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Indefinite strike Called off

Congratulations!! There was total participation of Comrades in the strike through out TN Circle. Strike called off following a meeting with MOC. Thanks Comrades...Thanks...

Hon'ble MOC was in detail apprised about the deliberate attempts being made to derail the process of absorption of ITS and how inordinate delay has adversely affected the growth of BSNL. After getting elaborate feedback from JAC, Secy/DOT apprised that Cabinet note being sent does not contain any demand of ITSA regarding their absorption, neither prospective date of absorption or any other new demand. The note only explains in detail that the absorption process initiated by DOT twice has not met with considerable success, and, as such, Cabinet is being approached to advise DOT as to how to go about in such a situation and deal with huge number of ITS officers having decided not to get absorbed in BSNL. For this, wider consultations with Ministry of law, DOP, D.O.E etc are needed which is expected to talk another three months. After getting advice from Cabinet, DOT will immediately act on the advice of the Cabinet. Hon'ble MOC is fully committed to get the issue conclusively resolved, and is now informed of all the dimensions of the issue. What is extremely significant is that Hon'ble MOC also directed BSNL Management to take immediate action by way of recruitment of DGMs and MTs so that a parallel middle level Management is available in the event of repatriation of ITS from BSNL. When we pointed out that the eligibility conditions for recruitment of DGMs and MTs are finalized in such a manner so as to derail the process, Hon'ble MOC  directed CMD and Director(HR) to discuss and finalize eligibility conditions afresh in consultation with the Associations. However, on ITS absorption, two important issues have surfaced, one is that Hon'ble MOC's committed involvement and non inclusion of demands of ITS in the Cabinet note, and the second one is taking immediate action in the direction of setting up a parallel middle level Management in BSNL.

When the demand of fixation of new IDA scales @ 78.2% was strongly pleaded with Hon'ble MOC, he clearly directed CMD to discuss the issue with executive Associations, failing which he advised us to meet him.    

<<Minutes of the meeting>>

16th April 2010: Congratulations ! Pay of all 2005 Batch JTOs joined after 01-01-2007 will be fixed at Rs.21620/- from the date of their joining. All other terms and conditions of pay revision orders will be applicable to all the JTOs of 2005 batch. Our sincere thanks to CMD BSNL, Dir (HRD), GM (Estt) and GM (EF) for their earnest help in resolving this heart burning issue.Order Copy >>>>>>>>>

Circle Executive Committee Meeting of SNEA TN circle will be conducted on 29-04-2010 Thursday at Hotel Kanchi Chennai. GS Com.G.L.Jogi will address the meeting.

BSNL workers on indefinite strike from Tuesday THE ECONOMIC TIMES

DoT proposes to put BSNL's IPO plan on hold --- wants restructuring to complete first <<Business Line>>

JAC meetings will be conducted at

Coimbatore 15-4-10 Thursday

Madurai 16-4-10 Friday

Tiruchi ,Salem 17-4-10 Saturday

Chennai 19-4-10 Monday <<Pl click for JAC Circular >>

CWC meeting at Manali on 8th & 9th April, 2010--Important decisions:

1. Indefinite strike w.e.f 20.04.10: SNEA(I) to take a leading role in organising the indefinite strike w.e.f 20.04.10 at Circle / SSA and local level under the banner of JAC to settle the entire charter of demands including very crucial issue of immediate completion of ITS absorption.

2. Sam Pitroda Committee recommendations: The recommendations of the committee regarding change of leadership and induction of professionals from outside at the board level were wholeheartedly supported. Recommendations relating to adoption of “Managed capacity” and   “Managed Services” models in BSNL require a comprehensive study before expressing our final view. VRS, disinvestment, unbundling of last mile copper and outsourcing have to be opposed tooth and nail. Recommendation of the committee on completion of ITS absorption in a time bound manner to be strongly supported.

3. Revival of BSNL: SNEA(I) should be seen as agents and leaders of change in enforcing and implementing sweeping reforms on each and every front. For successful implementation of reforms and their results, it is absolutely necessary to resolve ITS absorption. Any attempt to introduce innovative reforms on procurement policy, HR front, streamlining the whole organization and giving it an entirely new facelift will be futile if unabsorbed ITS officers are asked to oversee implementation of these reforms. Deciding the basic issue of absorption of ITS in BSNL is going to be the key to successful implementation of any new future road map for revival of BSNL.   

4. Regularisation of Adhoc STS: CWC unanimously resolved for immediate regular promotion to 2500 STS posts, regardless of whether or not to include 270 competitive adhoc STS. In the meantime, it was decided to get impleaded in Hon’ble High Court of Ernakulam to oppose fixation of seniority and promotion of 147 SDEs to adhoc STS, besides continuing contesting seniority fixation of 270 adhoc STS in Hon’ble Supreme Court. 

5. Amendments to BSNL MS R/Rs: The following amendments are to be made in the BSNL MS R/R: a) The basic spirit of R/Rs should be to have uniformity in all disciplines and the R/R provision for Civil / Elect wing has to be modified accordingly. b) The no. of posts to be filled up in JAG cadre should be in the ratio of 50:50 for direct and promotee streams. c) Since bench mark and selection method for Adhoc and Regular promotion to STS is one and the same, adhoc STS Officers should become regular as soon as vacancy arises in regular STS without any further DPC. The adhoc service also should be counted as regular service for all purposes. d) Future promotions in STS and JAG should be regular and not adhoc. e) Change of designation has to take place along with time bound financial upgradation.

