(India), CHQ against the descriminations in age/qualification in the Intl quota for MT Rect. All members desirous of appearing in the MT Rect. (Intl quota) may apply immediately before the last date ie. 14.10.2009.

  1st Oct 2009 Orders issued for the payment of balance of 60% pay arrears to BSNL Employees. >>>>>>>>>>>

29th Sept 2009   Meeting with Director(HRD):  

        The Association was called for a discussion on the issue of revisiting 30% fixation granted on the new IDA scales in accordance to the orders of DPE. GS and AGS, Com. A. Khan, expressed opinion on the said issue in very clear and unambiguous terms. Under no circumstances and in no situation can this Association even remotely reconcile to the suggestion of BSNL Management for reconsideration of the fixation criterion already decided and implemented. Any step in the direction of reducing the existing fixation on IDA scales will result in instantaneous industrial unrest of the worst kind, we categorically apprised Director(HRD), and requested him to convey the opinion of our Association to BSNL Board on the same lines. Legitimate fixation of pay in conformity with the orders of the govt. cannot be fiddled with by BSNL/Board and any attempt in the direction of diluting the fixation already decided will be met with stiffest resistance from our Association. Such arbitrary and authoritarian moves of the Management shall be squarely defeated by us, we are completely confident, for the simple reason that such decisions are not only indiscreet but a clear infringement on our legitimate rights and violative of the decisions of the govt. We further requested Director(HRD) not to act in a manner that will adversely and irreversibly affect the ongoing developmental activities in the organization.

25th Sept 2009 We have been advised by our Legal Council that all the executives, regardless of  restrictions imposed in terms of age and qualification contained in the provisions of recently notified MT RRs, should submit the application for appearing in the internal Competitive examination for recruitment of (250) MTs. SNEA appeal to all our members to submit their application immediately through proper channel for appearing in the said exam, completely ignoring the restriction of age and qualification.

25th Sept 2009 UF writes to CMD BSNL regarding non-implementation of DPE's order wr.t to 78.2 % DA >>>>>>>>

23 rd Sept 2009 Orders issued for correcting the anomaly due to accrual of increment of junior earlier than the senior after fixation of pay in revised pay scale on implementation of 2nd PRC. >>>>>>>>

  16 th Sept 2009 Congratulations to the following Officers who are selected for   VISHIST SANCHAR SEVA PADAK  AWARDS  2009 in respect of TAMILNADU TELECOM CIRCLE.

P. Senthilkumaran


Cuddalore SSA

S. Balasubramanian


PGM (D) Office

K. Ananthan


Kumbakonam SSA

S. Ravi


Coimbatore SSA

Congratulations----- Customer Service Centre , Tallakulam, Madurai , TN Circle has been selected for BEST CUSTOMER SERVICE CENTER Award for 2009. Congrats to all officers and staff.

Congratulations---- Pndicherry is selected as the Best maintained Telecom System for Best Services for the year 2008-09 having less than 50,000 Lines. Congrats to all officers and staff .


Association is all along pleading with the Management that there should not be any AGE / QUALIFICATION BAR for the rect. of Management Trainees through internal competitive examination. Association elaborately submitted its views to the committee constituted under the chairmanship of PGM (IR) to examine the issue of relaxation in age and qualification for MT rect through internal competitive examination. Association strongly pleaded for allowing BSc, 1st class (Educational qualification for Outside rect of JTOs), with no age bar, to appear for the internal competitive examination.   The management has ignored the views of the Association in contravention of the orders of DoP&Trg, regulating the provisions of the internal competitive examination. Association is determined to end this discrimination and going to take up the issue with the Management once again. Managements failure to respond to our plea of conduction of internal competitive examination in accordance to DoP&Trg rules allowing Executives to appear in the internal competitive examination with no age bar and Educational qualifications of BSc (First Class), shall force the Association to seek appropriate legal recourse.

08th Sept 2009  BSNL Issues order relating to Perks and   Allowances <Order1>  <Order2><Order3> <Order4>

08th Sept 2009  Pl Click here for Photos of CEC Open Session <<Photo1>>   <<Photo2>>  <<Photo3>>  <<Photo4>>  <<Photo5>>   <<Photo6>> <<Photo7>>  <<Photo8>>

  5 th Sept 2009 CEC Meeting of SNEA(India) Tamilnadu Circle was conducted on 3rd and 4th September 2009,Thursday and Friday at Hotel Sri Ram ,Coimbatore . Massive participation of members in the Open Session on 3rd A/N . CEC members and comrades from coimbatore, Erode, Coonoor   participted. Com.S.Sundarakrishnan Circle President presided, Com.R.Asokan CS presented the Key note address. Com.G.L.Jogi GS, Shri.D.Varadarajan CGM TN Circle, Shri.P.T.Mathew PGM Coimbatore, Veteran Leader Com.W.Seshagiri Rao Com.H.Muthu CHQ Treasurer , Com.R.Rajan J.S(South)to addressed the open session.

       GS concentrated his address to issues related to the growth and profitability of BSNL. He also highlighted the crucial decisions of CWC held at Shillong. The long-drawn out battle by the Association to bring out a greatly favourable  BSNL MS R/R, breaking open the more than three decade old bottle neck, the  DGM and MT rectt, pay scales of JTOs and SDEs, merger of 9.4% of IDA, perks etc. also figured in his address. Erosion of profits of BSNL is a serious concern, which will eventually reflect upon the paying capacity of the Company. Any further dent in the profits will make it difficult to retain even the present pay structure. On IPO and ITS absorption issues, we are pursuing the matter in the Joint Forum. After the address, GS interacted with the members for over an hour on various issues such as profitability of BSNL, IPO, ITS absorption, BSNL MS R/R, DGM and MT rect, pay scales of JTOs and SDEs, merger of 9.4% of IDA, perks, full pension option for EPF etc.                  

2 nd Sept 2009 Payment of PLI for 2008-09: DIR(HRD) called the two recognized Executive's Associations SNEA(I) and AIBSNLEA to discuss payment of PLI for the year 2008-09. Management told that this year employees may agree for not to take Bonus as the Financial position is bad. Even if PLI has to be paid, as per DPE guidelines 5% of the distributable profit can be paid (ie. 5% of Rs. 575 crores which comes to Rs. 28 crore). ie. Rs. 28 crores can be distributed among 55,000 Executives and the amount comes to Rs. 5000 which is 50% of last years minimum PLI.

Payment of 2nd installment (60%) of Pay arrears: We requested the early implementation of Dept. of Expenditure order dated 25.08.2009 and endorsed by DoT to BSNL on account of Pay revision. DIR(HRD) assured early act.

28 th August 2009 Name missing in the SDE Seniority List case of  37 SDE Comrades of TN Circle is settled . BSNL Corporate office has included their names by allotting Seniority Nos and issued order on 20-08-09 in this regard.  <<Pl click for the List>>

26 th August 2009  CEC Meeting of SNEA(India) Tamilnadu Circle will be conducted on 3rd and 4th September 2009,Thursday and Friday at Hotel Sri Ram ,Coimbatore . Open Session will be on 3rd A/N . <<Pl Click here for the Invitation>>Com.S.L.Reddy CHQ President , Com.G.L.Jogi GS, Shri.D.Varadarajan CGM TN Circle, Shri.S.Shanmugasundaram PGM (O), Shri.P.T.Mathew PGM Coimbatore, Com.W.Seshagiri Rao com.H.Muthu CHQ Treasurer , Com.R.Rajan J.S(South)to address the open session.

Notice issued for the CEC  CEC will be conducted on 3rd/4th Sep09 under the President ship of Com.S.Sundarakrishnan Circle President<<Pl click here for Notice>> For accommodation Kindly contact Com.V.Puthiyavan CWC Member at Mobile No.94861 05022.

Circle Secretary Com.R.Ashokan Letter to District Secretaries asking for details from District Secretaries<<Click>>  

  16 th August 2009  CEC Meeting of SNEA(India) Tamilnadu Circle will be conducted on 3rd and 4th September Thursday and Friday at Hotel Sri Ram ,Coimbatore . Open Session will be on 3rd A/N  Our GS Com.G.L.Jogi and CGM TN Circle Shri.D.Varadarajan will address the open session. All circle office bearers, Divisional Secretaries and CEC members are requested to attend the CEC. Hotel Sri Ram is opposite to the central Exchange and near to Coimbatore Railway Junction.

1 st August 2009 GS along with Com. Khan met Dir(HRD) and discussed the folowing issues.

1. Regularisation of adhoc STS officers: GS very strongly put forth his argument that now there is no need to conduct DPC and the officers can simply be promoted on the basis of VC. The logic behind this argument was that the whole process may take a lot of time. Dir(HRD) categorically assured  that the whole process of calling of CRs and VC is carried out on war footing basis and DPC is required after promulgation of new RRs. He also firmly assured that the whole process of regularization of existing adhoc STS would be completed by 30th September 2009.

2. Amendments in Civil/ Electrical BSNLMS RRs: We Pleaded that the the notified RRs amendments may be carried out in the existing RRs of Civil/Electrical so that the BSNLMS assumes complete uniformity. Dir(HRD) asked us to submit a note on the amendments that we pleaded for and assured that he will examine the issue with a very open mind.

3. Upgradation of around 25 EE level posts to SE level in Civil wing and filling up of 63 nos. of posts of competitive quota in civil wing: We strongly protested the move of BW wing to abolish about 25 nos of posts of EEs and upgrade them to SE as this will reduce the promotional aspects of SDE (Civil) to EE . Dir(HRD) felt that the move of upgrading the posts is unnecessary and asked us to submit a note on this.  Regarding the anticipated reduction to fill up the notified 63 nos. of competitive quota posts of SDEs, Dir(HRD) also asked us to submit our views on this.

4. Change over to OMR system  of TES Gr.B Competitive examination: Dir(HRD) informed that the matter was referred to Management Committee and steps will be initiated to conduct the examination very soon.

5. ACP in civil/Electrical in upgraded payscales: We mentioned that the issue is badly delayed though the committee setup to recommend on the issue is on the verge of giving final report. He assured that final decision on the report of the committee would be taken as soon as the report is submitted.

Meeting with Dir(Consumer mobility) Shri R.K.Agarwal: We raised the issue of provision of ISD calls on Mobile in HR Circle( refer to our correspondence on 29th July 2009). He informed that he has taken all the necessary steps to check the revenue leakage because of this technical snag about which he was already aware. He also informed us that the necessary steps are being taken to plug in the technical loopholes to stop leakage of revenue. However , from our side, we informed the Director to ascertain whether the leakage is really due to technical snag or because of complicity of officers of BSNL with unscrupulous elements. He assured to look into this specific aspect. He also asked us to inform our concerned members to immediately file an FIR where ever such leakages are detected.

Meeting with Dir(Consumer Fixed Access Shri Wadhwa):  The after affects of CDR implementation in Hyderabad SSA were highlighted as there is corruption of data while pulling the CDRs which has resulted in chaos. DIR(CFA) assured that he is taking all possible steps to correct the same and has deputed Shri N.K.Gupta, GM(IT), BSNLCO to Hyderabad to have on the spot assessment of the situation. He is monitoring the situation on day to day basis and leaving no stone unturned to set it right

List of adhoc(STS) officers for consideration to STS(Regular) for Error/Omission pl. <<<List1>>><<<List2>>><<<List3>>><<<List4>>>.

Sanction Memos issued for Refund of Security Deposit amount of Rs. 5,000/- paid by the outsider JTOs of Year – 2001 and 2002 at the
time of their recruitment – reg--order enclosed<<Pl Click>>

Revised rate of DA in revised IDA scale increased to 18.5%.- orders issued >>>>>>>

Revised rate of DA in old IDA scale increased to 100%.- orders issued >>>>>>>

Joint Forum calls for demonstrations on 22 nd July 2009 against IPO in BSNL  <<Click for the Letter from JF Convenors of TN Circle>>.

