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Cabinet approves the Merger of 50% IDA with Basic from 1-1-2007.

 Union cabinet has approved the proposal of Merger of 50% IDA with Basic from 1-1-2007. Our struggle in Dec 2006 from the platform of Central Co-ordination Committee of Officers Association in CPSUs has yielded result. Congratulations to one and all.Click For PIB News. >>>>>>

Circle Office Bearers Meet at Mettur Dam:Circle office bearers meet of SNEA  TN circle was conducted at Mettur Dam Salem district on 21.01.2008 Monday  at PWD Old Guest House . Com. L.Jayapal,Circle President presided over the meeting. Com.R.Ashokan AGS addressed the meeting. Com.K.Balakrishnan CS presnted Report. Com.S. Sundarakrishnan Circle Treasurer presented Financial Report. All circle office bearers actively participated and Discussion was held regarding Joint Forum Agitation ,   Implementation of Hyderabad United  forum of Executives meet decisioncs and  Organisational matters. It was resolved to fight to get Success on all matters concerning us as resolved in Hyderabad by involving all executives on Promotion upto Sr JAG, No MT Recruitment , Immediate Review of Transfer policy. There should not be any Transfer involving  station changes. Discussions were conducted on improving market share , provision of Broad band connections.

It was decided in TN Circle office bearers meet to create public awareness on the matters concerning our United Forum agitation "Why NO IPO " , BSNL Mobile Tenders and other issues. The first press meet was conducted at Mettur on the same day and Circle President, Circle Secretary , Circle Treasurer and AGS explained to the press and wide press coverage was given. Our Thanks to Salem Dist Secretary and BS Mettur for arranging Press meet on short notice.

JOINT FORUM AGITATION:  Joint Forum of BSNL Unions/Associations of Non-Executives and Executives Serve Trade Union notice. The Non-Executives and Executives of BSNL will go on an indefinite strike from 0600 hrs on 26.02.2008.>>>>>>>>>  . 

Joint Forum Lunch Hour demonstrations and wearing of Black badges agitation was successfully held in  whole Tamilnadu, Large number of SNEA members participated .

Orders issued by BSNL CO for the payment of IDA at revised rate of 78.6% w.e.f 01-01-2008. Order No.14-1/2004 PAT (BSNL) dated 23-01-2008 >>>>>

*Joint forum of executives and non executives decides to go  for  Lunch hour demonstration at all the levels on 21st Jan., 08 Monday and indefinite strike from 26th Feb.,08.  All the Circles/ Dist/Branch Office Bearers are requested to ensure successful implementation of the Joint Forum agitational Programmes.

* Real testing time for one and all in BSNL committed to growth of BSNL and safeguard and protect it from being sold.

 * Expose and defeat the agents of vested interests in and outside the government determined to sell BSNL to the vested interests.

Issues to be focussed are: Viability of BSNL-(continued payment of ADC, USO fund, licence fees reimbursement), Procurement of GSM equipment, Withdrawal of order of 16th June, 2007 of DOT regarding liability of government for payment of pension to absorbed employees in BSNL, Navratna status, Immediate absorption of ITS Gr A and abandoning of introduction of VRS.    

* Joint forum of executives and non executives decides to go in for indefinite strike w.e.f 26th Feb.,08 to defeat the sinister move of the government to disinvest its 10% equity in BSNL to thus pave the way towards gradual but definite privatization of BSNL. Make complete organizational preparation at all the levels to make indefinite strike from 26 th Feb. 08, total at all the levels to safeguard and protect BSNL from being sold to vested interests by the govt.

 Circle Office Bearers Meet  Postponed:Due to Joint Action call on IPO issue the Circle office bearers meet scheduled on 21-01-08 is postponed to 28-01-08 Monday at the same venue. All circle office bearers are requested to attend the meetings.

GOOD NEWS ON 50% DA MERGER:  50% DA merger for BSNL staff has been approved by Finance Ministry and this proposal is likely to be approved very shortly by Cabinet.

Circle Office Bearers Meet at Mettur Dam:Circle office bearers meet of SNEA  TN circle will be conducted at Mettur Dam Salem district on 21.01.2008 Monday  at PWD Old Guest House Mettur Dam from 10 AM onwards. Com. L.Jayapal,Circle President will preside over the meeting. All circle office bearers are requested to attend the meeting. Discussion will be held on the points to decide the future tasks , challenges to us and BSNL and regarding the discussions held at Hyderabad United  forum of Executives meet. For further details regarding venue/ accomodation please contact Com. N.Radhakrishnan, Branch  Secretary, Mettur Cell No: 9486106227  or Com. M.R.Thiyagarajan Dist Secretary Cell No: 9443200331.