6.  Pay scales of JTO, SDE and equivalent cadres: BSNL Board approved the E1A and E2A pay scales for JTO and SDE along with other pay scales and these pay scales are pending at DoT for approval. Association shall pursue the matter with DoT /DPE for early approval.

7. Membership verification: The CWC resolved that SNEA(I) should independently go in for membership verification and the discrepancies  pointed out by UF with reference to committee’s report should be addressed prior to starting membership verification.

8. Merger of Executives’ Associations: The issue of merger of Executive Associations was discussed with open & positive frame of mind. The formation of United Forum and the achievements made by UF were highly appreciated by one and all. Taking into account future formidable challenges, it was decided to send very strong signals of unity to the base level for further strengthening of United Forum of BSNL Executives. Association shall strive hard to move in the forward direction, not in the reverse direction, in the days to come, with regard to consolidation of unity of the two Associations since Association has all along been a strong protagonist of school of thought of Unity, CWC clearly opined.

9. Co-option to the Post of Asst. General Secretary: Com. A. R. Manani, CWC member from Maharashtra Circle co-opted to the vacant post of Asst. General Secretary/.

10. Civil / Elect wings should be brought under the administrative control of Circles / SSAs.

Secretary, DoT invites JAC leaders for talks on 01.04.2010 at 1500 hrs, to discuss the issues contained in the notice for indefinite strike.

Circle Executive Committee Meeting of SNEA TN circle proposed to be conducted on 23-04-2010 is postponed due to the indefinite strike call. New date will be announced later.

BSNL TN circle introduces two more new FRC with “1p/sec” and all @49” tariff plan in addition to the existing Mobile Saral Anant FRCs of Rs.15 and Rs.35 in 2G prepaid from 01-04-2010.

JOINT ACTION COMMITTEE MEETING: JAC meeting held on 31.03.2010 to review the preparations for the indefinite strike w.e.f 20.04.2010. JAC finalised the poster to be printed by all the Circles for the publicity. JAC decided to conduct meetings and conventions at Circle / SSA / Branch level for mobilisation. GS and AGS attended the JAC meeting. JAC call upon all the Executives and Non Executives at Circle / SSA / Branch level to participate enmasse in this historic struggle to SAVE BSNL.

TN Circle office issues Officiating arrangement in the grade of Divisional Engineer-  with  effect  from  29/03/2010  for  a  period  not  exceeding 179 days.    for 85 SDEs.<< Pl Click >>

Bharat Sanchar Nigam Ltd (BSNL) will look to roll out Internet Protocol Television (IPTV) services more aggressively across major cities in the State with most channels on the Sun Network set to join the IPTV bouquet from April.

BSNL`s IPTV services had gone commercial with about 140 channels in October in Chennai, and later in Puducherry and Coimbatore . IPTV, which offers several interactive features such as movie-on-demand, was launched in partnership with MyWay services of the Smart TV Group.

Massive day long Dharna held throughout the state at Chennai and SSA HQs. Massive participation of comrades in the Dharna in all the SSAs demanding immediate ITS absorption, no disinvestment, no VRS etc.

Hon’ble MOS called a meeting of the JAC on 26.03.2010 to discuss about various issues mentioned in our charter of demands. Representatives of all the constituents of JAC were present whereas Hon’ble MOS was not assisted by anyone from either the Management or the DOT since he preferred to have one to one interaction to get first hand information of the issues.

MOU signed between BSNL and DoT on 15.03.2010 for 2010-11.  >>>>

  • Financial Assistance from Govt / DoT: NIL
  • MOU target for 2009-10 for total income: Rs. 42,095 Cr.( Sales: Rs. 29,233 Cr, Other Income: Rs. 3306 Cr)
  • Anticipated income for 2009-10: Rs. 32,539 Cr. (9,556 Cr less from target)
  • Total expenditure (anticipated): Rs. 35, 320 Cr. ( Operational expenses etc: Rs. 8,768 Cr, Power, Fuel & Water: Rs. 1,700 Cr, Salary & wages: Rs. 13,201 Cr, Others: Rs. 2,650 Cr, Depreciation: Rs. 8,500 Cr. etc).
  • Loss from operations (for 2009-10): Rs. 2280 Cr
  • Net Profit (for 2009-10): Rs. -3,641 Cr (Loss: Rs.2,280 + Interest: Rs. 500 Cr + Provision for Tax: Rs. 860 Cr)

GS initiates a new discussion on the topic "Innovative procurement reforms – Managed capacity & Managed services" on Blog of Mera BSNLGive your comments.

Indefinite strike w.e.f 20.04.2010.

Joint Forum of Non Executive and Executive Unions / Associations met at New Delhi on 22.03.2010 and reviewed the trade union programmes. The meeting come to the conclusion that the serious issues like ITS absorption, disinvestment, unbundling, VRS etc may not be able to settle with a one day strike. The joint meeting unanimously resolved for indefinite strike w.e.f 20.04.2010. Joint Action Committee formed with Com. N. T. Sajvani (NFTE-BSNL) as Chairman and Com. V A N Namboodiri (BSNLEU) as convener.