SNEA TN Circle mourns the death of Shri.H.Mohamed Abubacker GM Mobile Services Trichy , an honest and sincere officer. SNEA extends  deep condolences to the bereaved family.

14th July 2009 Recruitment Rules of BSNL Management Services  issued.Pages 1-6-->>>>    Pages 7-14 >>>>

GS met GM(P) and requested to issue Gr.A RRs  immediately as in the earlier meeting it was informed that Gr.A RRs will be issued by friday. We also came to know that our Hon'ble CMD is out of Delhi and thus the same will be issued next week i.e after taking necessary concurrence from CMD.

SNEA Erode Division launches its WEB Presence thro <<>> Congrats.

10th July 2009 Joint Forum of BSNL Non-Executive Unions and Executive Associations met and discussed a) Govt. move to disinvest BSNL through IPO, b) plan of Management on repatriation of ITS officers’ to DoT after 01/01/2010 on completion of absorption as reported by media, c) growth of BSNL and its viability and d) 100 days programme of CMD. Joint Forum unanimously resolved to

1. to appeal all employees to work hard for the successful completion of 100 days programme of CMD, BSNL.

2. Joint Forum leaders will meet CMD and Board of Directors on regular basis to discuss the issues related to BSNL’s growth and its viability.

3. to oppose purchasing of Maruti Suzuki SX4 cars for HAG level officers / club membership expenditures / foreign trips in business/executive air class / holding meetings in five/seven star hotels in view of the dip in the profit of the Company

4. protest against the Govt. move of disinvestment through IPO along with the employees of other CPSUs and

Joint Forum also decided to observe 22nd July, 2009 as PROTEST-DAY by holding lunch/closing hour demonstrations and sending telegram to Hon'ble PM of India as per the call given by Committee of Public Sector Trade Unions (CPSTU) to protest against disinvestment/privatisation of CPSEs.

06th July 2009 Some important Decisions of CWC shillong.

1. The house unanimously decided to stop recording the minutes of the CWC meetings, and instead record only the important decisions taken and resolutions adopted.

2. GSs report basically concentrated on the issues relating to viability of BSNL emphasing immediate need for initiating concretized plan of action and evolving appropriate strategies.

3. Every Circle secretary presented comprehensive report on the development AND GROWTH of the concerned circle and the limitations they are facing in the field units to achieve desired targets.

4. Simple accounts examination in the Civil/electrical wing abrogated.

5. Issue of Additional DA of 9.4% will be taken at appropriate time.

6. The issue of VTM charging penalties on BSNL was taken up. GS assured to take the issue at appropriate level.

7.  Muthu, CHQ Treasurer presented his financial report from the period 16.11.08 to 31.5.09.

8. GS asked CSs to closely monitor timely remittance of subscription quota.

9. Com. Ashokan & Com. Sunder were unanimously nominated as internal auditors.

Highlights of the CWC meeting at Shillong on 26th & 27th  June, 09. 

The Central Working Committee meeting of SNEA (India) held at Shillong on 26th and 27th June, 2009 was a unique and historic one in many ways. GS, CSs and CWC members concentrated on the issues of growth and viability of BSNL rather than cadre issues.  CSs comprehensively reported the issues hampering the growth of BSNL in the Circles and the initiatives to be taken to improve the quality of service, customer interface and growth of BSNL.

The discussions mainly centered on:

a) Improving the quality of service

b) Curbing revenue leakage and corruption at all levels

c) Strengthening the sales and marketing teams and proper monitoring of sales by Franchisee/DSA/BSNL Shopee.

d) Exploring new areas of growth and revenue generation

e) Recovery of outstanding dues, and

f)  Reduction in the operational and wasteful expenses.

a) Improving the quality of service:

     Frequent interruptions of Broad Band service by failure of NOC at Bangalore. Drive tests and optimization is not completed at many places. Non Procurement of quality equipments in time and Poor maintenance of GSM by M/s Nortel in South.

    Scarce supply of products having demand in the market was considerably focussed. Continuing shortage of FWTs, EVDO/NIC cards having so much potential was adequately mentioned. Provision of services on demand and prompt clearance of faults was emphasized upon. Customer care and attitudinal change was reiterated.

b) Curbing revenue leakage and corruption at all levels:

     Proper check has to be made on all procurements and purchases, expenditure on medical reimbursement/OTA/TA/DA, temporary advances, misuse of vehicle and vehicle running expenses etc.

c) Strengthening the sales and marketing teams and proper monitoring of sales by Franchisee/DSA/BSNL Shopee:

     Sales and Marketing teams has to be strengthened. For strengthening sales team more non executives can be inducted into the sales team. Like franchisee, target has to be fixed for DSA and BSNL shoppee. The target has to be reviewed and monitored. Now franchisee is selling the products through DSA/Shoppee and meeting their targets by giving higher commission than BSNL. This is affecting the sales through DSA/Shoppee and the very purpose is defeated.

d) Exploring new areas of growth and revenue generation:

     Scrapping and auctioning of unserviceable store items and vacating the rented buildings was highlighted. Large no of line materials are lying idle in the field units after pole less conversion. Vacating the rented buildings and shifting of offices to own buildings, allotting the vacant quarters to others. Exploring the possibility of commercial use of our buildings and land was underlined. Inventory management is very poor. Large quantity of store items is purchased and the same is kept unutilized at other places. If proper inventory management is done, the unutilized store items can be diverted and utilized. Merger of BSNL and MTNL also was mentioned.

   Despatch of bills and their payment in remote areas is an important issue to be sorted out. Allowing incoming calls on NPD numbers who have agreed to make payments at least in instalments was highlighted. Some Circles reported this had arrested the landline churn to a great extent and could considerably help in recovering the outstanding dues.

e)   Recovery of outstanding dues:

    The outstanding dues of BSNL are thousands of crores. So far this issue was dealt by the Account wing alone in most of the circles. Now the field units are also involved in this process by so many SSAs /units and as a result most of the outstanding dues could be recovered from the subscribers by visiting their premises by the staff and executives working in the field units. This has proved very successful in all the SSAs/units where ever it is implemented.

   Now the executives and staff working in field units have realized the fact that we should ensure the payment is made by the customer for whom we are providing new services and maintaining them.

f) Reduction in the operational and wasteful expenses.

    Posting of dynamic Circle/SSA heads and making them accountable for the losses. Foreign tour and foreign training should be restricted. Journey on air has to be discouraged for short distance and journey through economy class has to be encouraged. Expenditure on meetings has to be reduced and meetings in BSNL premises have to be encouraged. Optimum utilization of deptl/hired vehicles for fault clearance is to be ensured rather than meetings.

    Monitoring of AMC payment by all concerned:  Nowadays the payments to the vendors are made without any check irrespective of the fact that their service is satisfactory or not. So many Circles reported that the AMC of vendors are not at all satisfactory. However there is no initiative to impose penalty or to get the equipments repaired as per the terms and conditions of AMC. Very few SSAs/Circles have reported imposition of penalty where as almost all the Circles reported that the vendors are not extending services as per the AMC agreement which results in customer dissatisfaction. Proper check has to be made at field units to ensure that the equipments are repaired by the vendors in time as per the AMC agreement and if the vendor fails, the matter has to be reported at appropriate level in time and ensure that proper penalty is imposed and leakage of revenue is checked.

    Huge amount of penalty imposed on BSNL by VTM cell for wrong data entry. This can be avoided by proper data entry. Care should be taken to ensure that the address of the customers in the ID proof is entered as the mailing address in the application forms.

Control over the procurement of unwanted store materials.

At the conclusion of the meeting on 27th June, a brief interactive session with the leading media personnel and customer representatives was held in which the need of maintaining transparency, improving customer interface, bringing about drastic transformation in attitudinal changes and work culture was immensely underlined and emphasized upon.   


16 th June 2009  CGM TN Circle issues officiating order for 290 JTOs as SDEs<< Click for order>>

Transfer of EPF balance from one EPF region to another EPF region - Form 13A needs to be submitted to the local regional EPFO for transferring the balances accumulated at the old station. EPFO will arrange for transfer on the balance. >>>>>>>>>>.

15th June 2009 AGS Com. K. Sebastin and Vice President Com. Madhusudan Mahto met PGM(IR), BSNL CO. PGM(IR) informed that 1) the results of Accounts examination for SDE(C/E) will be announced in a day or two after getting approval from competent authority and 2) the results of the competitive examination (LDCE) for JTO(C/E) to SDE(C/E) is almost ready and will be announced shortly

12th June 2009 Congratulations!!! We reliably understand that BSNL Board has approved Group A R/Rs in its Board meeting on 11th June, 2009. Further details, we shall be communicating shortly.

JTO(T) to SDE(T) promotion order for 14 missing cases issued  <<Order>>

JTO(C) to SDE(C) promotion orders have been issued <<<<Promotion List>>>>

Tenure transfer orders issued for 43 SDE(T) <<order>>  Pending request transfers are under persue and orders expected in this week.

BSNL revises the tariff of Call Now cards as well as introduced the specific Call Now cards for Gulf countries with effect from 16.06.09 .

Modifications issued in the JTO to SDE promotion orders in seniority quota incorporating corrections in working/posted units etc.  <<1>>   <<2>>

Grant of Dearness relief to Central Govt. Pensioners -- revised rate w.e.f 01.01.2009. <<Click>>

CGM TN Circle calls for options for DE Offg:Options for filling up DE  vacancies, inclusive of retirement vacancies, by officiating arrangement is   called for from amongst the eligible SDEs of Tamilnadu Circle, who have completed minimum of six years service as SDE. Those SDEs who have declined/debarred may also opt, but their options will be considered only after completion of debar period.   All the eligible SDEs need to exercise their options afresh, even if they are already officiating as DEs.   Consolidated list of options are to be sent to circle office by the SSA Administration   through INTRANET   on or before 06/06/2009 .   


Meeting with DIR(HRD): GS and AGSs Com. Khan and Com. Sebastin met DIR(HRD) and discussed  the following issues.

1.      Gr.A RRs: Association strongly advocated for the early promulgation of the Gr.A RRs and expressed our apprehensions about any change in the RRs. Dir(HRD) assured us that there should not be any iota of doubt in our minds about what has been already agreed to and assured us that there will not be any change in the features of Gr.A RRs and efforts are on notify Gr A RRs at the earliest. 

2.       E1A & E2A IDA paysacles: Dir(HRD) informed us that E1A and E2A were sent to DoT for approval along with E9A & E9B pay scales as a consolidated case. Some objections have been raised by DoT in E9A and E9B pay scales. Objections raised shall be responded and E1A and E2A shall be delinked from E9A and E9B, DIR(HRD) assured.

.        Posting of JTOs in the new recruitment and consideration of Rule-8 transfers: It was informed that due care is being taken in posting of new JTOs to various Circles. This is being done after taking into account all the outgoing and incoming JTOs under rule-8 in a Circle and the new postings will be done on this formula.      

JTO to SDE promotion under seniority quota: List of missing cases due to non availability of ACRs / incomplete ACRs and VC missing are published. DSs are requested to verify the same urgently and ensure that report such as retired/promoted/not available/transferred to other Circle etc has to be send to the BSNL CO without delay. A copy of the same may be sent to CHQ also. If there is correction in the present Circle/unit, that also may be intimated and ACRs has to be sent to BSNL CO for review DPC.       << list>>

15 th  May 2009   JTO to SDE promotion orders for 2041 JTOs issued for the vacancy years 2006-07 & 2007-08. Congrats.