RESOLUTIONS from Hyderabad united forum Meet

 The United Forum of  BSNL Executives' Associations  in its meet at Hyderabad unanimously adopted the following resolutions:

 (1) Immediate Withdrawal of MT RRs and functional promotions on time Bound basis upto SG/JAG as envisaged in terms and conditions of absorption of Group 'B' officers. 

(2)Immediate review of  Executive Transfer Policy. 

(3)Immediate absorption of ITS officers in BSNL and Non filling up of BSNL posts by deputationists on adhoc/Regular basis.

(4) settlement of pending issues related to the Executive Promotion Policy etc.

 Further delay  in settlement of the issues will force United Forum to start Organizational Actions .

Meeting with Director(F)/BSNL board, Sh.S.D.Saxena:- GS, AGS, Com khan and CS/UP(E), Com Pallab Bose, met Director(F)/BSNL board and discussed with him the  issues relating to granting of Navratna status to BSNL and tax on perquisites. 

TN Circle issues posting orders to the SDE/DEs promoted :Congrats - All the JTOs who are promoted to TES GR B are posted to their SSAs.

DEs Promotion - Except two Comrades  all were  posted to the SSAs where they were officiating.

Meeting with Secy/DOT: GS, along with CHQ VP, Com S.D.Choudhry, met Secy and discussed the following issues.
A) Option to continue in CDA scale till retirement/promotion
B) Navratna status of BSNL: 
C) Extending benefit of 5 years to Gr B officers absorbed in BSNL and opting for VRS: 

Diversion of 1000 vacancies of JTOs for accommodating qualified TTAs - 2006 &2007 quota released.

Order No.5-4/2007/Pers IV/1 dated 26-12-2007 >>>>>>>>>

Order No.5-4/2007/Pers IV/1 dated 26-12-2007  >>>>>>>

Congrats to  621 SDEs who are promoted to STS - Orders issued. All the 61 officers from TN circle are posted on promotion to TN circle Congrats.  >>Pl click here for the List>>   We thank our GS Com. G.L.Jogi for his efforts in getting to all the comrades posted in TN Circle.

Promotion of JTOs to SDEs against 75% seniority cum fitness quota. Orders issued. >>PL Click>>

United Forum of BSNL Executives' Associations takes up the case   regarding Valuation of Perquisites of Accommodation in respect of BSNL Employees in occupation of staff quarters for the purpose of Income Tax with BSNL and the BSNL board decides to take up the issue with  Ministry of Finance and decides to keep the instructions issued on 27-11-07 to Recover income TAX liablity from the Salary in abeyance till further orders.( Click for BSNL Letter dated 13-12-07)

GS Com.G.L.Jogi participates in the meeting of Joint Committee of BSNL Management and Executives' Associations representatives  on 13-12-07  and continued the discussions on the issues refered . Meeting  will be continued on 14-12-07.

TN Circle issues Officiating arrangement in the grade of SDE(Telecom) to  338 JTOs for 180 days  with effect from 13.12.2007 in the respective stations where they had been officiating prior to reversion on 11.12.2007.Click for the order

MERGER OF 50 % DA: LATEST NEWS  Com V. Suburaman, GS/TEPU, alongwith Sh C. Kuppuswamy, MP & President/TEPU met Sh. Santosh Mohan Dev, Hon'ble Minister HI&PE on 7th Dec.,07. Sh. T.R.Balu, Honble Cabinet Minister for surface transport and Sh R. C. Panda, Secretary/DPE were also present in the meeting. On the issue of merger of 50% IDA with basic, Hon'ble Minister is understood to have reiterated the commitment he made to COAI, an affiliate of CCCOCPSUs, a few days before that he shall get the approval of the cabinet regarding merger of 50% IDA very shortly and that the orders shall be issued very soon.

BSNL Tamilnadu Telecom Circle offers one mobile prepaid SIM Free    to all its new customers who book basic phone (landline/WLL) connection at CSC/CSR upto 31-01-2008 .

BSNL is offering one Free Excel General Prepaid Card to the Post paid customer, Customers can contact the nearest BSNL Customer Care Centre to get the Free Prepaid SIM card with the current month's Post paid invoice.

BSNL has launched a new Broadband Home Plans for voice and data uses. These plans are Broadband Home 500C and Broadband 500C+ combo plans. These plans are available with night unlimited option (0200 Hrs - 0800 Hrs).Broadband Home 500C and Broadband 500C+ combo plans are applicable w.e.f. 1st November 2007.

First meeting of the committee consisting of officers of the BSNL Management and the GSs of the United Forum constituted to address the issues of career growth of executives of BSNL  held on 5-12-07. The Committee members had General discussions in detail on the issues i.e. (a) Impact of the induction of Management Trainees on the promotional aspects of Executives (b) Implementation of CPSU cadre hierarchy in BSNL (c) Regularization  of all the existing adhoc STS officers and filling up of existing STS vacancies on regular basis and (d) Pending issues related to Promotion Policy like Service weightage  etc.  The Joint Committee members from Management  and Associations side decided to  meet again on  13th and 14th Dec, 2007 (Two days) to continue the discussions with  specific  data.