1. Settlement of ITS absorption issue.

2. No Disinvestment / Privatisation of BSNL.

3. No Retrenchment / No VRS.

4. No unbundling of last mile copper.

5. No outsourcing.

6. immediate procurement of GSM equipments.

7. IDA pension revision.


18th March 2010Congratulations! It is learned that the pay anomaly of 2005 batch JTO is cleared by Management Committee yesterday. Now it will be sent to BSNL Board for the final approval. Our sincere thanks to CMD BSNL, Dir (HRD), GM (Estt) and GM (EF) for their earnest help. >>>>>>>     >>>>>>>>>        >>>>>>>>

Circle Executive Committee Meeting of SNEA TN circle will be conducted on 23-04-2010 Friday at Hotel Kanchi , Chennai. GS Com.G.L.Jogi will address the meeting.. <<Click here for CS Letter>>

17th March 2010:Meeting with GM(Estt), BSNL CO: GS along with AGS met GM(E) to have the latest status on a) pay anomaly of JTOs of 2005 batch, b) approval of pay scales of JTOs and SDEs (E1A and E2A) and c) Training allowance. GM(E) informed that as promised to the Association earlier all the cases are processed by the Estt section.

a) Pay anomaly of JTOs of 2005 batch and those got promotion and joined after 01.01.07. Management Committee Note prepared and the same will be discussed in today's MC meeting.

b) Approval of pay scales of JTOs and SDEs (E1A and E2A): As assured to the Association, BSNL requested DoT to delink the approval of E1A and E2A pay scales from E9A as the pre revised E1A and E2A  pay scales are already approved by DPE. Association further pursue the matter with DoT/ DPE.

c) Training allowance: On revision of perks, the training allowance was reduced from 15% to 7.5% which resulted in recovery of huge amount. Association strongly taken up this issue with DIR (HRD), GM (SR) and GM (E) and requested to ensure that there is no recovery on account of revision of Training allowance. Accordingly Management Committee Note prepared and the same will be discussed in today's MC meeting. It is proposed to revise the training allowance from 7.5% to 11% sothat there will be no reduction in the allowance.

16-03-2010: Circle Executive Committee Meeting of SNEA TN circle will be conducted on 23-04-2010 Friday at Hotel Kanchi , Chennai. GS Com.G.L.Jogi will address the meeting. All Dist Secretaries, CEC Members and Circle office Bearers are requested to attend the meeting. It is postponed due to Dharna on 26-03-2010. <<Click here for CS Letter>>

BSNL board has not approved VRS plan: Kuldeep Goyal in an exclusive interaction with The Economics Times <<News>>

Lunch Hour demonstration on 15.03.2010 was conducted at all the SSA Head Quarters. Demonstration was conducted at Chennai in front of TN Circle office , Anna Road, Chennai. There was huge participation Through out the state by the Executives and non Executives.

Joint Forum of Non Executive and Executive Unions / Associations met at New Delhi and the discussed the Sam Pitroda Committee report and its recommendations. Joint Forum come to the conclusion that the total failure and mismanagement of the affairs of BSNL by its top Managers at different level lead to the the intervention of Hon. Prime Minister and formation of the committee. All the Unions / Associations of Joint participated in the meeting. Joint Forum unanimously resolved to:

Demand a) immediate repatriation of all ITS officers who are not opted for BSNL,

b) immediate procurement of GSM equipments and

c) IDA pension revision.

and protest against a) 30% disinvestment,

b) retrenchment through VRS,

c) unbundling of last mile copper and

d) outsourcing through service model

Com.S.Chellappa JTO , Tuticorin an active member of SNEA expired on 05-03-2010 suddenly due to massive heart attack . We extend the condolences to the bereaved family.

Govt may divest 30% in BSNL, up from 10% -----proposal to retire 1 lakh employees through VRS schemes <<TOI>>

BSNL out of top-10 profit-making PSUs; ONGC is No 1 <<Report>>

24th Feb 2010 India adds 19.90 million new mobile users in January

Service Provider wise net additions during the month (Wireless)

Tata Bharati Reliance Vodafone Idea BSNL Aircel Uninor
  14.97% 14.31% 14.08% 13.76% 11.42% 11.29% 10.10% 6.68%

Service Provider wise market share as on 31-01-2010 (Wireless)

Bharati Reliance Vodafone BSNL Tata Idea Aircel
 22.33% 17.72% 17.27% 11.95%  11.07% 10.99% 06.06%

In wireline segment, BSNL holds a market share of 76.12%  <<<Report>>

Scrap GSM tender, go for service model: Pitroda panel to BSNL:

"The Sam Pitroda committee has recommended that public sector Bharat Sanchar Nigam Ltd (BSNL) scrap its Rs 30,000-crore tender to procure GSM equipment for 92 million lines and switch instead to a managed services model on the lines of its private rivals Bharti Airtel and Vodafone Essar."  A radical reform suggested by Pitroda committee -- management of network by suppliers  -- a concept that BSNL management ought to have conceived long back. <<Report>>

BSNL giving obsolete Tech contract? << Times of India>>> The validation failed several times . BSNLCO push through the deal for the purchase of obsolete equipment in the name of Broadband ----This issue was brought into limelight by our  Tamil Nadu Circle Comrades  .