Posting and Promotion order >>>>>>

Posting and Promotion list >>>>>>

Posting to tenure Circles >>>>>

14th  May 2009 DOT issues order  relating to revision of pension in IDA w.e.f from 1.1.2006 >>>>>>>>. This issue holds prominence in view of revision of pension in IDA which was earlier available in CDA pattern.

while the similar matter relating to pensioners prior to 1.1.06 is under active consideration.

SDE(T) to STS promotion: BSNL CO issued letter expanding the zone of consideration for the next DPC and called for CRs of another 468 SDEs. The ACRs should reach the BSNL CO by 20.05.2009. The inordinate delay in sending the ACRs by the Circles resulted in the retirement of hundreds of SDEs without getting their eligible promotion. The retirement and SDEs working in MTNL in the earlier list resulted in calling CRs for another 468 <<List>>

Policy for leasing out BSNLs passive infra (GBT only) to other operators >>>>

GM(Estt) DO letter to all CGMs regarding implementation of "Transfer Policy": >>>>>

BSNL Management decided to recruit DM (Legal) and DGM (Legal).

Rect. Rule of DGM (Legal) <<RR>>       Rect. Rule of DM (Legal) <<RR>>   

08.05.2009: intra-circle transfer orders of SDEs and some request transfer orders have been released by TN Circle Click           

  29 th    April 2009 BSNL issues order for revised DA of 16.9% from 1-4-2009 for who got PSU Revised pay from 1-1-2007.

29 th    April 2009 BSNL issues the ALL INDIA Provisional Seniority List of JTOs(Electrical) <<Pl Click>>

29 th    April 2009 BSNL Calls for CR and Screening committee Report for Promotion from SDE to Adhoc DEs OC/SC up to Seniority No.15350 and for ST up to Seniority No. 27650. Pl click for Notification issued by BSNL>>click>>

DPC from JTO(T) to  SDE for around 2200 vacancies is over. Orders are expected shortly.

28 th    April 2009 EPF Contribution card for the currency period from 01-04-2008 to 31-03-2009 (Form 3A) for BSNL recruited Executives/Employees available in the circle Intranet (Circleoffice/CA-II/EPF3A0809). All our members are requested to verify.

26 th    April 2009 The District Conference of Erode SSA was conducted at Erode under the Prsidentship of Com.V.Velappan. Large number of members participated. Sri.V.Sundar GM Erode, Com.R.Rajan Jt.Secretary(South), Circle Secretary Com.R.Ashokan ,  Circle President  Com.S.Sundarakrishnan addressed the meeting.The following office bearers were elected unanimously

Com.P.S.KANKESH SDE District Secretary
Com. S. RAGHUNATH SDE Treasurer

TN Circle issues Transfer and Posting order in the cadre of DEs <Pl Click here>




17 th    April 2009 Meeting with DIR(HRD), BSNL:

GS, SNEA & AIBSNLEA along with other office bearers met DIR(HRD) and discussed

a)        Non finalization of R/R for STS equivalent and above (Group A R/R):- We strongly protested against the non finalization of the R/R in the Board meeting held yesterday even though it was placed before it two months back on 26/02/2009. If the Management was serious on the matter, it would have definitely cleared in this Board meeting. We clearly told the Management that further delay is not acceptable to us as the agreement was reached almost one year back on this issue and the entire Executives are waiting for almost nine years of formation of BSNL for this R/R for their regular promotion. We also made it clear that we will not accept any proposal in the name of BCG on the already agreed HR issues. DIR(HRD) informed that the Govt. nominees in the Board made some suggestions and sought some more details which has to be further discussed in the Board meeting. He assured that the R/R will be finalized in the next Board meeting itself as assured to us and he will take full efforts for the same. Since CMD, BSNL was out of station we could not meet him on this serious development.

b)        Implementation of additional DA of 9.4% for fixation of pay as per the DPE order dated 02-04-2009: We strongly pleaded for the implementation of the Govt. decision taken on the IDA for pay fixation w.e.f 01-01-2007 based on the recommendations of Group of Ministers (The GoM formed after the strike by the Oil Sector Officers Association). For pay fixation DA has to be taken as 78.2% instead of 68.8% as per the revised order. DIR(HRD) informed that the profit of BSNL also has to be taken into account as it is having financial implications. Since it is a Govt. decision applicable to all CPSUs for pay fixation, BSNL is having no other option, but to implement the same, we informed the Management.

We will chalk out our future course of action on both the issues after meeting CMD also in this regard.

 c)         Transfer and postings in the cadre of SDE/DE etc. The pending request transfer cases in different cadres also discussed and the personnel section is issuing a consolidated list of transfer orders.

02.04.2009:  Congrats....DPE issued order for Revision of scales of pay w.e.f  01.01.2007 for Board level and below Board level executives and Non Unionised Supervisors in the Central Public Sector Enterprises (CPSEs)- with 78.2% Fixation. Report of the Committee of Ministers thereon  Click Here for Letter.  Thanks to the struggle by all the Executives of all PSUs.

1st    April 2009 BSNL CO issued clarification on the Pay Fixation for Executives joined after 1.1.07, Executives whose increment is due in the month of January etc.>>>>>>>>>>

CEILING ON GRATUITY: As recommended by the 2nd Pay Panel, Govt. enhanced the ceiling on gratuity to 10 lakhs and DPE issued the orders on 26-11-2008. The file in this regard send by DoT to Dept. of Pension was cleared by DoP. Now DoT will issue suitable directions to all the DoT cells enhancing the ceiling to 10 lakh. It is also learned that DoP approved it w.e.f 01-01-2006 onwards.

Performance of different Circle and BSNL as a whole during March, 2009 and 2008-2009. In March, 2009 BSNL provided 25.4667 lakhs mobile connections and during 2008-09 BSNL provided 1.052 crores mobile connections. Circle wise split up >>>>>>>. TN Circle has given the second Highest number of 2,63,767 Mobile connections during the month of March 2009 which is the second highest circle (next to UP(East) in the country in BSNL.) Congrats ..... To ..All.

Employees Provident Fund (EPF) scheme to JTOs recruited in the year 2007 and completed their training: The JTOs of 2007 batch has to carefully exercise the option for EPF. Some important points are given below for your guidance. Each employee (JTO) has to give a

1)    Joined declaration signed by the employer as well as the employee has to be submitted to the EPF authorities as the contribution is done without the statutory ceiling of Rs. 6500/-.

2)    There is an option for the employee to opt for minimum pension scheme or Full pension scheme. Each employee has to exercise this option carefully as in minimum pension scheme, employee will get only a small amount as pension where as in full pension scheme the employee will get very good pension as good as Govt. pension and a good amount as provident fund contributed by the employer in addition to the employees contribution. An amount equivalent to 12% of emoluments (basic +IDA) will be deducted from the salary as the employees contribution towards provident fund. BSNL will contribute 13.61% of emoluments to EPF of which 8.33% will go to pension fund and 3.67% will go to the provident fund account. In minimum pension scheme employee will get a very good amount as PF at the time of retirement. So those who are interested in bulk amount as retirement benefit, they can opt for minimum pension scheme and those who are interested in good pension they can opt for full pension. Even in full pension scheme there is a provision for commutation of pension (85%). For further guidance you may contact the SSA/Branch Secretaries. SSA/Branch secretaries are requested to give proper guidance to all the new JTOs and see that they are exercising the option correctly.


25th    March 2009 GS addresses Director( HRD) - Pay fixation in the case of Executives having increment on 01-1-2007 >>>>>>>>>

24th    March 2009 GS addresses CMD BSNL on immediate intervention to notify the revised pay scales of JTOs– less pay on fixation of pay in the revised pay scale notified by BSNL on 05/03/2009 -- case of JTOs recruited in the year 2005. >>>>>>>>>>

21st    March 2009 DE Officiating orders  issued by TN Circle . Click Here for orders.

20th    March 2009 SNEA Circle Organisation expresses its heartfelt thanks to circle office bearers/district secretaries for sending CRs/VC report of SDEs for ensuing DPC for promotion to STS (Adhoc) to Circle Office well in time. 

   With the same spirit the case of missing names of SDEs in the seniority list may please be taken up at SSA level. The representation of the concerned officers duly verified and countersigned by DE (Admn) of concerned SSA may be sent to Circle Office. As on date only two representations have been received from the officers. Nearly 50 cases are still pending. The pending cases may be processed at an early date so as to enable to include their names in the ensuing DPC.

The Circle organization is going to take up the cases of confirmation of JTO whose recruitment year is 2002. The list of JTOs who have not yet got their confirmation order in the recruitment year 2001 and list of 2002 recruited JTOs may kindly be sent to the e mail address of CS. (
Rs. 500/- per member may kindly be collected as circle donation since the renovation work of SNEA bhavan is going to be taken up.

A target of 15000 broad band connections is fixed for Tamil Nadu Circle before 31-3-09. The installation of DSLAMs are being carried out in full swing throughout Tamil Nadu wherever required. It is high time to involve ourselves in the above work and reciprocate our gratitude to our beloved General Secretary who always insists us about our involvement for the financial viability of BSNL. Com.A.Marimuthu SDE BroadBand Trichy even though who is retiring May 2009 and having 700 days HPL  is putting all his nerves for the development in broadband sector without taking any leave. SNEA(I) Tamil Nadu Circle congratulates his sincere and dedicated work. We request all our comrades to put their best in improving BSNL market share.

All district secretaries are requested to kindly take up the following issues with the District Administration :
1.Diverting of TTAs from other sector to Braodband area on temporary basis for achieving the target.
2. Scrolling of on demand positions of the areas in the local cable TV.
3. Displaying in notice boards the availability of Broadband connections in popular places. 

Any difficulties faced by the field units in providing Broadband connections may please be brought to the knowledge of CS to focus the issue with circle administration. Let us move forward and achieve the goal. 

MEETING WITH GM(Pers): GS, SNEA(India) and GS, AIBSNLEA along with AGSs met GM(Pers) and discussed:

1. JTO(T) to SDE(T) DPC: Since the CR & SR from almost all the Circles reached BSNL CO we requested to expedite the DPC process. GM(P) assured that he is trying to complete the DPC by this month end so that promotion orders can be issued by mid-April. We also demanded to clear entire 1993 year in this promotion order by taking into account of the 2008-09 vacancies also. GM(P) informed that it is not possible to clear the entire 1993 year initially as DPC is going to be held for the vacancies of 2006-07 and 2007-08 only. For the 2008-09 year vacancy DPC, CR & SR of the last year also has to be called.

2. SDE(T) to DE(T) DPC: We requested to expedite the DPC as this work is done by a separate team. However the success depends upon the Circles which are yet to send the CRs. All other C/Ss are once again requested to expedite the process.

        We also requested to consider all the tenure transfers and request transfers in the cadre of SDE and DE prior to the promotion orders. GM(P) assured to consider the same.

 MEETING WITH GM(Estt), BSNL: GS, SNEA(India) and GS, AIBSNLEA along with AGSs met GM(Estt) and discussed:

1. Reply to DoT regarding deferred option: GM(E) informed that DOT (Finance) sought the details regarding the financial implication of deferred option. BSNL CO is going to ask the details from all the Circles/Administrative units by Monday. All C/Ss are requested to ensure that all the required informations are send by the units at the earliest.

2. Anomalies in pay fixation as per the BSNL pay fixation order: GM(E) informed that as discussed earlier the necessary clarification will be issued shortly. For those having increment on 01-01-2007, pay fixation will be done and then increment will be drawn in the revised basic pay. In the case of pay fixation for those who joined after 01-01-2007 in old 9850 scale, direction will be issued to protect the pay on pay fixation. The files are already sent to Finance wing by the Estt wing. 