 MERGER OF 50 % DA: GOOD NEWS: Congratulations to all members, SNEA CHQ Leadership, Co-ordination committee of CPSU Officers Associations --Minister of heavy industries and DPE Shri Santosh Mohan Deo had assured delegation of Central Public Sector units officers association that Government had conceded demand for merger of 50% DA in basic pay w.e.from 1st January 2005 and announcement of this decision will be made in next few days. This will only be implemented in Profit making PSUs.    We congratulate our GS, CCCOCPSUS, and all its constituents for this important development and are confident that CCCOCPSUs shall continue to focus important issues relating to CPSUs in future.

ITSA is understood to have signed an agreement with DOT on the terms and conditions of absorption of ITS Gr A in BSNL and MTNL with DOT. The agreement is expected to be approved by the Cabinet after which the process of absorption will commence. Absorption process is expected to be resumed in Jan.,08. This is a very positive development considering the impact that uncertainty of absorption of Gr A is already having on the viability of BSNL.
GS and GS AIBSNL EA, Com Prahlad Rai, met Director(HRD)/ BSNL and firmly pleaded with and urged upon him to fill up all the existing unfilled 3600 STS vacancies. Director(HRD) categorically assured that immediately after the release of the promotion order of about 600 SDEs to STS on adhoc basis, all the remaining STS vacancies will be definitely filled up on a time bound basis. Director(HRD) also solicited active support from the Associations in the matter of collection of missing ACRs and vigilance clearance reports

As a follow up action of the settlement arrived at between the BSNL management and the United Forum of Executives on 22nd  Nov 2007, BSNL Management has initiated appropriate action by constituting two different committees as already reported by this Association .

(1) The first committee will go into the specific issues relating to career growth of Executives in BSNL. >>>>>>>>>.

(2) The second committee will examine and discuss the suggestions of the constituents of United forum have been asked to submit on transfer policy. >>>>>>>>>>



In view of the positive gesture shown by BSNL Management in terms of constituting the committee to address our charter of demands, including the decision to defer action on recruitment of Management trainees, United Forum has decided to call of the programme of mass Casual leave/Earned leave on 23rd Nov 2007. Congrats to all Comrades..... Keep up your Fighting Sprits..... Great Victory for Unity and Strength of Executives!!!!

Our future course of action and strategy will be decided and finalised in the joint meeting of Circle Secretaries at Hyderabad on 30 th Nov 2007.

Settlement arrived between BSNL Management and the United Forum :

In the backdrop of notice for agitational programmes served by of the United Forum of BSNL Executives Associations in support of the demands related to the career aspirations and other related issues , series of meetings were held between constituent groups of United Forum and BSNL Management. Finally the following were agreed

I. A Committee comprising of members from Management and one representative of each of the four constituent groups of the United Forum shall be formed to look into the genuine career aspirations of Executives and other related issues mentioned in the Charter of demands and the needs of the Company. The Committee will be required to submit its recommendations within three weeks time. Until then, notification for recruitment of Management Trainees as per already notified RRs shall remain deferred.

II. The United Forum appreciated the gesture shown by the Management and reciprocating the same, agreed to call off their agitation in the larger interests of the Company.

Prahlad Rai ----------Hameed Roy ------Y.B.Thippesh ----G.L.Jogi


Shakeel Ahmed


Congrats to TN Comrades......  There is Tremendous Response from our Comrades through out TN Circle.....  Spontaneous Action by comrades in submitting CL forms .....  Thanks for keeping our TN Circle in top position....  With your active involvement we can Succeed.

Make the Mass casual leave on 23-11-07  a grand Success by involving  100% members. Branch Secretaries  are requested to collect C.L application in the CL/ELPerforma(PL take print)  from the Members and give it to the controlling officers .  The information should be given to the Divisional Secretary. 

All the Circle office Bearers are requested to Co-ordinate with the Divisional Secretaries in collecting CL application from members. The details of mass CL/EL should be passed on to Com.Rajasekar DS Chennai Division III on Mobile No 94861 07027 by the District  secretaries cadre wise . Total Strength/Number of  Leave Application Submitted / on Regular Leave. This information should be given before 1 PM on 22-11-07.

ONE DAY MASS CL ON 23-11-07: United Forum has served further Organisational action Notice to CMD BSNL .Circle office bearers/DSs/BSs and activists of the organization at all the levels must make all the arrangements and preparation to monitor and effectively  implement  the protest action programme of availing CL/EL by all on 23 rd Nov.,07.