Pay anomaly of 2005 batch: Most probably the proposal for extending 30% fitment to all the 2005 batch JTOs will be considered by the Management committee tomorrow.

TN circle issues the Revised Eligiblity list of JTOs for SDE Promotion for the year 2008-09 Please Click here for the List

Case at Hon. High Court of J&K: On, the case listed at Hon High Court and argument took place on the jurisdiction of the court. Advocate for the applicant argued on some rules which permits filing of the case in High Court instead of CAT.  After argument Judges directed BSNL to file a reply on the subject. Most probably the case will be again listed in the 3rd week of February.

Association writes to Shri Sam Pitroda who has been assigned the challenging task of defining  future road map of BSNL to pull it out of the deep crisis that it is in now and urges upon him to address and sort out the key issue of deciding the leadership of the company to bring it out of the present morbid state. Assn. further pleads with Sam Pitroda that unless the key, fundamental and contentious issue of leadership is addressed and resolved, any other recommendation of the committee to transform the organisation would be rendered infructuous . Induction of charismatic stalwarts from outside to head the organisation and decide his team of board of directors shall be the key to the revival of the company.<<letter>>

United Forum of BSNL Executives' Association writes to CMD, BSNL regarding non settlement of long pending HR issues such as 1) Regularization of STS officers, 2) fitment with 78.2% IDA, 3) pay anomaly of JTOs of 2005 batch, 4) Adhoc promotion to STS & JAG etc. ------ Our grave protest and resentment and warns trade union actions in the event of non -settlement of the issues.<<Letter>>

Approval of pay scales of JTOs and SDEs: GS along with AGSs met Director (SU I), Shri. Brijesh Mishra and discussed at length the issue of approval of pay scales of E1A and E2A as recommended by BSNL Board. Since the issue is extremely important given the fact that the pay scales of new JTOs and their Time Bound Promotions are directly linked with the finalisation of the scales, we shall be vigorously pursuing the case further with BSNL Management and DoT.

"We are being handcuffed by unnecessary government red tape and vested interests which are destroying BSNL at its core", says G L Jogi --- <<Times of India>>

Rewiring BSNL: The call for a professional management team to revamp BSNL could set a healthy precedent for other PSUs. Editorial in Buisiness Line. Business Daily from THE HINDU group of publications. Thursday, Feb 04, 2010.

Smt.S.Santhi Muthabarnam, JTO Internet, Nagarcoil expired on 3-2-2010 in a tragic accident. SNEA extends condolences to the bereaved family.

Meeting with GM(Pers): GS along with AGSs met GM(Pers) and discussed

1) Regularization of STS officers – We told GM(P) that Management has to take a final decision on this issue immediately as hundreds of officers are retiring without getting the eligible promotion. We are unable to contain the resentment of our members on this important issue.

2) Adhoc promotion to JAG – BSNL has filed appropriate reply in Jaipur CAT on the lines of the reply it had filed in Allahabad CAT regarding holding of examination for recruitment of DGMs. The case at Jaipur CAT is coming up for hearing on 11th Feb.,10.

However, Comrades start making hectic Country wide Organizational preparations to defeat the sinister moves of the BSNL Management to stall our functional career growth on flimsy and baseless grounds. We thought that good sense will prevail and BSNL Management will act in positive manner to settle three major issues i.e promotion to Adhoc JAG, regularization of about 2500 adoc STS and promotion of about 2500 TES Gr B to adhoc STS. In the name of so called legal stalemate, Management is delaying issuing of orders, thus depriving hundreds and hundreds of our Comrades retiring every month of their promotion to JAG, regularization to STS and Adhoc promotion to STS.

Get ready for a prolonged organizational struggle to secure justice. Struggle which we wanted to avert because of the precarious situation in which BSNL is in at the moment is being forced on us by unreasonable and sinister designs of BSNL management. We stand committed to defeat and expose this discriminatory and prejudiced stand of BSNL management.

Pay anomaly of JTOs of 2005 batch: In continuation to series of earlier discussions and regular correspondence that we have had with Director(HRD) on the important issue of removing the pay anomaly of the JTOs of 2005 year on justified and genuine grounds by extending the benefit of 30% fitment to all the JTOs of 2005 year of recruitment, regardless of their date of joining, GS has clearly brought out that due to this anomaly the difference in basic pay as on 01.1.2007 is Rs 5220/- , and even if the E1A pay scale is approved, the difference in basic pay will be Rs. 2770/- . The losers are further to suffer the ignominy of a recurring two-year lag in their Time Bound Promotions throughout their career also. << Letter>>

In continuation to our several discussions with DIR(HR) and GM(Estt) on this issue, GS along with AGSs met GM(EF), Smt. Aruntadi Panda, and discussed the issue in detail. We pleaded with her to resolve the genuine issue at the earliest and take a positive stand on the issue. Further we discussed and suggested three to four workable proposals   by which the issue can be resolved in totality by extending the benefit of 30% fitment to all the JTOs of 2005 year of recruitment.

Issues related to JTOs recruited as Dept outsider from TTA Cadre: In the meeting with GM(EF), Smt. Aruntadi Panda, we discussed this issue further. On the basis of our earlier meetings and discussions with GM(Estt) on the issue, the file has moved to GM(EF). The issues include a) counting of past service as TTA for all the purposes including pension, b)  TA/DA and salary during training period, c) accounting earlier E/L & HPL etc. we will pursue the matter further.