16th    March 2009 In view of the letter given by BSNL Management where in CMD BSNL has stated that the process of absorption of ITS Grp A officers would be completed by December 2009, the Joint forum of BSNL Executives and Non Executives Associations & Unions unanimously decided to defer the Organisational programmes of action on 17th and 25th March 2009. >>>>>>>>>>

13 th March 2009 Missing Seniority numbers in the Sen.Lists: TN Circle office circulates the list of SDEs who are not allotted Seniority number and it is requested that the particulars as per the proforma  <<Click here for Circle office Letter with List>>, as instructed by BSNL Corporate office for fixing the seniority. After verifying the same with the service books, it may be certified by the AGM (Admn) of the concerned SSA/Units and forwarded to Circle office for taking further necessary action.

12 th March 2009 CS SNEA  TN Circle writes to GM Finance of TN Circle office regarding Pay Fixation in NEW IDA SCALE wef Jan 2007 for the comrades increment month is Jan 2007 by fixing as on Dec 2006 and giving increment on new Scale(3%) <<Click to view the Letter>>

BSNL notified the Recruitment Rules for Executives in HR and Marketing&Sales  in BSNL in the grade 9850-250-14600 (Circle Cadre). <<Recruitment Rules >>   <<Scheme and Syllabus    >>

9 th March 2009 BSNL HQ is  receiving request letters for corrections in the seniority list from individuals with the copy of forwarding letter from the Circle which are sent by SSA. In the forwarding letters the SSAs are simply forwarding the letters of individuals without ascertaining the genuineness of their claims. Hence, Divisional Secretaries are requested to ensure  full details are given while  forwarding of individual's claim of seniority from SSA to Circle office so full details can be forwarded by Circle to BSNL CO. <<Click here for the BSNL HQrs Letter>>

7 th March 2009 Circle Secretary Com.R.Asokan met GM finance TN Circle  along with circle president Com.S.Sundarakrishnan and ACS R.Rajasekaran to discuss the items concerning the Direct Recruited JTOs regarding Refund of Security Deposit, Stipend Arrears and EPF. They also discussed regarding Pay Anomoly cases and the Penal Interest charged by Canara Bank .

1.Refund of security deposit to JTOs who have completed five years of service: Necessary instructions were  given by o/o GM finance,TN circle then and there. Hence  the district secrataries are requested to kindly take up the case with the district admn. to avoid further delay.
2.Refund of stipend arrears:   For this case also necessary instructions have been conveyed to SSA levels for early payment from o/o GM finance then and there. District secrataries are requested to kindly persue the case at the SSA level.

3.EPF statement:   It is observed that  the EPF statement is  being maintained by finance wing of TN circle properly. We wish to thank the concerned officers for his sincere efforts. However if any official is not getting the EPF statement,the cases may bring to the notice of CS by DS of concerned SSAs.

4.Penal interest recovery form Canara Bank: this matter was going to be discussed by the finance wing with the concerned authorities of canara Bank.

5.Pay anomoly cases: Since the corporate office directed to settle the pay anomoly cases at circle level itself. All the officials who have already refered for pay anomoly are requested to give fresh representation along with the xerox copy of old representation to the  GM finance of TN circle through proper channel. All DS are requested to kindly co-ordinate with the concerned officials. 

6 th March Congratulations ,BSNL has issued Order in connection with Revised Pay scale for Executives.  <<<<Click for order>>>> 

27th   feb 2009 Congratulations , Presidential notification issued by DOT.>>>>>>>>. The untiring efforts made by us atlast yielded results. We have requested the BSNL management to endorse the same at the earliest. We are extremely thankful to all the rank and file of the executives who stood by us in our fight to achieve this grand success. Further we are also thankful to Hon. MOC, Secretary DoT, Our beloved CMD, Dir(HRD) BSNL , DDG(EST.) BSNL etc. and all those who stood by us. Once again Congratulations to one and all.

News Highlights. 

A)    Management Committee of BSNL approves draft Gr A RRs, mostly based on the understanding that the Management had with the United forum of BSNL executives. The draft shall be placed before BSNL Board for approval before finally Gr A RRs will be promulgated.

B)    Management Committee of BSNL approves restoration of seniority of 1966 TES Gr B officers to comply with the judgments of Ernakulam and Delhi High Courts. Action to circulate revised seniority lists has begun.

C)    BSNL Management in principle agrees with the proposal of this Association to replace existing subjective type competitive examination from JTO to TES Gr B by computerized based OMR system.

D)    Hon’ble MOC&IT approves the proposal of BSNL/ Board regarding the introduction of new IDA pay scales, fixation of pay @ 30% etc. in accordance to the orders of DPE. After approval of Hon’ble MOC&IT, Presidential orders will be issued by DOT.

E)    DPC work for promotion from JTO to TES Gr B and TES Gr B to adhoc STS gets expedited. We are closely monitoring the progress of both these DPCs and are trying our best for getting the promotion orders issued at the earliest. In the meantime, we are eagerly awaiting promulgation of Gr A RRs to take up the issue of regularization of existing adhoc STS and their regular promotion to JAG to the extent of available vacancies.

F)     BSNL Management has constituted a committee to examine the anomalies having arisen as a result of order of Feb,08 on ACP issue. We have submitted our detailed note on the issue and are in touch with the Chairman and other members of the Committee.

G)    We are expecting some positive breakthrough on the issue of deferred option to continue in CDA scale up to the date of retirement/promotion.

H)    In a very significant development, GOM headed by Hon’ble Home Minister is understood to have decided to recommend additional 9.7% IDA to be merged with 68.8% IDA wef 1.1.2007 for the purpose of fixation of new IDA as on 1.1.2007. The new IDA, instead of original 68.8%, will now be 78.5%. The GOM is also learnt to have decided to give Risk Pay as recommended by the 2nd PRC.    

24th   feb 2009 Hon. MOC & IT cleared the proposal of BSNL Board regarding new  IDA pay scales , fixation of pay etc for the Executives in accordance with the orders of DPE.


 Com.G.L.JOGI GS SNEA addressed the  Spl GB at Chennai on 16-2-09 , Monday . Com.H.Muthu CHQ Treasurer , Com.R.Rajan Jt Sec(South) , Com.R.Asokan CS  Com.S.Sundarakrishnan CP and Com.Venkatraman CS Chtd addressed the gathering. There was massive participation of Comrades from Chennai Telephones District and TN Circle. Please Click for Photos <<Photo-1>>    <<Photo-2>>  <<Photo-3>>  <<Photo-4>>  <<Photo-5>>

21 st   feb 2009 Group of Ministers (GoM) formed by the Govt. to sort out the issues raised by Oil Sector Officer's Associations in their recent agitation regarding pay revision  recommends:

a) additional 9.7% of fitment in IDA as on 01-01-2007. New fitment for IDA will be 78.5% instead of 68.8% 01-01-2007 ( the basic pay will increase ).

b) for the payment of RISK PAY for the CPSUs as recommended by 2nd pay panel based on categorisation.

The recommendation will be placed before the Union Cabinet. >>>Report>>>

Congratulations to the fighting comrades of Oil Sector.

19th   feb 2009 Secretary, DoT today cleared the pay revision file and sent to Hon. MOC & IT for approval.

18 th   feb 2009 ALL District Secretaries to note:  CRS/VC REPORTS HAVE BEEN CALLED FOR PROMOTION TO ADHOC STS .  District Secretaries are requested to see that the CRs for the eligible SDEs are sent to the Circle office at the earliest. Kindly give feed back to CS in this regard.

Com.G.L.JOGI GS SNEA addressed the  Spl GB at Chennai on 16-2-09 , Monday . Com.H.Muthu CHQ Treasurer , Com.R.Rajan Jt Sec(South) , Com.R.Asokan CS  Com.S.Sundarakrishnan CP and Com.Venkatraman CS Chtd addressed the gathering. There was massive participation of Comrades from Chennai Telephones District and TN Circle. Please Click for Photos <<Photo-1>>    <<Photo-2>>  <<Photo-3>>  <<Photo-4>>  <<Photo-5>>

GS Com. G. L. Jogi addressed a General body meeting during lunch hours at RGM TTC, Meenambakkam, Chennai on 16-02-2009. About 100 new JTO trainees also attended the meeting. JT Sec(S), C/P and C/S of TN Circle also attended the GB.

18th   feb 2009  CHQ Reports that ---CR & SR for JTO to SDE DPC from KTK and UP (W) Circles and assessment report from TN Circle reached today.

GS Write to DIR(HRD), BSNL regarding contribution towards EPF Pension for JTOs/employees recruited directly by BSNL. In some Circles/SSAs pension contribution is not done @ 8.33% of Basic + IDA irrespective of repeated reminders from BSNL CO. All Circle/SSA Secs are once again requested to ensure that 8.33% of Basic + IDA is deposited towards pension scheme by  all DDOs.<<<<click>>>>

GS Write to DIR(HRD), BSNL regarding Extending facilities to the TTAs who had successfully passed the Direct  recruitment of JTO-2007 examination as ‘departmental outsider’<<<<click>>>>

10 th   feb 2009 MATTER MOST URGENT :



6 th   feb 2009 Calling for CRs and VC for promotion from SDE(Telecom) to STS.<<List1>>     <<List2>>. DPC is for 1500 vacancies. CRs have been called from seniority no. 12204.1 to 14001 for OC & SC whereas from Seniority. No. 20061 to 24456 in case of ST. ACRs have been called from 2003-04 to 2007-08 i.e for 5 yrs. The last date for completing the whole exercise is 15th March 2009. Eligibility condition: six years service as on 30.9.2008 in the cadre of SDE.

IDA increased w.e.f. 1-01-2009 ( on revised pay) .Orders issued by DPE. >>>>>>>>>>>

6 th   feb 2009 Attention of Dist Secretaries: We had through our website dated 22nd January 2008 (both CHQ and Circle Websites) requested regarding Refund of stipend arrears on IDA scale for JTOs recruited by BSNL.  Once again all DSs are requested to take up the issue with the concerned  to refund the arrears at the earliest as stipend was paid by different RTTCs. <<< ORDER>>>. Besides this, the EPF statement in form of 3A should be regularly issued.

5 th   feb 2009 CIRCULAR  regarding contribution towards EPF pension scheme of JTOs recruited by BSNL: Some SSAs are still following the MINIMUM PENSION SCHEME irrespective of clear directions from BSNL CO for deduction and contribution WITHOUT CEILING. CHQ sought the details from each SSA for further taking up the issue.  The District Secretaries are requested give the required information to the CS immediately.<<<CLICK for GS circular>>>  SNEA is taking the case with AO(EPF) of  TN Circle office and the Form 3-A will be issued to all these Comrades early as the AO (EPF) has informed that this work is under progress. 

4 th   feb 2009 United Forum has decided to defer the ensuing programmes of organisational action in view of assurance given in writing by BSNL Management on the issues of IDA Pay Scales, fixation of pay and promulgation of Group A RRs.

3rd Feb 2009  Second day demonstration programme successfully and more enthusiastically implemented through out the state. At Chennai, the lunch hour demonstration was conducted at the office of CGM, TN Circle. There was an enthusiastic participation by comrades of United Forum. There was spontaneous response from the comrades throughout the Tamil Nadu state. Click here for News/Photo of Demonstration at Coimbatore              <<  click for Press News>>     <<click for Photo>>

The demonstration on 4th Feb 09 and DHARNA programmes on 5th and 6th Feb 09 have to be successfully implemented by the participation of full strength membership.Struggle is to be continued with whole hearted participation and vigour till we acheive the goal.