NOTICE to CMD >>>>>> 

CL/EL Performa >>>>>>>>>


Congrats to all the Comrades of TN who made the Dharna  Great...  Great...  Excellent ....Success.....in all the Districts of TN.

From 10.30 AM in the morning we got enthusiastic Reports of massive and total  participation from all the Districts. 

Hats of to all Comrades !! Our sincere Thanks and Great Salute to all pretenent organisations for their active support. We showed our Strength and  Solidarity in the battle. We are marching towards a better tomorrow which will give birth to victory. Under the leadership of our beloved GS Com. G.L.Jogi let us achieve a great future to all the BSNL Executives. You know that on 30th November at Hyderabad our CHQ office bearers Circle Secretaries and leaders from UF take decisions on our future path of actions.We expect the same sprit and fight till we Succeed.

Circular no. 3 from General Secretary >Click>>. Appealing the rank and file of SNEA() across the country to make the 14th Nov, Day long Dharna successful.

SNEA Nagarcoil District launches its Web Site http://sneangc.tripod.com/ Congrats.

Officiating JTOs joins SNEA enmass : In a convention conducted at Salem 65 offg JTOs from TN joins SNEA . WE welcome them. Circle Secretary Com. Balki Circle President Com.L.Jayapal , CWC Member Com. K.Rathakrishnan and DS Com. MRT addresses the convention.

circular no. 2 from GS, Stressing on the need of unity amongst all executives for the forthcoming agitational programme.>>click>>

Joint Circular of United Forum Click

United Forum of BSNL Executives' Associations (SNEA(I), AIBSNLEA and AIGETOA ) of TN meeting held at Chennai decides to carry out the Trade Union Programmes in a grand success manner.

(1)MASSIVE DEMONSTRATION - 2/11/2007(FRIDAY)- in all the SSA Head quarters .

(2) MASSIVE DHARNA - 14/11/2007 (WEDNESDAY) - in all the SSA Head quarters.

At Chennai along with Chennai Telephones United Forum of BSNL Executives - Demonstration on 2-11-07 in front of the O/O CGM Chennai Telephones , Purasavakkam , Chennai and Massive Dharna on 14-11-07 in front of the o/o the CGM TN Circle Anna Road , Chennai.All the Comrades should participate in the programmes and make it a grand success.

UNIFORM BRANDING OF BSNL PRODUCTS & SERVICES: BSNL has decided to have uniform Branding for various products and services. New Brand names are to be used w.e.from 1st Oct-2007. CLICK HERE TO VIEW NEW BRAND NAMES AND LOGOS.

UNITED FORUM OF BSNL EXECUTIVES’ ASSOCIATIONS, serves notice to BSNL management. The demands are as under. Click here for notice)

a) Immediate and unconditional withdrawal of the instructions regarding recruitment of MTs issued on 13th Sept., 07.

b) Immediate absorption of ITS Gr A and filling up of all the posts from STS onwards by the executives of BSNL, not by deputationists.

c) Immediate Implementation of CPSU Cadre Hierarchy.

d) Regularize all the existing adhoc STS and fill up all the existing STS vacancies on regular basis.

e) Put on hold the instructions issued on transfer policy.

f) Resolve pending issues related to Promotion Policy and service weightage.

NIGHT-SPEAK FACILITY: BSNL has offered as a promotional measure for 90 days from 1.11.07, night speak facility during off-peak hours (11PM to 7 AM), for Prepaid cellular services (other than Excel-Anant) and post-paid services. The rates will be 50% of the peak-hour charges.

CEC meeting of SNEA TN Circle will be conducted at Erode on 30-10-2007 Tuesday at hotel "Club Melenchi" Perundurai Road , Erode . C0m . L. Jayapal Circle President will preside the meeting. All Divisional Secretaries , Circle office bearers and CEC members are requested to attend the meeting. Accomadation will be arranged from 29-10-07 night onwards at Raja Rajeswari Lodge Near Sathiamoorthy Hospital Bus Stop. Please contact Com.S.Eswaran ACS on Cell No. 94861 05957 or Com. P.Chinnasamy DS 94861 06323 or Com.N.Kuppusamy ADS 94861 01726 or Com.P.Thangaraj CEC Member 94861 01819 for arrangements for stay.

IDA revised to 76% w.e.f 1-10-07 from 71.1%

GS takes up issues of TTAs/officiating JTOs-
A) Fixation under FR 22 1(a)1 in case of officiating JTOs
(B) Personal upgradation of posts of TTAs officiating as JTOs (C) Diversion of 500 posts of JTOs against outside JTO recruitment quota.