GS, along with AGSs met Shri Gopal Das, Dir(HRD), BSNL, on 28th Jan’10 and discussed the following issues. Shri R.K. Mishra, GM(P), was also present in the meeting.

1. Promotion from STS to JAG adhoc in Telecom.

2. Regularization of STS (Adhoc) officers in Telecom.

3. ACP anomaly of Civil/Electrical/Architecture/TFs/CS Executives.

4. Promotion from SDE to STS (Adhoc) in Telecom.

30th Jan 2010Long standing list of 20 SDEs from each Circle published. Corrections if any may be intimated. Association was demanding the same for the transparency in transfer and postings <<List>>

BSNL launches 3G Mobile Services at Nagarcoil on 30-01-2010. Congrats.

BSNL became the First Service Provider to launch 3 G Mobile Services in Tamil nadu circle by launching 3 G Services at Coimbatore, Coonnur and Ooty on 23-01-2010.

BSNL issues following Transfer and Posting orders of GMs on 29-1-10.
V Raju GMTD,Tirunelveli is posted as, GM,Trichy TD
Natarajan N R GMTD,Tuticorin, is posted as GMTD, Kolar,
Ganeshan R GMTD,Kolar, KTK is posted as GMTDVellore,
R Radha GM(NW-Ops- ChTD) is posted as GMTD,Tuticorin,
A Shajahan GMTD,Vellore is posted as GMTD,Salem,
I Thirunavakkarasu GM,Mangalore TD, is posted as GMTD, Nagercoil,
Note: Transfer orders of Shri K Balasubramanian, GM, Kottayam to Tirunelveli, and Shri P V Vijaykumaran, GM,Nagercoil, to Kottayam have already been issued by BSNL on 10.08.09.

BSNL Tamil nadu circle launches 3G Mobile Services at Coimbatore, Coonnur and Ooty on 23-01-2010. Hon. Minister of Communications Shri.A.Raja launched the 3 G Mobile Srvices at Coimbatore.

Congrats to all ---- Put your Best efforts to increase the BSNL market share. Utilise the First mover Advatage as an opportunity to get more Customers in to BSNL fold...

District Secretaries are requested to make necessary arrangements to send the information on the follwing Missing seniority case to CS. <Click to view BSNL HQ Letter -for Names>

Procurement of redundant Cordect technology a big fraud in the offing in BSNL-Comrades of TN , KTK, HR should maintain high level of preparedness to defeat the evil designs of the officers in BSNL Corporate office to procure highly redundant cor-dect broadband technology from M/s Midas communications  a Chennai based firm having strong political links . The equipment has already failed validation at TN five times because it could not comply with  technical requirements envisaged in the tender. Procurement of this obsolete equipment shall be a big scandal in BSNL and would lead to heavy losses in TN, KTK and HR circles. Association  strongly condemns the continued efforts of BSNL management to force TN circle to validate the equipment on flimsy grounds. GS writes to CMD protesting against the arbitrary procurement of this highly redundant technology. Members of SNEA through out the country to remain fully prepared to  defeat the move of the management to inflict huge losses on the resources of BSNL.    <<letter>>  ,   <<Annexure>> CS Lr to CGM TN Circle <<Click >>

14th Jan 2010NGN tender: Association strongly condemns complete inaction and indecisiveness on the part of DIR(CFA), BSNL Board in delaying the finalisation of NGN class 5 tender for one million lines to replace the existing redundant switches. The inaction of the concerned Director is inflicting irreparable damage on the growth of BSNL. GS conveys strongest protest on this account to CMD, BSNL and warns BSNL Management of serious consequences if the said tender is not finalised at the earliest.      << Letter to CMD>>

14th Jan 2010Sending Circle Gradation List particulars for the preparation of All India Eligibility of JTOs: The gradation particulars from most of the Circles are not received so far irrespective of repeated reminders from CHQ. All the particulars are readily available with each Circle and they are issuing officiating promotion on the basis of this. However these particulars readily available with the Circles are not reaching BSNL CO even after one and half months.

Meeting with GM(Estt), BSNL: GS along with AGSs met GM(Estt) and discussed: a) Submission of data sought by DoT in CDA / IDA option: The required information from Circles were not reached the BSNLCO irrespective of repeated reminders. BSNL is not able to reply to the queries from DoT and hence the issue is not getting resolved. Some Circles like AP reported that it already started recovery of lakhs of rupees on retirement as per the direction of DoT Cell. Hence all CSs are once again requested to send the details urgently.

b) Approval of pay scale of JTOs and SDEsWe requested him to delink the case from other scales as agreed by DIR(HR) in an earlier meeting. Since the pay scales are not finalized, the pay of all the new JTOs are not getting fixed and the Time Bound promotion to SDE equivalent grade also not getting settled.  

c) Leave, salary, TA/DA and counting of service for the purpose of pension, retaining the same EPF account no etc for the TTAs selected as JTO as Deptl. outsider. All the issues discussed in details and GM(E) assured that all the issues will be settled favourably.