Demonstrations by United Forum of BSNL Executives' Association was conducted at the office of CGM, Chennai Telephones at Purasaiwalkam 0n 2-2-2009. There was a massive turnout under the presidentship of Com. S. Sundarakrishnan, SNEA, President TN Circle.

The following comrades addressed the gathering:Com. H. Muthu, CHQ Treasurer, Com. Venkatraman CS, SNEA CHTD, Com. Udayasuriyan CS AIBSNLEA, CHTD, Com. Sundar CWC Member SNEA, Com. Mydeen Pillai ACS, Com.Gopinathan, ACS, SNEA and Com. Chandrasekar ACS, AIBSNLEA.

In the demonstration held at RTTC, Chennai, Com. R. Ashokan, CS and Com. K. Balakrishnan, CWC Member addressed the huge gathering.

Reports of massive participation in the demonstration held in all the SSAs of Tamilnadu Circle has been received. The comrades have shown great enthusiasm and involvement.

30th   jan 2009

UF of BSNL Executives' Association serves notice to BSNL management for Protest actions from 2nd Februray 2009 >>Click>>. Make Serious preparations to make this trade union action programme a great success. Organise at Circle/CGM/SSA levels to defeat the evil designs of BSNL management.

(A) Lunch/closing hour demonstrations at Corporate Office /CGM/SSA level on 2nd, 3rd and 4th Feb.,09

(B) Full day Dharna at Corporate Office/CGM/SSA level on 5th and 6th Feb.,09.

In case necessary orders are not issued by 6th Feb.,09, the protest actions would be further intensified by resorting to other programmes of organizational actions. All the District Secretaries, Branch Secretaries , Circle Office bearers and all the district/branch office bearers are requested to put their best in making the Programme a comple Success by mobilising  all the  Executives of BSNL of their areas..

Screening Committee report &VC for the promotion from JTO(T) to SDE(T) under Seniority -cum-fitness quota not received cases:.Concerned District Secretary should take necessary action and  the compliance should be reported to the Circle Secretary and to AGS Com.Bansal ,Circle Secy. BSNL CO. Com. G.K Das on 9968684142 &9868175622 respectively.

22 nd   jan 2009 BSNL CO. Circulates the All India Eligibility list of JTO(T) to SDE(T)  for promotion against vacancy year 2006-07 and 2007-08 <<<<Click for list >>>> Divisional Secretaries are requested to go through the list and any left out case is there it should be brought to the notice of Circle Secretary.

The Divisional Conference of Tiruchi SSA was conducted at Tiruchi . Large number of members participated. Sri.A.Balraj PGM Trichy, Sri.H.Mohamed Abubacker GM IMPCS, Com.R.Rajan Jt.Secretary(South), Circle Secretary Com.R.Ashokan ,  Circle Treasurer Com.U.Jayaraman Com. N.Balakrishnan CWC Member and Com.Rajasekar ACS addressed the meeting.The following office bearers were elected unanimously

Com.K.Viswanathan DE IMPCS Trichy President
Com.G.Janakiraman SDOT,Ariyalur District Secretary
Com.P.H.C.Sathyaraj  JTO Tirurverambur Treasurer

22 nd   jan 2009 TN Circle issues Officiating arrangement in the grade of SDEs for 69 JTOs on 22-01-09 Congrats.<<Click for the List>>     

As our Circle Secretary  Com.R.Ashokan will be attending Training for 2 weeks from 27-01-2009 Shri.O.Mydeen Pillai ACS will look after the duties of Circle Secretary during this period. His Telephone Numbers are Off:044-223 18196 Res: 044-222 66098.

Formation of exclusive wings for sales and marketing at SSA levels: CMD wanted full support of the Associations to introduce a fool proof mechanism to     have exclusive wings of sales and marketing at SSA levels. SNEA assured CMD that his initiatives on this important issue would be fully supported by the Associations in all respects. It has to be our endeavour, therefore, to ensure that full fledged wings of sales and marketing come into existence at SSA levels. Our CSs, SSA Secy’s and activists of the Organization must get fully and whole heartedly involved in taking serious initiatives to build up these wings in a formidable manner. This is an extremely important challenge before us which has to be taken up with great determination.

Circle Office Bearers meeting  was conducted on 17-01-09   at SNEA Bhavan Chennai under the presidentship of Com.S.Sundarakrishnan Circle President.  Circle office bearers and CWC members participated. Circle Secretary Com.R.Ashokan and Jt Secretary(South) Com.R.Rajan addressed the meeting.

Formation of "Sales Team  " was discussed elaborately and all the office bearers put forward their suggestions. Circle Secretary will discuss with CGM to improve the  working of Sales team.

There was discussion on formation of core committees at Circle / SSA level as decided in the Chandigarh CWC meeting in order to suggest ways to reduce land line closure, reduce operational expenses, check revenue leakage and corruption, methods to strengthen marketing and market our products and study different schemes and make alternative suggestions. Divisional Secretaries are requested to take steps to form Core Committees in their SSAs and sent the List to CHQ. Circle level core committee members details will be put in the Website shortly.

Returning of Security Deposit to Directly recruited JTOs: For 28 JTOs of IMPCS wing Security Deposit is returned now and for another 23 JTOs it is under process. We thank DE (Admn) SDE(Admn) and Ao(Drawls) of IMPCS wing.

BSNL Lr No. 500-161/2008-09/CA II/BSNL Dated 16.01.2009-Payment of arrears of stipend on switch over to IDA pattern: BSNL  instructs the circles to release all the payment of arrears of stipend on switch over to IDA pattern within one month from the date of issue of the instruction . Required procedure to be followed by the units where the officials are now working based on which payment of the arrears is to be made have been clarified. Asks circles to issue  necessary instruction  to the concerned DDOs of  circle who are responsible to make payment of the arrears --must obtain by any means the due and drawn statement from the unit in which the officials were working earlier for the period the arrears are drawn to ensure that all the payment are made within the stipulated date .

Latest on Gr A RRs: we reliably learn that Gr A RRs based on the understanding that we had with the Management are being very shortly being placed before MC of BSNL for its consideration and approval. 

MEETING WITH DIRECTOR (HRD): GS  met Director(HRD) and pleaded with him to finalize and promulgate Gr A RRs based on the understanding reached between the management and the united forum.  Director(HRD) informed us that it will take a few more months to finalize since the whole issue of finalization of Gr A RRs has to be finalized in consultation with a consultant B.C.G ( Boston Consultants Group) . However, we made it very clear to Director(HRD) that referring Gr A RRs on which conclusive decisions have been already taken to BCG consultants is nothing but a clear breach of understanding and trust and we are not at all going to accept this kind of tactics of dilly dallying by the Management. We made it quite clear to Director(HRD) that in the name of setting up of a consultant, thousands and thousands of STS officers working on adhoc basis for more than ten years cannot be deprived of their regularization in STS and promotion in JAG. While non absorbed officers are getting their timely promotions and their issues are not being stalled in the name of referring it to one consultant or the other, it is completely unjustified to play with the sentiments of the absorbed officers by denying their regularization on one flimsy and concocted ground or the other. This is a very serious matter and will force the Association to take on the streets immediately unless Gr A RRs based on the understanding is promulgated immediately.

Against the background of this serious development, we should not loose any time in gearing up organizationally to defeat this belated conspiracy of the Management to inflict injustice of worst kind by backtracking on the understanding reached. This breach of commitment and trust has never been accepted by us in the past nor in the future. So get ready for a decisive struggle. Comrades, take this appeal very seriously and start making hectic and intense organizational preparations to expose and defeat the double designs of the Management. We shall be very shortly responding to this serious situation in a befitting manner and in no manner shall we allow any kind of dilution in the understanding reached between us and the management on Gr A RRs to take place. This is a great organizational challenge for us and we are confident to defeat the designs of the Management as regards their brazen faced breach of agreement and understanding on promulgation Gr A RRs.

12 th  jan 2009 CIRCULAR  regarding contribution towards EPF pension scheme of JTOs recruited by BSNL: Some SSAs are still following the MINIMUM PENSION SCHEME irrespective of clear directions from BSNL CO for deduction and contribution WITHOUT CEILING. CHQ sought the details from each SSA for further taking up the issue.<<<CLICK>>>

     CIRCULAR  regarding formation of core committees at Circle / SSA level as decided in the Chandigarh CWC meeting in order to suggest ways to reduce land line closure, reduce operational expenses, check revenue leakage and corruption, methods to strengthen marketing and market our products and study different schemes and make alternative suggestions etc:<<CLICK>> 

GS Writes to Director(HRD) BSNL for Inordinate and unacceptable delay in promulgation of Gr A RRs.<<Click>> 


07 th  jan 2009 The BSNL board in its meeting today has approved the new IDA pay scales and 30 % pay fixation as approved by DPE. It is also learned that board has approved E1A / E2A (Mid pay scales) for JTO/SDE as an interim measure and E3, E4 etc. for Sr. SDE, DE etc. Very shortly this will be sent to DoT for final approval and notification being the administrative ministry.

6 th Jan 2009 For the Direct Recruited JTOs working in the IMPCS refund of Security Deposit will be done within a weeks time. Arrears of stipend (In Pay Scale Rs.9850) will be paid shortly, Work under progress. 

Regarding the Penality imposed by the Canara Bank on Staff Bank loans the case is discussed. Both the Association and administration will take up this with bank authorities.

06 th  jan 2009 As per the assurance given by Secty(T) DOT the order relating Pension liability of BSNL towards pensionary benefits including Family Pension to its employees has been issued<<Click>>>

Association writes to CMD BSNL firmly reiterating its stand on introducing standard Pay Scale E2 &E3 for JTO's and SDE,s in case management goes ahead with extending mid scale to JTO &SDE,then,in that situation,we should all be fully ready to resort to industrial action at very short notice .Start gearing up,start getting fully ready for a prolonged struggle.<<<< Click for letter>>>>

JTO to SDE DPC: CRs and Special Reports are not received from the following SSAs - Cuddalore, Erode, Karaikudi, Pondy, Trichy, Tuticorin , Vellore , IMPCS, QA-Pondy and STR. The Concerned Divisional Secretaries are reqeusted to persue the case immediately and see that the CRs and Special Reports are received in the Circle office by 5 th January , Monday.

2 nd Jan 2009 When CMD was at Chennai for South Zone review meeting on  2nd Jan 2009 SNEA office bearers met him and submitted a memorandum The following comrades Com R Rajan Jt Secy CHQ  , COm H Muthu Treasurer CHQ,  Com M Munuswamy Pres SNEA CHTD Com S Venkataraman CS SNEA CHTD  ,Com Sundarakrishnan Pres SNEA TN ,Com R Asokan CS SNEA TN met the CMD exchanged New year Greetings and submitted memorandum.>>Click>>.

Meeting with Director(HRD):GS, AGS, Com khan, along with President and GS of AIBSNLEA met Director (HRD) and extensively discussed the following issues. GM(SR) and GM(P) were also present.

A)    Modification of transfer orders of genuine cases in respect of recently promoted JTOs to SDEs through LDCE. After through discussion it was agreed to review the posting orders of some genuine cases. Association has already submitted a list of such requests for consideration.

B)     Removal of certain serious anomalies contained in the draft Gr A RRs: Some of the serious discrepancies contained in the draft Gr A RRs which were left uncovered in the previous discussion were discussed and after a very through discussion on the changes to be incorporated suggested by us, it was decided to consider incorporating these significant amendments.

C)    Restoration of seniority of 1966 posts; We vehemently protested over uncalled for delay in issuing the orders restoring the seniority of 1966 TES Gr B posts in accordance with the judgments of Ernakulam and Delhi High Courts. We made it very clear to Director (HRD) that the delay in restoring the seniority is motivated one and is completely unwarranted. After detailed discussion, it was agreed to hold final discussion with us on 5th Jan.,08 to finally resolve the issue.