Delay adversely affects the morale of huge number of TTAs and in the process affects the functioning of the entire Organization also. GS addresses CMD BSNL >>Pl Click >>

SNEA participated in a big way in Joint Forum called country wide day long DHARNA at CGMT office, TN Circle, Chennai and in Demonstrations in all the branches through out the state. Congrats for massive participation.

BONUS ORDER ISSUED::BSNL corporate office issued order for 1.1 of basic pay as on 1st March-2007 as Bonus for the year 2006-07 with subject to minimum amount of rupees 10,000/-. , Congratulations to all!(( Click for BSNL Order))

BSNL has launched an all-new Subscriber Trunk Dialling (STD)/International Subscriber Dialling (ISD) calling cards, ‘Call Now.’Customers could make STD/ISD calls from BSNL landline and post-paid mobiles at low rates. The cards could be used on phones that do not have an STD/ISD facility.The cards were available in denominations of Rs. 100, Rs. 300, Rs. 500, Rs. 1,000 and Rs. 2,000. Calls to the U.S./Canada would be charged at Rs. 4, 3.75, 3.25 and even Rs. 1.75 depending on the denomination/value of the card.A calling card costing Rs. 2,000 valid for three months could be used for making calls to the U.S./Canada at Rs. 1.75, calls to France and Russia at Rs. 3.25, South East Asia at Rs. 3.25.

Make 11th Oct.,07 Dharna/Demonstrations called by Joint Forum a total success:A massive Dharna will be conducted in front of the CGM Tamil Nadu Circle office , Anna Road , Chennai on 11 th October 2007 Thursday. Demonstrations will be conucted on all branches all over the Tamil Nadu on the same day. DSs/BSs and all the activists and base level members must cordinate with other affiliates of the joint forum to make Dharna /Demonstrations on 11th Oct.,07 successful. This organizational programme is very important to focus important issues like ITS absorption, procurement of remaining 22.5 m GSM equipment, granting of Navratna status etc. SNEA (I) must play a frontline role in mobilizing support on the issues and make Dharna/Demonstrations of 11th Oct.,07 a total success.

To view the Brief of the proceedings and important decisions taken by the CWC meet at Thiruvananthapuram on 28th & 29th Sept.,07 Pl go to CHQ Website.



SNEA CWC MEETING AT TRIVANDRUM was held on 28th and 29th Sep 2007 at RTTC TRIVANDRUM in a grand manner. All the circles were represented . Shri.J.R.Gupta Dir (Operations) BSNL and Shri.M.Sahu Jt Secretary DOT and BSNL Board member , Com.V.Subbaraman GS TEPU and Shri.K.S.Srinivasan CGM Kerala circle graced the open session. Com.S.L.Reddy CHQ President , Com.G.L.Jogi GS and Com.W.Seshagiri Rao President NCOA addressed the session. CWC decides to oppose the MT Recruitment Rules tooth and nail. Oppose the negative points in Transfer policy. CWC urged to hold DPC for SDE to ADHOC DE for 3500 STS posts early and the Regularisation of Adhoc DEs immediately. Viablity of BSNL and new Pay Scales for PSUs was disscussed. Circle Secretary and all the six CWC members from TN Circle actively participated in the CWC. Click for Photos 1 -----Photo 2

DEs officiating in TN Circle extended by 28 days w.e.f. 24.09.2007.

For SDE/DE officiating - The Request of the Officers who have completed two years officiating in a station to other station will be considered. For deciding DE offg vacancies the vacancies arising on retirement up to Feb 2008 will be taken in to account.

The issue of condoning the non officiting periods for the Retiring Comrades is persued with Circle office and likely to be settled within a week.

Land line Residential Service Connection FREE CALL LIMIT INCREASED, ROAMING and STD on GSM CONNECTION APPROVED, ORDERS ISSUED: Pl Click for BSNL orders .
JAG DEL with STD 1500 MCUs per month One GSM Mobile connection with STD and national roaming & GPRS/MMS facility Rs.1000/- per month.
STS DEL (with STD facility) 1000 MCUs per month and One GSM Mobile connection with STD and national roaming facility Rs.500/- per month.
Sr.SDE/SDE DEL [with STD facility only on need basis] 800 MCUs per month One GSM Mobile connection with STD and national roaming Rs.500/- per month.
JTO/JAO DEL [with STD facility only on need basis] 600 MCUs per month One GSM Mobile connection with STD and national roaming. Usage worth Rs.300/- per month.
Select Non-Executives who are provided RSTC in the interest of service as per prevailing guidelines. DEL without STD facility 600 MCUs per month.

BSNL gets Rs 382.6 cr revenue from broadband Bharat Sanchar Nigam Ltd (BSNL)—the biggest player in the Internet service providers’ (ISP) segment—generated Rs 382.6 crore revenues from its broadband home plans in 2006-07. The PSU, which has a market share of about 43%, got maximum revenues from the southern states, with Tamil Nadu being the biggest contributor at Rs 67.5 crore.