Govt gets nod to offload 10% in BSNL: A high-level review meeting chaired by Prime Minister Manmohan Singh on Wednesday conceded a suggestion for immediate sale of 10 percent government equity in state-owned telecom giant BSNL ------ Telecom Regulatory Authority of India has sought details from various service providers on their tariff plans after Bharti Airtel complained of predatory pricing by new operators <<News>>

DoT raps BSNL for delaying alternate network for Defence <<News>

Approval of pending IDA pay scales for JTOs, SDEs and equivalent cadres: GS and AGSs had a detailed discussion with the concerned officers in DoT on this issue. The case is linked with the approval E9A pay scale. BSNL Board approved the pay scales one year back and sent to DoT for approval. Due to the non finalisation of the pay scales, the pay of JTOs of 2005 and 2007 year of rect. not getting fixed. They had given only provisional pay scale of E1. The pay anomaly of JTOs of 2005 batch also pending. The Time Bound Promotion from JTO to SDE etc also not issued as the pay scales are not approved. We will pursue the case further with DoT and BSNL.

05th Jan 2010 GS along with AGSs met CMD, BSNL on GSM tender issue and extended our fullest support. We told him to take strong stand on this issue to ensure uninterrupted supply of GSM equipments for the expansion of GSM network in BSNL and the entire BSNL staff will be solidly behind him.

GS along with AGSs met DIR(HR), BSNL and discussed Membership verification among Executive Associations, ACP for Civil/Elect etc. 

GS along with AGS met GM(Pers), BSNL and discussed Regularisation of STS officers, Adhoc promotion to STS and ACP for Civil/Elect etc.

93 Million GSM tender issue: Massive demonstration held throughout Tamil Nadu Circle. It is reported that large number of Non Executives and Executives participated in the demonstrations at all the SSAs. Circles.

Telegram campaign on January 02-04, 2010 by Circle/SSA/ Branch Secretaries. Activists also can send the telegram.


Dr. Manmohan Singh, Prime Minister of India, New Delhi. 


                                                       SNEA(India), ---------------- Circle / SSA / Branch

2. Mass demonstration at CHQ/Circle/ SSA level on 05.01.2010.

01st Jan 2010 BSNLBoard in its meeting on 30.12.2009 decided to put on hold the 93 million GSM tender, the world's largest ever equipment order. The objections were raised by members from DoT in the board meeting. In the earlier 45 million tender also vested interest delayed the tender process and finally the tender had approved only for 22.5 million lines. SNEA(I) and Joint Forum fought against the vested interest at that time through agitation. By the delay we lost almost two precious years and BSNL slipped from the top / second position to fourth / fifth position today. This time also M/s Nokia Seimens with the help of vested interests tried to stall the 93 Million tender process through litigation in the Hon. High court of Hyderabad but finally failed. All court cases on the tender have gone in favour of BSNL and even an ‘integrity panel’ set up with the permission of the Central Vigilance Commission (CVC) has cleared BSNL of any wrongdoing in the past regarding this tender. On failing on all other fronts, the vested interests in DoT now want to scrap the tender and re-tender it or at least halve the tender size by citing irregularities. Interstingly the DoT members were silent on the issue so far.

If the tender is cancelled it will take minimum one to one and half year to complete the re-tendering process if everything goes smoothly and the roll out will take another one more year. By that time the entire market can be captured by the private operators and BSNL will be out from the scene. We have to expose the evil designs of the vested interests who want to promote private operators on BSNL's cost and make BSNL sick. We should not allow this to happen.

The dissenting note of one of the Board member said However, it appears that BSNL’s marketshare in mobile services, which has today come down to less than 13% from 18% a few years back, may ultimately stabilise (at) between 6% and 8% with increased competition in a total market of about 1 billion mobile phones”. The motives are crystal clear to any keen observer of the Telecom scenario in the country. He makes his intention explicitly and unashamedly clear by stating that BSNL  should end up with a market share of 6% and eventually in a couple of years be totally thrown out of the market.

An urgent Joint Forum meeting convened today and discussed this serious development. The JF unanimously decided to launch organisational actions to seek the intervention of Hon. Prime Minister of India to "SAVE BSNL". As part of organisational actions it was decided to implement the following programmes:

1. Telegram campaign on 02nd to 04th January, 2010 to Dr. Manmohan Singh, Hon. Prime Minister of India by Circle/SSA/ Branch Secretaries. Activists also can send the telegram.

2. Mass demonstration at CHQ/Circle/ SSA level on 05.01.2010.

On 06th Janauary, Prime Minister Manmohan Singh will meet Communications Minister A Raja, Finance Minister Pranab Mukherjee, DoT Secretary PJ Thomas, top Executives from BSNL including its CMD Kuldeep Goyal, Executives from the Planning Commission and Knowledge Commission Chairman Sam Pitroda (who is also a special advisor to the PM) to discuss the plight of BSNL.

Updates on J&K case: The case on Adhoc promotion came up on 1-1-2010y morning and for hearing posted for after noon. In the evening after argument the case adjourned to 10.01.2010.

PMO steps in after BSNL puts bid on hold<<News>>

BSNL puts mega tender plan on hold<<News>>

CVC to probe BSNL tender <<News>>

SNEA Diary 2010 printed by SNEA TN Circle is despatched to all SSAs and received in the SSAs, If any of the SSAs not received the Diary packages they may please contact Com.R.Asokan Circle Secretary or Com.U.Jayaraman Circle Treasurer.