D)    Holding of DPC from TES Gr B to STS against 1354 posts: It was agreed that once seniority of 1966 TES Gr B is restored, immediate action would be taken to complete the DPC against 1354 posts.

E)     Holding of DPC from JTO to TES Gr B: It was agreed to draw a definite time table to complete the said DPC within that time frame.

F)     Cancellation of transfer orders of 119 SDEs; Director(HRD) assured to consider the issue favourably and as quickly as possible.           

24 th Dec 2008 GS Writes to CMD BSNL for placing JTOs in E2 and SDEs  E3 in the Standard revised pay scales and consequently Sr SDEs -E4 , DE-E5  DGM-E6  in the pay scale <<click>><<click for chart>>

Dec 2008 Meeting to sort out anomalies contained in the draft Gr A RRs: GS and AGS, Com Khan, along with President and GS of AIBSNL EA had extensive discussions with GM(SR) and GM(P) to sort out various discrepancies contained in the draft Gr A RRs in the context of understanding reached at between the united forum and the management of BSNL. After detailed discussions, it was agreed to incorporate appropriate changes in the draft Gr A RRs, keeping in view the recommendations of the Joint Committee.

Meeting with Dir (HRD): Director (HRD) called us along with AI BSNL EA to know our views regarding recruitment of about 400 JTOs and 210 DGMs exclusively for sales, marketing, HR and finance, having specialization in respective wings. We opposed the lateral recruitment of both JTOs and DGMs on the grounds that it shall lead to innumerable problems in terms of introducing multiple cadres with different RRs.

 Meeting with CMD: Later on, we had discussion with CMD on lateral induction of DGMs and recruitment of JTOs in areas of sales, marketing, HR and finance. The CMD emphasized the need of Lateral entry in the cadre of DGMs since it was urgently required in the interest of the company for lack of professionals in Marketing, HR, finance and sales. However, we maintained our stand on grounds stated by us before Director(HRD). However CMD clarified that lateral induction of DGMs is not going to affect our promotional aspects as it will be over and above the existing sanctioned strength of DGMs. We pleaded for some more time for expressing our final opinion on the issue of lateral induction of DGMs. 

Subsequently, Director (HRD) informed GS that BSNL Management shall not downgrade the scales of JTOs and SDEs and assured GS that timely and appropriate action is being initiated to give appropriate mid scales to JTOs and SDEs, in consultation with administrative ministry i.e DOT. However, GS strongly pleaded with Director (HRD) to give E2 and E3 pay scales to JTOs and SDEs of BSNL at par with MTNL and in line with the decisions of DPE on IDA scales in CPSUs.     

19thDec-2008: United Forum of BSNL/MTNL Executives Associations unanimously decided to postpone the indefinite strike w.e.f 23-12-2008 in view of the assurances given in writing by BSNL Management regarding expeditious absorption of ITS Grp 'A' Officers in the meeting that was held with Secretary DOT. Click Here for BSNL Management letter.

 Read GS Editorial NOV-2008<<click<<

Filling of Option Forms for DOT: The United Forum unanimously decided to re-exercise our option in line with the ongoing Gr.A absorption. All Comrades (executives of BSNL & MTNL) are requested to re-exercise their option for DOT . Already Many of the Comrades have send the filled form directly to DOT .  All Divisional Secretaries are requested to collect First Copy of  option form the rest of the Comrades who have not yet submitted the option and sent directly to Secy. DoT New Delhi by post immediately.<<<<Absorption form>>>

16thDec-2008: Congratulations to the newly elected SNEA CHQ President Com.S.L.Reddy  GS Com. G.L.Jogi and other office bearers. Congrats and Best Wishes to our TN Circle CWC Member Com.R.Rajan who is elected as Joint Secretary (South).                    His office Number is 04652 231133,    Res:04652 274444        Mobile: 9486102600      Email:

 List of NEW SNEA (I) CHQ Office bearers:

  1. President                        : Com.S.L.Reddy
  2. Vice President                : Com.Madhusadan Mahato
  3. General Secretary          : Com.G.L.Jogi
  4. Asst General Secretary  : Com.A.A.Khan
  5. Asst General Secretary  : Com.M.S.Adasul
  6. Asst General Secretary  : Com.D.D.Bansal
  7. Asst General Secretary  : Com.K.N.Sebastian
  8. Asst General Secretary  : Com.M.H.Gombi
  9. Asst General Secretary  : Com.A.Chandrashekhar

   10.Treasurer                        : Com.H.Muthu

   11.Joint Secretary( South)  : Com. R. Rajan

   12.Joint Secretary( West)   : Com.Rakesh Mehta

   13.Joint Secretary( North)  : Com.Inderjit Singh

   14.Joint Secretary( East)    : Com.P.K.Sahu

   15.Joint Secretary(Central) : Com.Harsh Kaul

16th Dec 2008 Grand Open Session of SNEA AIC was inaugurated by Hon'ble Chairman & Managing Director BSNL Shri Kuldeep Goyal, CGM Gujarat Shri Satya Pal in the presence of senior officers of Gujarat and Vadodara on Dt.15-12-2008. More than 1500 delegates from across the country is participating in the AIC. About 100 delegates from TN Circle are attending the AIC.  Click here for photos

Officiating in the grade of Sub Divisional Engineer (T) Additional   Vacancies : CGM TN Circle propose to fill up additional vacancies in the posts of S.D.E.s (Telecom) by local officiating arrangements and  options are  called for from among the JTOs of Tamilnadu Circle whose year of recruitment is 1998 or earlier, including those JTOs completed/not completed debarred period. (Eligible SC officers up to 1999 and ST officers up to 2002 Y.O.R who have completed 3 years of service in JTO cadre may also opt. <<Pl Click>>

9thDec-2008: Filling of Option Forms for DOT: The United Forum of BSNL & MTNL Executives’ Association have unanimously decided to re-exercise our option in line with the ongoing Gr.A absorption. All Comrades (executives of BSNL & MTNL) are requested to re-exercise their option for DOT only as the DOT has already extended the date of option up to 15.12.2008. All Executives of MTNL & BSNL are requested to fill up the fresh option form  & submit the option to Secretary DOT New Delhi (Total 4 copies). All the Divisional Secretaries are requested to act in this regard  by issuing Forms and getting filled by members immediately..

First Copy = addressed directly to Secy. DoT by post.

Second Copy = addressed to Secy. DoT through Proper channel.

Third Copy = for the association.

Fourth Copy= for self. <<<<Absorption form>>>   <<<Press note by UF>>>

08 th  Dec 2008 CGM TN Circle issues officiating order for 339 JTOs to SDE Cadre <<Click for the Order>>. Offg order for debarred JTOs and Offg Change of station will be used shortly.

08.12.2008 : CONGRATULATIONS! Successful Dharna programme through out the Country. A MASSIVE DHARNA at BSNL Corporate Office and at BSNL CGM office Chennai Telephones at Purasavakkam Chennai  was  a grand success.  There was massive participation of members in Dharna through out Tamilnadu.  Reports of massive participation of members from  Salem, Tirunelveli , Coimbatore , Erode, Vellore , Madurai and at all other SSA head quarters. All the District/Branch Secretaries are requested to mobilize the Comrades to make indefinite strike w.e.f. 23.12.2008 a COMPLETE SUCCESS. 

Notice for day long dharna on 8th December 2008 and indefinite strike from 23rd December 2008 from the platform of United Forum of Executives' of BSNL/MTNL <<Click>> All the District Secretaries/BSs and all the office bearers  are requested to mobilize all the Executives and ensure 100% participation by all the members in the Dharna on 8-12-08 Monday. 

05 th  Dec 2008 Shri.D.Varadarajan PGM(D) TN circle who is a BSNL absorbed officer is posted as CGM TN Circle . SNEA TN Circle Congratulates him and extends best wishes and Co operation.

All the Branches must collect and pay AIC conference fees @ Rs.10 per member in accordance to the provisions of the constitution to the CHQ before AIC and are requested to clear their CHQ quota upto and including November 2008. 

BSNL HQrs calls for CR for DPC for promotion from JTO to SDE for the vacancy years 2006-07 and 2007-08. ACRs of eligible JTOs should be made complete. Screening/ Assessment Report should be sent to BSNL HQrs before 15-12-08. All Divisional Secretaries are requested to take necessary action in this regard.

   02 nd Dec 2008 Reversion orders issued for officiating SDEs by TN Circle. The JTOs who were debarred for officiating for one year are eligible for offg and can now ask for officiating in SDE cadre. The Offg SDEs who have completed 2 years in a station in offg can request for change of place. They can give request to the administration and pl inform concerned District Secretaries.

01 st Dec 2008 Draft circulated by BSNL Management on GrpA  RR's <Click >

DPE notified the revision of payscales for CPSUs w.e.f 01-01-2007 as per the Cabinet approval. >>>>>>>>>

BSNL notified Recruitment of MTs from Internal candidates as per the Recruitment rules of Management Trainees in BSNL (MT Recruitment rule Notified on Sept 13, 2007  ) >>>>>>>>>>. >>>>>>>>

Read GS Editorial <<Click<<

Report on  United Forum of Executives Rallies held on 18th Nov-08: Almost in Entire Tamilnadu Rallies or Lunch hour demonstrations were held on 18th Nov-08. Massive Rally was conducted at Chennai , Madurai , Coimbatore, Cuddalore  Erode, Dharmapuri, Thanjavur and  Demonstrations at other places. Rally at Chennai was addressed by Com H Muthu CHQ Treasurer SNEA ,Com M Munuswamy President SNEA CHTD , Com. S Venkataraman CS SNEA CHTD,  Com Sundarakrishnan President SNEA TN , Com Asokan CS SNEA TN  and Com Veerapandian CS AIBSNLEA TN  . Click to view the Photos of Rally at Chennai  <<Photo 1>>  <<Photo 2>> 

SNEA Comrades of  Dharmapuri , Pondicherry and Salem met  the MP s of their area and   submitted memorandum.

19th Nov 2008 :United Forum Leaders of Tamilnadu met His Excellency Governor of Tamilnadu at Chennai and submitted memorandum. His Excellency assured to recommend our case to the government. Com H Muthu CHQ Treasurer SNEA and Circle Presidents and CSs and other leaders of UF of TN and Chennai Telephones met His Excellency.

Rally of United forum from BSNL Corporate office to parliament street, New Delhi. <<((Click to view Com.G.L.Jogi GS addressing the Rally at Delhi))>>About 2000 executives of the United forum participated in a massive rally which started from BSNL corporate office to Parliament street . The rally was addressed by GS/TEAM, GS/AIBSNL EA, GS/MTNL EA, GS/ SNEA(I) and Com M.K.Bagchi, ex-GS/JTOA(I). The enthusiasm and motivation of the participants of the rally was simply superb, with everyone reiterating his resolve to struggle to the last drop of his blood till the issue reaches its logical conclusion i.e repatriation of all the absorbed executives of BSNL/MTNL to DOT.  

The enthusiasm and motivation of the participants of the rally was simply superb, with everyone reiterating his resolve to struggle to the last drop of his blood till the issue reaches its logical conclusion i.e repatriation of all the absorbed executives of BSNL/MTNL to DOT.  

Later on, a memorandum was submitted to Jt Secy/DOT by the GSs of all the constituents of the United forum, Leaders explained in detail our stand to Jt Secy/DOT and unequivocally conveyed to him that executives of BSNL/MTNL mean serious and real business in terms of completely ending the present dual policy of the govt. by repatriating all the absorbed executives of BSNL/MTNL to DOT. They also conveyed it to him that very shortly there would be a war like situation in both BSNL/MTNL when the resolution of the United forum that no absorbed executive would report to or obey the orders of the deputationists after 22nd Dec.,08 would be enforced by the United forum.