Scheme and syllabus of Competitive examination from JTO(C) to SDE (C) Click

Circle Conference of Chennai Telephones was held on 18th and 19th September 2007. The Open Session was attended by Sri. M.P. Veluswamy CGM, Com.G.L. Jogi G.S., Com S.L. Reddy CHQ President ,Com.W. Seshagiri Rao President NCOA, Com K. Ashok Rao Secretary General NCOA, Com. T.Issac Jt. Secy. South, Com R. Ashokan AGS, Com. H. Muthu Treasurer, Com A. Sugumaran , Joint Forum Leaders, Circle President Com. M. Ranganathan and Circle Secretary Com.V. Sundar. Coms. M. Munuswamy, S. Venkatraman, H. Ramgopal were unanimously elected as Circle President, Circle Secretary andd Circle Treasurer respectively.


The Rates of brief case Supply for the Executives of TN Circle is revised by CGM TN as JAG and above Rs 2200/- STS Rs 1600/- and Gr B Rs 1200/-.

Congrats to Com.S.Muniraj Sr.SDE (Offg DE TX Mtce) Salem and Com.KrishnaKumar SDE Marketing Tirunelveli and Com. K.Karuppiah SDE IMPCS Tiruchi for getting selected for Vishist Sanchar Seva Padak Award from TN Circle.


Submission before 2nd pay panel:Association made a comprehensive power point presentation before 2nd pay panel committee covering all vital issues relating to growth of BSNL, its income, revenues, profits and growth of its cellular and wired lines. Presentation also focussed on the future challenges and objectives of BSNL and our role in achieving those objectives. Important observations and questions were raised by the members of the committee on the issues of growth of BSNL and how to accomplish sustained growth in BSNL.We request the PAY REVISION COMMITTEE to consider and recommend favorably our following major issues.

• Ending disparity in pay scales with MTNL.

• IDA pay scales w.e.f 1-1-2007 based on the criterion of multiplying IDA pay scales as on 1-1-1997 by factor ranging from 3.45 to 3.86.

• Rate of Increment should be 5% of basic pay.

• Merger of 50 % IDA with Basic Pay w.e.f. 1-1-2005.

• Autonomy to BSNL Board for deciding pay packages based on guidelines issued by Government.

• Periodicity of pay revision should be once in 5 years.

• The ratio of B.P. between the highest and the lowest paid employee should be 10:1.

• To make IDA and CDA base same.

• Interim relief @ 30 % of salary w.e.f 1-1-2007.

• Removal of ceiling on Gratuity

Comprehensive presentation in Power Point submitted to pay panel by SNEA Part II >>>Click>>>

Our persuasion has yielded results! The matter to provide STD and roaming facility on GSM connections which was pending in the Management Committee for some time has finally been approved in the meeting on 30th August 2007.

IN TN Circle (1)officiating arrangements in the grade of Divisional Engineer is  ordered in respect of the 19 SDEs, (2)Four SDEs posted to officiate as DEs  in TN Circle Memo No. TSA/10-15/2007 dated 26/04/2007 are transferred and posted to Stations/SSAs Pl click for the Orders

Our Coimbatore SNEA Comrades  P.Thangaraj Dist President , V.Subramaian DS , Puthiavan CWC Member , Senthoor Pandi Circle Org Secretary and Srikumar ADS met the Director HRD at Coimbatore and presented a  Memorandum and discussed the issues with him. They discussed the following issues:

1)Strengthening infrastructure for broad band for providing connection on demand.

2)offering concession to Corporate Customers to retain them in BSNL.

3)Conducting DPC for Adhoc DE/SDE posts

4)Recruitment of JTOs

5)Counting DOT Service weightage for Time bound promotion.

6)Regularisation of Adhoc DEs.

7)Providing Mobile instruments and STD/Roaming / GPRS for Service connections.

8)Filling of vacant DGM posts by Look on/Officiating

9)Stoppage of Recruitment of Management Trainees.

10) Stoppage of diversion of SDE/DE/DGM posts.

BSNL Bags two CNBC AWAZ Consumers Awards 2007:BSNL has bagged two prestigious awards namely, the CNBC Awaaz Consumer Awards 2007 for the Most Preferred Landline Service Provider and Most Preferred Broadband Connection Provider in Indian Telecom Sector. CNBC AWAAZ Consumer Awards were presented by Shri Vilas Rao Deshmukh, Hon’ble Chief Minister of Maharashtra to Chairman and Managing Director, Shri Kuldeep Goyal at a function in Mumbai on 24.08.07.    Let us strive for getting the third prestigious award of Mobile,s as well, for BSNL in due course of time

·        The company has a fixed line subscriber base of over 4.72 crore.

