Circle Office Bearer Meeting @ Chennai

The SNEA Tamil Nadu Circle Office Bearer Meeting was conducted on 28-06-2008 at SNEA Bhavan at Chennai. Our Circle President Com. L. Jayapal presided over the meeting. Our CS Com. N. Balakrishnan and Circle Treasurer Com. S. Sundarakrishnan presented their reports. Com. R. Ashokan AGS addressed the circle office bearers. In the meeting we discussed the points of CWC Chandigarh. All the members actively particpated. There was discussion on vialbility of BSNL, Transfer Policy and Organisational issues.

  1. It was decided to conduct 'Alert BSNL!' seminars in all districts(see details at 'Alert BSNL!')
  2. The next SNEA TN Circle conference will be conducted at Thanjavur on 4th and 5th October 2008
  3. The divisons are requested to pay the subscriptions upto the month of September 2008 before 30th August.
  4. The delegates should be elected as per the constiution, before 10th September. Delegates should be by branches as per the constitution on the basis of average paid membership from April 2006 to September 2008 for 30 months. All the divisions are requested to collect Rs. 100 as the circle conference donation from each member and remit it to Circle Treasurer. Delegates should be sent to Circle Secretaty before 15th September.
  5. Reception Committee of the Circle Conference will be conducted at Thanjavur on 14-07-08. Circle President, Circle Secretary and Treasure will also attend the meeting
  6. Suggestions
    1. It was suggested in the meeting that the unused telecom posts which are standing spare must be removed and collected at a central place, scraped and auctioned. We can generate a revenue of about Rs. 200 Crores to BSNL from TN Circle alone
    2. Circle Secreatary will take the case of making Broad Band modems easily available to the SSAs
    3. Regarding the WLL phones the quality of the instruments supplied is very power. All these instruments must be replaced with newer ones to retain the customer base
    4. The Broad Band modems of a particular brands' make of a particular batch are of poor quality. Those must be replaced
    5. We should concentrate on the expansion of GSM to overcome the problem of Network Congestion
    6. GSM- PCOs should be provided
    7. Regarding the problem of userid creation in Broadband, our CS has taken up the issue with Circle Secretary Karnataka
    8. Circle Office Bearers have launched the concept of 'Alert BSNL!' through this meeting. All SNEA members are requested to implement 'Alert BSNL!' whole heartedly.
    9. Pl send Report to us  -