CHQ has received information that rallies/demonstrations were held at Chennai, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Lucknow ,  etc and memoranda were submitted to the respective Governors at these places.  

Programmes of Organizational actions on the issue of immediate repatriation of executives from BSNL/MTNL to DOT: Next Program is Massive Rally on 18-11-08  Tuesday in all SSA Head quarters  and at Chennai -- Massive Rally should be arranged by inviting other Unions/Associations.

17th Nov 2008 The following memoranda should be submitted by District Secretaries to the MPs of their area. Besides, wide media coverage must be ensured by Dist Secretaries and activists at all the levels of the Organization. It must be brought out in clear terms to the media how adversely the uncertainty on account of non absorption of ITS Gr A is affecting the growth of BSNL. << Click for Memorandum>>

The meeting of UF of BSNL Executives'Associations was conducted on     15 -11-2008 at  Salem  .  Com Umai.Jayaraman Circle Treasurer, Com.Vediappan VP and Com.R.Asokan CS from SNEA and Com. Veerapandian CS and Com. Venugopal AGS from AIBSNLEA spoke about the Gr A Absorption issues... They explained in detail why Executives of BSNL/MTNL are forced to ask for Repatriation to DOT . They asked all the executives to achieve the goal by participating in all Trade Union actions.

The special meeting of  BSNL Executives'Association of Madurai SSA was conducted on 14 -11-2008 at  Madurai  .Comrades Alagarsamy CWC SNEA, S.Karuppiah COS AIBSNLEA , R.Asokhan CS SNEA and Veerapandian CS AIBSNLEA spoke about the Gr A Absorption issues.

In Order to make necessary arrangements to all the delegates in our AIC at Vadodara, all the District secretaries are requested  to send the consolidated information regarding (1) Arrival (2) Departure for all the Delegates /CWC/CHQ office bearers of their District who are attending the AIC at Vadodara to Com.R.Ashokan Circle Secretary immediately.

JTO TO SDE(T)25%LDCE PROMOTION order issued by TN Circle<< Click to view> Congrats---

Programmes of Organizational actions on the issue of immediate repatriation of executives from BSNL/MTNL to DOT: SNEA Members throughout Taminadu took active part  in the United Forum Demonstrations in all SSA head quarters on 7th Nov.,08 Friday . 

Next Program is Massive Rally on 18-11-08  Tuesday in all SSA Head quarters  and at Chennai -- Massive Rally should be arranged by inviting other Unions/Associations. 

Diary-2009: SNEA TN Circle is bringing out a beautiful Executives diary. Requests for Orders for supplying diary from SSAs, STR/STP/ Electical/civil and T&D Circle units were sent to all the District Secretaries by Circle President Com.Sundara krishnan long back.  But the orders from  most of   the units are not yet received. The District Secretaries are requested to take Xerox copies of the order form given by SNEA TN circle and get it filled by the concerned SSA/units and sent the same to Com. Umai. Jayaraman Circle Treasurer early.

SNEA and AIBSNLEA Circle Assns met at Chennai on 5-11-08 ( Pl Click here for Joint Circular issued by UF Circle Secretaries) and it was decided by United Forum of Executives Associations to

1) hold the Lunch Hour Demonstration in all the SSA Head quarters and at Chennai by the United Forum of Executives on 7-11-08 Friday. 

2)Massive Rally on 18-11-08  Tuesday in all SSA Head qtrs should be arranged by inviting other Unions/Associations. Massive Rally will be conducted at Chennai with the Comrades of Chennai Telephones.

3)Combined Special Meetings addressed by Circle Secretaries of SNEA and AIBSNLEA and other office bearers will be arranged at Tiruchi,Madurai,Coimbatore and Salem on 14/15 th Nov 08. 

4) Press meet should be arranged and wide Coverage should be given in all media.

5) Memorandum may be prepared and submitted to respective MPs/other VIPs of the area.

All the Divisional Secretaries/ Branch Secretaries , Circle Office Bearers are requested to put their best efforts to make the Programmes a grand Success. 

5th Nov 2008 GS and AGS, Com Khan, had very extensive  discussions with GM(personnel) on  finalization of Gr A RRs and recruitment of MTs.  We reiterated the crucial decisions taken by the Joint Committee like integration between promotee STS and MTs at JAG in the ratio of 1;1, filling up of 50% STS posts on regular basis by TES Gr B and equivalent and the remaining on adhoc, regularization of existing adhoc STS to the extent of 50% of posts of STS, granting of necessary relaxation to regular STS in terms of requisite qualifying service for regular promotion to JAG etc. GM(Personnel) assured that the MOU between the UF and BSNL would be fully  incorporated while finalizing Gr A RRs which is  expected to be finalized very shortly.

GS Writes to CMD for Day long dharna at DPE office on 14th Nov.,08 – 2nd pay panel <<Click for letter>>

  4 th Nov 2008

Promotion Order for Promotion from JTO to SDE under 25 % quota issued. Congrats..


List2>>>>>>>>>       List in Excel format >>>>>>>>      

31st Oct 2008 Officiating arrangement in the grade of Divisional Engineer issued by TN Circle for 108 SDEs <Click for order>  

  31st Oct 2008 All Divisional Secreaties/ BSs are requested to send the  Saving Gram on 1st Nov.,08, to Hon'ble MOC&IT. The Text is given below.  Please Report the details to Circle Secretary.  

United Forum of BSNL/MTNL Executives’ Associations express serious discontentment & resentment against non completion of Gr ‘A’ officers’ absorption in BSNL/MTNL. Strongly demands repatriation of BSNL/MTNL Executives to DoT. Delay in absorption process is adversely affecting the viability of BSNL/MTNL”.

30th Oct 2008   Programmes of Organizational actions decided by the United forum of executives of BSNL/MTNL on the issue of immediate repatriation of executives from BSNL/MTNL to DOT: 

A)   Saving gram campaign by Branches/SSAs/Circles on 1st Nov.,08, addressed to Hon’ble MOC&IT. 

B)   Lunch/Closing hour demonstration at SSA/Circle/Hq level on 7th Nov.,08. 

C)  Rally at HQs on 18th Nov.,08. Rallies at Circle/SSA HQs should also be held.

23rd Oct 2008 Resolution adopted by United Forum of Executives of BSNL/MTNL on repatriation of executives from BSNL/MTNL to DOT  <Click Here>

Letter of United Forum addressed to Hon'ble MOC&IT enclosing the resolution adopted by United Forum.<Click Here>

View of Govt. regarding Pensionary benefits of absorbed employees    <Click for letter>

CS, (CP)Circle President com Sundarakrishnan and Circle Treasurer Com V.jayaraman alongwith DS civil wing met PCE Civil and chief Architect.
CS,CP,CT, ACS com R.Rajasekar and com M.Gopinathan met GM(Admn), DGM(Admn) of Circle office and discussed the following items.
1. Transfer cases of Executives who completed more than 2 years in their officiating place. 
2. Officiating arrngements for the executives whose baring period is over.
3. Confirmation of remaining JTOs of 2001 and confirmation of JTOs of 2002.
The discussion with the GM and DGM admin was cordial and positive one.

CS,CP and CWC member N.Balakrishnan met PCE (Elec) alongwith Com Leninram.

All the DS are requested to kindly remit the Chq quotq and Circle quota before 07/11/08.

DELEGATES LIST in the format given by reception committee for All India conference may be sent to CS e-mail address,
The following agitation programes announced by the CHQ may kindly be adhered and make the programes a grand success regarding ITS absorbtion into BSNL. All the DS and Circle office beares are requested to coordinate to form JAC.
1.Saving gram campaign on 01/11/2008.
2.Lunch/Closing hour demos. at all district levels on 07/11/2008.
3.A massive Rally is to be arranged at all district levels on 18/11/2008.

22nd Oct 2008 DA on IDA pay scale increased by 6.2% . DPE order endorsed by BSNL for payment .>>>>>>>>>

  23 rd Oct 2008 Meeting with Director (HRD)GS, AGS, Com Khan, and President/AIBSNL EA had a very extensive discussion with Director (HRD) on the issues of restrictions proposed to be imposed in terms of educational qualifications and age in so far as eligibility for appearing in the internal competitive examination for recruitment of 25% MTs is concerned. We conveyed in clear terms our opinion and cited the orders of DOP&T and various judgments of Courts rejecting imposition of any condition for appearing in internal competitive examination. However, the discussion remained inconclusive and is expected to be held again in a couple of days. Streamlining the issues related to TES Gr B seniority and creating an exclusive cell in personnel section of BSNL to deal with very complex legal issues relating to TES Gr B seniority were also discussed, Director (HRD) assured that appropriate action in consultation with DDG(P)/BSNL will very soon be initiated in this direction and the whole issue of TES Gr B seniority will be dealt with on utmost priority.

Meeting with Director (Operations/BSNL) GS and AGS, Com Khan, met Director(O) to request him to allow reimbursement of cost of purchase of mobile sets prior to the issuing of the orders by BSNL Hqs since most of the executives had already purchased mobile sets much earlier to issuing of the orders. Director(O) assured that he would consider our request.

Meeting of the United forum of executives of BSNL and MTNL: All the Associations of executives of BSNL and MTNL met to chalk out future organizational strategy on the issue of ITS absorption. Very shortly, a comprehensive organizational plan of action will be communicated to the field units to ensure that the issue of absorption attains finality. Field units of SNEA(I) must start gearing up to respond to the decisions  effectively and successfully implement the hard decisions that are expected to be taken just within a couple of days.

DIPAWALI offer for Broadband Customers:  BSNL corporate office released Dipawali offer for BSNL Broadband customers of any plan under this offer - to the all who already use BSNL broadband for more than six months  will be given  double usage limit of their free limit of their plan in the month of November-2008 for one month.

 CGM TN Circle issues Termination of officiating arrangement in the grade of  Divisional Enginee in various SSAs/Units of Tamilnadu Circle are  reverted on the A/N of 21/10/2008 .

17th Oct.08:  Meeting with Secy/DOT:GS, AGS, COM Khan, President/ GS/AIBSNLEA met Secy/DOT to impress upon him to ensure that the existing process of absorption of ITS Gr A reaches conclusive stage by the stipulated date so that the prolonged   uncertainty created in BSNL on account of non resolution of absorption issue which is adversely affecting its growth is put to an end. We also conveyed the serious concern and anxiety of the grass root membership throughout the Country because of continuing delay in ending the prevailing uncertainty, and very strongly pleaded with Secy/DOT to take all possible steps towards completion of the process by due date. Secy/DOT said that the Govt. is fully seized of the matter and shall try to resolve the issue within decided time frame.

United Forum of BSNL Executives Association writes to Director (HRD) on  Imposition of restictions in terms of educational qualification and age unwarranted and untenable-LDCE to fill 25% MT posts.< Click Here>

It is reliably learnt from Circle office Rajasthan that the writ petition No. 4796/2007 filed by some  JTOs  stands disposed off today. The sincere persuasion of SNEA(I) CHQ and Rajasthan circle yield the fruitful result in paving away the hurdles in the issuance of TES.Grp-B promotion order under 25%LDCE quota.

14th Oct 2008 It is  learnt that Director (HRD) has accorded his approval for filling up 1354 STS posts on adhoc basis.

15th Oct 2008 On behalf of new Circle Office Bearers of SNEA(I), Tamilnadu Circle, we convey our sincerer thanks to all members of SNEA(I) who elected all the Office Bearers unanimously in the 21st Circle Conference held at Tanjore from 3rd October to 6th October 2008.