·         over 17 lakh in wireless fixed phones in urban.

·      38.42 lakh wireless fixed phones in rural areas.

·        BSNL recorded a revenue of Rs 39,715 crores for the last fiscal.

·        In the last year (2006-07) profit of BSNL was Rs 7,805 crores.

    GS writes to CMD BSNL on finalization and promulgation of Gr A RRs and regularization of Adhoc STS – a holistic, not piecemeal, approach important and immediately warranted. >>>>>>>>>>>

BSNL has been registering low growth in addition to its subscriber base due to capacity constraint and impediments in equipment procurement, the Rajya Sabha was informed today.Addition to BSNL's subscriber base has been comparable to that of private operators in the past, but there has been a decline in growth lately, Minister of State for IT and Telecom Shakeel Ahmad said in a written reply.
Due to capacity constraint, BSNL's growth has been comparatively lesser, he said, adding that the company currently occupies the third position among GSM operators.
BSNL has placed an Advance Purchase Order on the successful bidder. The equipment is expected to be available in about six months from the date of acceptance of purchase order, the Minister said.

BSNL has added over 2.2 lakh telephone users in the month of June and 3.4 lakh in July. The gross addition in telephone connections was at 8.96 lakh, against surrender or disconnections of 9.47 lakh.

In a separate query, the Minister said the government has set a target of nine million broadband connections by 2007, in which BSNL is expected to contribute in a significant manner.The government has also planned to provide broadband connectivity to all secondary and higher secondary schools and public healthcare centres by 2008, he said.

Bharat Sanchar Nigam Ltd as a policy does not provide GSM handsets to its subscribers and does not procure the same. However, present tender of 45.5 M GSM lines of BSNL is operational and an Advance Purchase Order has been issued to successful bidder.
An APO has since been issued to one of the successful bidders. The bidder has accepted the offer by submitting Purchase Bank Guarantee (PBG) with some conditions, which are under evaluation. Equipment is expected to be progressively available in about six months time from the date of acceptance of Purchase Order.
This information was given by Dr.Shakeel Ahmad, Minister of State in the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology in the Rajya Sabha today in a written reply to a question by Shri Sitaram Yechury.

The orders relating to counting of residency period from 1.10.2000 have been issued. Congrats to Comrades of Civil, Electrical, Architecture, Telecom Factories, CSS, Accounts and Finance who stood with us with tremendous patience and supported in our endeavour. Congratulations to one and all>>>Click>>>

Posting & transfer of officers of STS to ITS Gr. A -regarding>>Click>>

Applicability of ACP Scheme to the BSNL Employees as per CDA scales applicable in Government set up-clarification reg.>>Click>>

Within hours of going on an indefinite strike, officers of public sector oil companies called off their agitation after the government agreed on a higher interim relief in lieu of delays in revising their wages.

About 45,000 officers in state oil firms including IOC, ONGC, HPCL and BPCL, began their indefinite strike from 0600 hours on 21 st August 2007 to press for merger of 50 per cent dearness allowance with basic pay.Besides this, release of ad-hoc payment and withdrawal of tax on perquisites like company-provided accommodation was also demanded.The Petroleum Ministry had accepted their demand for giving an interim relief of Rs 60,000-1,20,000 per employee.

SNEA conducted a silent protest  on 21st August from 0930 hrs to 1130 hrs at Scope Complex, CGO/Lodhi Road, New Delhi ,venue of the meeting of 2nd pay panel of CPSUs. Members holding highly colourful placards with slogans “we demand immediate merger of 50% IDA with basic”, “Honour commitments of Hon’ble PM”, “we pray for justice” and “save CPSUs - save India” caught prominent attention of the members of the pay panel as well as its Chairman, Justice Rao. In support of our demand of merger of 50% IDA with basic, massive demonstration was held at Chennai,Kolkatta ,Bangalore and other places. 

Serious development: BSNL Board has taken decision to recruit 300 MTs from outside at STS in disciples of engineering, finance, marketing and HR. What is very serious is that while BSNL board has acted with utmost urgency in finalizing the eligibility condition for recruitment of MTs from outside and initiating action for their recruitment, it is not at all concerned to finalize Gr A RRs and decide regularization of about 4000 adhoc STS officers. Get ready for a tough and prolonged fight to force the Management to put in place immediately Gr A RRs and regularize adhoc STS officers. We have to act organizationally to stop outside recruitment at STS. Let us start getting ready and make complete preparation to defeat the designs of BSNL Management.

Minutes of the meeting held with Secretary(T), DoT on 2nd August 2007 <<Click>>

BSNL to float tender for WiMax - "Indian state-run telecom firm Bharat Sanchar Nigam Ltd. (BSNL) will float a tender for WiMax systems" told in a written reply to parliament on Monday.