Com.Basheer Ahamed SDE Admin Cuddalore expired on 31-12-2009 . We extend the condolences to the bereaved family.

Updates of J&K case: The case is posted for 01.01.2010. Today's all other cases are adjourned till winter vacation is over


The case relating to STS promotion at Hon'ble Jammu High court is listed on 29th December 2009.

It has come to our knowledge that Hon'ble High court of Allahabad on 24th December 2009 has passed an order  and stayed the order of CAT Allahabad dated 18th December 2009. It inter-alia says " We, therefore, direct that until further orders, the effect and operation of the judgment of the Central Administrative Tribunal, Allahabad dated 18th December, 2009 in Ramit Maurya & 6 Ors. Vs. Union of India, shall remain stayed".

Since most of the Comrades have received Pay Revision and Fixation on Financial Up-gradation all the comrades are requested to donate a minimum of  Rs.500 to SNEA  to improve the financial position. ALL the Branch Secretaries are requested to collect the Donations from members as well as Subscriptions from members update to Dec 2009.

Telecom news: Supreme Court to hear DoT's 2G plea on Dec 15: The SC on tuesday fixed Dec 15 for hearing on an appeal filed by challenging a recent order of Delhi High Court, which had termed as \arbitrary the advancement of date for release of 2G spectrum to new players in mobile telephony ----- -----. Times of India, Dec 9, 2009.

Goverment earned 8300 crores from telecom firms: The government earned Rs 8,307.85 crore from mobile telecom operators through licence fee in 2008-09 and Rs 4,112.3 crore in the first half this fiscal, a Union minister said on Monday.<<news>>

08th Dec 2009 Update of Court case in J&K on Adhoc promotion: Most likely the case will come up for hearing next week.

CGM TN Circle issues DE Officiating orders for (14 + 6) 20 SDEs and Reversion order for 6 Offg DEs . <<Pl click here for orders>>

142 Cases are left out for considering DPC for promotion  from JTO(T) to SDE(T) against 67% seniority cum fitness quota for vaccancy year 2006-07 and 2007-08 .DSs are requested to send the details of the where about of 142 JTOs if any in their division to CS. <<<<Click for list>>>>

All the District Secretaries are requested  to kindly co-ordinate and approach the District administration to send the following  requirements to Circle Administration. 

The Vigilance Clearance Report of the JTOs who are officiating as SDE for their reposting as SDE(officiating) after  their reversion may kindly be arranged to avoid delay in reposting.The District Secretaries of MA,TR,Erode are requested  to kindly speed up the process.

List of  JTOs who got promotion as SDE  in the last LDCE and their Vigilance Report may kindly be arranged to send Circle Office.

The details of Regular DEs may kindly be arranged  to send to Circle office.

20 th Nov 2009 Joint Action Committee of SNEA and other Associations/Unions of Taminadu circle was conducted at Chennai under the Presidentship of Com.S.Sundarakrishnan our Circle President . It was decided to strongly oppose the Govt moves on issue of IPO in BSNL . An Resolution was passed in this regard. <<Pl Click here for the Resolution>>   

 It was decided in the meeting to conduct 

   *  Demonstrations on  4 th December  Friday at all branches 

   *  Protest Meeting on 16 th Dec  Wednesday at all District Head Qtrs

It was also decided to submit Memorandum to the Hon.Members of Parliament to high light the issue.  <<Please Click here  for the  Memorandum>> 

15 th Nov 2009 Diversion of Broadband Modems : TN Circle is likely to get 11000 Modems during this month,Nov 2009.<<Click>>

13 th Nov 2009 Provision of STD facility to all Executives on request - orders issued <<Click>>

Policy matters related to RSTC and concessional telephones transferred to GM(Admn), BSNL CO <<Order>>

Provision of 3G facility to officers from JAG and above - orders issued <<Click>>

Furnishing data in respect of regular STS officers by 18.11.2009 for making seniority list for promotion to JAG <<order>>

13  th Nov 2009 Meeting with DDG (Estt), DoT: GS along with AGSs met DDG(Estt), DoT and discussed:

a) Clarification sought by BSNL on seniority of 270 SDEs: We requested him to expedite the clarifications sought by BSNL on the seniority of 270 SDEs working as Adhoc DEs. The entire process of regularization of remaining 2400 Adhoc DEs are delayed due to the seniority issue. He promised that the clarification will be sent to BSNL at the earliest after taking legal opinion.

b) Approval of Pay scales of JTOs and SDEs: We requested him to approve the E1A and E2A pay scales immediately as the JTOs are given provisional E1 scale starting with Rs. 16400/- only. The case is pending with DoT for months together. BSNL Board approved the pay scales along with other scales and sent to DoT for its approval, but these scales are not approved by DoT so far. Since the pay scales are not approved, the Time Bound Promotions for JTOs recruited in 2001  and 2002 year are also not getting implemented. Similarly the same case of JAOs and AOs also pending.

c) Option to continue in CDA scale till promotion / retirement: Since matter is not settled so far, the pension of about 700 Executives are not getting settled for several years. During absorption process thousands of Executives exercised this option by refunding arrears to the tune of one to two lakhs. If it is not settled, then all of them face recovery of pay for the last nine years.