We congratulate the Comrades of CRDA SSA and Tanjore SSA who put in all their efforts and resources to make the 21st conference of SNEA(I) T.N. Circle a grand success. The hospitality shown by them is really a memorable and unparallel one.

Circle Secretary met CGM, TN Circle, CGM STR and CGM STP along with Circle President Com. S.Sundarakrishnan, Circle Treasurer Com. V.Jayaraman, CWC member Com N.Balakrishnan, ACS Com O.Mydheen Pillai, ACS Com R.Rajasekar, ACS Com M.Gopinathan and Circle Vice-President Com K.Selvakumar on 13/10/2008.

All the District Secretaries are hereby requested to kindly arrange to send the list (in the below given format) of missing names in the eligibility list for the ensuing DPC for TES Gr-B in the seniority cum fitness quota to Com.R.Rajasekar. Mobile Number: 9486107027 and his e-mail ID 

The above mentioned particulars may kindly be furnished on of before 23/10/2008 to enable the Circle Organization to confirm whether all the representations of the affected Comrades have been received by the Corporate Office.

SNEA(I), TN Circle congratulates the following Comrades who were honoured with the meritorious Visishta Sanchar Seva Pathak for the year 2007-08.

10th Oct 2008 GS Writes to Director (HRD) on Immediate restoration of seniority of 1966 TES Gr B officers– regarding.<<<<Click Here>>>>

7 th october 2008    Pl Click to view List of New  TN Circle Office Bearers  

12 th october 2008 AIC of SNEA(India) is to be held at Vadodara (Gujarat) on 14th/16th  December, 2008. District Secretaries are requested to make arrangements for booking train tickets to Vadodara. They can book tickets in Train No 2656 Chennai to Vadodara Navajeevan Express which leaves Chennai Central at 09/35 Hrs and reaches Vadodara next day at 17-05 Hrs. For return journey they can book on  Train No 2655 Vadodara to Chennai Navajeevan Express which leaves Vadodara at 08-25 Hrs and reaches Chennai next day at 16-05 hrs.

 Report on the Circle Conference Thanjavur

On 4th Oct -2008 : The Circle conference started with the Flag Hoisting in the morning. National Flag - hoisted by Com.S.L.Reddy, CHQ President  and SNEA(I) Flag - hoisted by Com.L.Jayapal, Circle President.

    The Conference was inaugurated by Com.S.L.Reddy CHQ President , Com.L.Jayapal Circle President presided over the delegate session. Com.N.Balakrishnan Circle Secretary presented the Circle Secretary Report. There was lively discussion and  good participation by the delegates from all parts of Tamilnadu. Financial Report was presented by Com.S.Sundarakrishnan Circle Treasurer and approved.

Open Session :

our beloved GS Com.G.L.Jogi , CHQ President Com.S.L.Reddy ,  Com.W.Seshagiri Rao NCOA President , Com.Muthu CHQ Treasurer, Shri . Sathyanarayana GMT/Thanjavur, Shri. Tamilmani  DGM(A)-Circle Office,  and Circle Secretary’s of AIBSNLEA, NFTE, FNTO, TEPU and Circle Org. Secy of BSNLEU  attended the session. There was huge gathering of delegates and other comrades from Thanjavur , Kumbakonam and Tiruchi SSAs. Com. N.Balakrishnan presented Key Note Address in the session.


On 5th Oct -2008 : 


The delegate session in the morning was addressed by Com.G.L.Jogi  GS and he clarified the Queries raised by the Comrades.  Com.Sundar CWC Member Chennai Telephones and Com.Sebastian CWC Member from Kerela participated in the session.

New Office Bearers of Circle Body have been elected unanimously in the 21st Circle Conference held at Thanjavur on 5th Oct, 2008. 

(Pl Click here for Full List )


Circle President :  Com. S.Sundarakrishnan

Circle Secretary :  Com.R.Asokan

Circle Treasurer : Com.V.Jayaraman


      *** SNEA TN CIRCLE THANKS the Comrades of  Thanjavur and Kumbakonam for  the EXCLLENT ARRANGEMENTS ***                

29 th Sep 2008 The Divisional Conference of Dharmapuri dist was conducted at Dharmapuri  on 29-09-08. Circle Secretary Com.N.Balakrishnan,Circle President Com.l.Jayapal , Circle Treasurer Com.S.Sundarakrishnan , CWC Member Com.K.Rathakrishnan ,Circle Vice President Com.T.Vediappan and Major Asraf Khan GM Dharmapuri addressed the meeting.The following office bearers were elected unanimously

Com.K.Nanjundan SDE Krishnagiri President
Com.U.Jayaraman SDE Dharmapuri District Secretary
Com.S.Rajan SDE Dharmapuri Treasurer

26 th Sep 2008 Order for PLI Bonus for the 2007-08 is issued on 26-09-2008. The incentive will be 0.75 times of the basic pay of the employees as on 01.03.08. For Non-Executives, min. & max. bonus will be Rs.7000 & Rs.10000 and for Executives, min. & max. will be Rs.10000 & Rs.12500 respectively.<< Order Copy>>

Invitation for Circle Conference of SNEA (India) TN Circle-pl click

Route map of the Venue ( JAYARAM MAHAL,Thanjavur )

Third Circle Conference of SNEA(I) Tamil Nadu Circle will be held at Jayaram Mahal Thanjavur on October 4th and 5th (Saturday and Sunday). . Delegate Fee will be Rs500 per delegate. Open Session will be on 4 th October.

All Divisional Secretaries are requested to give the  information regarding the branch wise number of delegates for the SNEA TN  Circle Conference to our Circle Treasurer Com S. Sundarakrishnan on Mobile Number 9486100188.

25 th Sep 2008 GS Writes to GM(Pers.), BSNL CO regarding the requests for transfer received from members who have passed the TES  GR.B exam in 2008. Letter >>>>>>          List >>>>>

24 th Sep 2008 Copy of the covering letter of Eligibility List >>clck here>>. The Divisional  Secretaries are required to help in sending the errors & omissions in the Eligibility List by 30th of September 2008 through proper channel. Eligibility list for promotion from JTO to SDE issued by pers. Cell of BSNL corporate office --already displayed in our website. All the candidates are requested to go through the detailed list <<Click here to view full list>>

19 th Sep 2008 TN Circle issues officiating order in the cadre of  DEs for 22 SDEs.<<Pl Click>>

18 th Sep 2008 Resolution passed by Jt. Forum.>>>>>>>>

Letter addressed to CMD BSNL from Joint Forum regarding IPO opinion Poll.>>>>>>>>

18 th Sep 2008 Meeting of the Joint forum of BSNL executives/non executives: Jt forum met to discuss following important issues: 

A) Decision of the BSNL Management to allow private operators to roam on BSNL network:  strongly oppose this counterproductive decision of the BSNL Management .It was decided to meet CMD/BSNL and inform him about the dangerous repercussions of this decision. 

B) ITS absorption: It has been unanimously decided -- that in case ITS officers, after exercising their option for absorption in BSNL/MTNL, decide to opt for DOT again and sent on deputation to BSNL from DOT-- all  executives and non executives will launch a prolonged  struggle seeking  executives and non executives repatriation back to DOT and work in BSNL on deputation basis.   

C) Issue of withdrawal of letter  of MOF regarding payment of pension by govt. on 60:40 basis: It is understood that DOE (deptt of expenditure in MOF) has not concurred with the note of DOT. Jt forum has decided to seek an appointment  with the Minister of DOP&PW to request him to re-examine the note of DOT .

D) Merger of ITI with BSNL: Since the issue of revival of ITI is being examined and discussed by BIFR, it was decided to meet the concerned member Mr Sen Gupta, ex member Planning Commission, dealing with the issue of revival of ITI to explain in detail to him the grave consequences that merger of ITI shall definitely have on the growth of BSNL. 

All Divisional Secretaries are requested to give the  information regarding the branch wise number of delegates for the SNEA TN  Circle Conference to our Circle Treasurer Com S. Sundarakrishnan on Mobile Number 9486100188 for arranging  comfortable stay and other arrangements at the SNEA(India) Circle conference at Thanjavur before 17-09-2008.

17/09/2008 Pl click for  JTOs inter circle requst list - TN Circle
17/09/2008 Pl click for R8-Mutual transfer list of JTOs
12th Sep 2008 Meeting with Jt secy/DPE: GS met Jt Secy/DPE and had a detailed discussion with him on various aspects of the issue of processing of the recommendations of the 2nd pay panel submitted by Justice Rao committee. Jt Secy/DPE informed GS that the issue of processing of the recommendations of the committee was being dealt with the highest priority by the DPE and hopefully in another three to four weeks time the recommendations would be sent to the Union Cabinet for its consideration and approval. 

10thSept-2008: JTO to SDE DPC : Eligibility list for promotion from JTO to SDE issued by pers. Cell of BSNL corporate office. All the candidates are requested to go through the detailed list <<Click here to view full list>>

The order relating to diversion of 500 no. of JTO posts from outsider quota to departmental quota is kept in abeyance because of a contempt application filed in Chandhigarh High Court of Punjab & Haryana. Click here for the judgement >>>>>>>>

9 th Sep 2008 Change in designation of Executive in BSNL Corporate office New Delhi <<<<< Click here>>>>>>

TN Circle issues officiating order in the cadre of  JTO to SDE for 92 JTOs<<Pl Click>>

  5 th Sep 2008 Management Education: BSNL Part Time/Distance Learning Scheme. BSNL Management announced the Launch of ‘BSNL Part time/Distance Learning Scheme’, to officers working in BSNL. Order >>>>>>>     Scheme >>>>>>>>         Proforma >>>>>>>

5 th Sep 2008 Modifications in transfer/posting in the cadre of Adhoc STS, case of comrades of Chennai Telephones >>>>>>

(Refer to the letter addressed by GS for  modifying the orders of adhoc STS officers posted out of Chennai TD. >>>>>>>>> th Sep 2008 Establishment/Service matters including Seniority/Court cases in respect of absorbed Grp'B' Officers will henceforth be dealt by BSNL / MTNL only  and not by DOT. >>>>>>>>>

1st Sepptember 2008   SNEA Thanjavur District has launched its Web Site  Congrats.

29th Aug 2008 Centre notifies pay panel recommendations  >Click>

29th Aug 2008 Officiating in the grade of Divisional Engineer: TN Circle calls   Options for filling up DE  vacancies by officiating arrangement  from amongst the SDEs of Tamilnadu Circle, excluding those SDEs who have declined/ debarred from officiating/regular promotion  <<Click for the Letter>>

26th Aug 2008 DOT calls for exercising option from ITS Officers for absorption in BSNL/MTNL. The process has to be completed within five weeks time. < Click for DOT Order >

24 th Aug 2008 Notice issued for the Third Circle Conference of SNEA(I) Tamil Nadu Circle. Delegate Fee will be Rs500 per delegate. <<Click here>> The conference will be held at Jayaram Mahal Thanjavur on October 4 th and 5 th (Saturday and Sunday). 

24 th Aug 2008 Notification for AIC << Click Here >>

United Forum  writes to DDG(P) /BSNLfor Amendments /additions in draft  Gr A  RRs<<<<Click here>>>>

SNEA Vellore District has launched its Web Site  Congrats.

12th Aug 2008 Orders issued for the diversion of 500 vacancies from outside quota to departmental quota for accommodating the qualified TTAs now officiating in JTO cadre. >>>>>>>>>>>>

12th Aug 2008 In the hearing on 11th August 2008, Delhi high court has endorsed the decision of Ernakulam High court w.r.t  1966 case and subsequently the case has been disposed off

09 th Aug 2008 Modifications/Cancellation in STS orders issued. Order1    Order2    Order3   Order4    Order5    Order6.









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