We couldn't meet Member (Services), as he is attending a Parliament Standing Committee meeting. He will be in office only on 24th.

12 th Nov 2009 Membership verification of Executives'/Officers' Association in BSNL.- The extract of recommendations of the Committee constituted for framing rules &regulations governing conduct of membership verification of executive employees association in BSNL for offering your association's comments/views on it. The comments/feedback of the associations to be furnished latest by 25-11-2009. >>Click>>

Here is an instance of our comrades beating our competitor through amazing service which was appreciated by the customer at Chennai. CGM, CHTD also made appreciative remarks: <<Letter>>

11  th Nov 2009 Convening of CPC for Executives (BSNL Management Services) in respect of various streams -Telecom Operation, Telecom Finance, Civil, Electrical, Architect, Telecom Factories and other streams of BSNLMS. -  Recruitment Rules of BSNL Management Services issued vide No. 400-10612007-pers.l dated 14.01.2009. The Recruitment Rules, 2009 in respect of Executives (BSNL Management Services) have come into force with effect from 11.06.2009. Notified the composition of CPC in different streams - Telecom Operation, Telecom Finance,Civil, Electrical, Architect, Telecom Factories and other streams of BSNLMS for the purpose of convening CPCs >>>>>>>>>>

Recruitment of Management Trainees - Status of various Court cases from various Benches of Tribunals all over India for modification in MTRRs. >>>>>>>>>>>.BSNL Management decided to transfer all court cases on the subject matter to CAT Principal bench New Delhi to have a common judgment in the matter.

Recruitment of Junior Accounts Officers (JAOs) in BSNL >>>>>>>>CLOSING DATE  OF RECEIPT OF APPLICATION: 15.12. 2009

The examination is likely to be held in February/March 2010 and the exact date of the examination will be announced later on. Application form >>>>>>>>

10  th Nov 2009 Meeting with Director(HRD): GS along with AGSs, Com Khan and Com Sebstian, met Director(HRD) and discussed the following issues:   

DPC from JTO to SDE under 67 % quota : The DPC should be immediately notified for the vacancy years 2008-09 and 2009-10 and necessary action be initiated in this regard, we urged upon director(HRD) who assured us that he would direct concerned officers to initiate appropriate action in this direction .

LDCE from JTO to SDE: The LDCE from JTO to SDE for about 4400 TES Gr B vacancies should be immediately notified against the vacancy years 2006-07 and 2007-08. The resultant vacancies for the year 2008-09 may also be taken into account before notifying the exam, we requested Director(HRD). Favourable consideration of our request and early notification of the examination was assured.

Regularization of adhoc STS officers: The process of regularization of about 2300 existing adhoc STS officers which is stalled due to legal reasons needs to be expedited as early as possible. We informed Director(HRD) that we are not averse to any kind of arrangement that helps in regularization of adhoc STS officers at the earliest. Director(HRD) informed that BSNL has send the legal opinion that it has received from its legal counsel representing BSNL in Supreme Court to DOT for taking a final view on the matter.

Promotion from STS regular to JAG: Immediate steps may be taken to initiate the process for promotion of recently regularized 280 STS officers to JAG. Director(HRD) informed that this process is expected to be completed shortly and necessary action to promote these regular STS officers to JAG has already started.

DPC from SDE to Adhoc STS: We requested Director(HRD) to direct CGM/J&K to take appropriate action to ensure early listing of the case by BSNL in J&K High Court so that the interim stay granted by High Court is vacated as soon as possible by submission of facts before Hon’ble High Court. Director(HRD) spoke to CGM/J&K to initiate immediate action for early listing of the case to enable BSNL Hqs to issue promotion orders from TES Gr B to adhoc STS as early as possible.

Referendum of Associations: Dir (HRD) informed that this issue is under active consideration of BSNL management since the committee constituted to finalize the modalities for holding the referendum has submitted its report.

ACP of Civil & Electrical: We informed Director(HRD) that since the committee constituted for the purpose of deciding the issue for Civil/Electrical etc has already finalized and submitted its report which we understand is positive and addresses the issue appropriately, there is no point in linking the issue to other cadres and thus unnecessarily delaying it. We impressed upon the Director(HRD) to get the necessary orders to remove the anomaly in respect of Civil/Electrical etc issued at the earliest, and we were assured by director(HRD) that he would discuss the issue further with the concerned officers.

Continuation in CDA scales till the date of promotion/retirement: The pension of all the persons who have availed this option is not being settled by Jt.CCAs. GM (Est.) has already asked for the requisite information from the circles but no major circle has provided the same. We requested Dir (HRD) to kindly issue DO letters to CGMs to send the information at the earliest. Dir (HRD) asked us to remind the same in the next week as GM (Est.) will be available next week only.

09  th Nov 2009 Management trainee’s internal- engineering theory paper classes are conducted at the following address by: 


Interested candidates may contact Mr. Nagoorgani  ph.044-24333031.

Classes are also conducted at Madurai centre .

04  th Nov 2009 CGM TN Circle calls for  Options for filling up  additional DE vacancies, by officiating arrangement,   from amongst the 141 SDEs, , assigned  restored  seniority, vide  BSNL, ND, Letter No.57-01/2009-Pers.(DPC)/35  dt. 26/10/2009, who have completed minimum of six years service as SDE. <<Click>>




























































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