BSNL Promotional offer in Tamil Nadu in  view of 60th Independence day : Increased Talk Time offered from 13 th August to 11 th Sep2007.

Coupons Talk Value Validity
Actual Offered
RCC 200 60 120 30
RCC 300 175 300 30
RCC 500 361 500 45
RCC 1000 822 1000 120
RCC 2000 2000 2500 180
TP 200 200 240 --
TP 500 500 600 --

Volunteers are called for from among the officers in the grade of SDEs (Telecom) to work as Faculty Members in Rajiv Gandhi Memorial Telecom Training Centre, Chennai-600 027 in the Switching, Transmission and Information Technology branches. <<Click for Circle office Letter>>

Circle office bearers meeting was conducted at Coimbatore on 10 th August Friday with the presidentship of Circle President Com.L.Jayapal. Com.Asokhan AGS addressed the meeting. Circle office beaerers discussed about the Joint Forum Strike conducted on 11 th July, Organisational matters , SDE/DE Officiating , Time bound promotions , Adhoc DE promotion and the issues to be taken up at CWC at Trivandrum.

CWC at Trivandrum postponed to the last week of September 2007 due to unavoidable reasons. Exact date will be intimated soon.

All District Secretaries are requested to arrange Protest demonstration on 10th August 2007 against VRS at SSA HQs.

AGS, Com. Khan and Anupam Kaul, CS NTR met Jt. DDG(BW) and Jt. DDG(EW) and discussed about matters relating to Electrical and Civil Wing.

Electrical Wing:

A. JTO to SDE promotion: After the clearance from SC/ST commission the work relating to DPC has already started for approx. 48 vacancies. ACRs of the following zones are Pending ,

Ahmedabad-02 cases, Mumbai-05 cases, Guwahati=04 cases, Jaipur- 01 case, Lucknow-1case, Bhopal-01 case.

Vigilance clearance pending: Mumbai-21 cases, Ahmedabad-05 cases,Lucknow-01 case, Patna-03 cases, Guwahati-04 cases, Banglore-01 case, Bhopal -3cases, PCE chennai-02 cases, Chennai Tel.- 01 case.

B. SDE to EE promotion: Due to availability of near future vacancies in the cadre of EE , the wing has started collecting CRs and following are the pending,

Chandigarh-04 cases.

VC pending: Lucknow -3cases, Meerut-02 cases, Chandigarh-02 cases.

Civil Wing: A. SDE to EE, DPC: We protested regarding delay in posting of SDE to EE, DPC. We have come to know that now the file is being put up for final posting.

B. JTO to SDE, DPC: The work relating to regularization of adhoc SDEs has already started.

Common Issues of Civil/ Electrical wing:

1. Change in procedure of Accounts exam: We have already stressed for the change of procedure of the going to be( in the month of oct' 2007) and the necessary change like conducting a successful training at any of training centres is already under consideration. We had taken this issue with Sr. DDG(Electrical) about a fortnight back.

2. Counting of the resultant vacancies after SDE to EE(adhoc) DPC: We stressed that resultant vacancies arising out of adhoc promotion to EE may be treated as vacant in the cadre of SDE and should be accounted in JTO to SDE promotion and similarly in case of SDE(adhoc) promotions etc. We had taken this issue with Sr. DDG(Electrical) about a fortnight back.

3.Competitive exam: The proposal regarding Competitive exam for 33 vacancies(revised) in Civil, and 17 vacancies in electrical has already been sent to DE cell after answering certain clarifications.

GS addresses Secretary DOT on Commitment of BSNL Management on service weightage – relevant documents - “Time bound promotion and service weightage: In the proposed IDA pay scales for executives, approved by the management committee of BSNL, it has been suggested under the promotional avenues, that the executives in BSNL will be allowed up gradation to the next higher IDA pay scale on a time bound basis, varying between 4-6 years, as may be prescribed for each scale and other attendant conditions up to the IDA pay scale of JAG selection grade, beyond which it will depend upon availability of posts and their suitability and selection for promotion. As regards the weightage for the past service is concerned, this point will be separately discussed and decided..

Unsettled issues relating to promotion policy Meeting with Secy/DOT on 2nd August,07:Secy/DOT held a meeting with the representatives of our Association and AIBSNLEA on the unresolved issues of promotion policy which were discussed in the meeting with him on 10th Jan,07. The official side, in addition to Secy/DOT, was represented by Member(F), Member(S), Member(T), Addl Secy/DOT, Jt Secy(T)/DOT, DDG(EF)/DOT, DDG(E)/DOT, DDG(SR)/DOT and Director(SR)/DOT. Our Association was represented by GS, AGS, Com A.A.Khan and AIBSNLEA by their CHQ President, GS and Treasurer.

At the very outset, while expressing our gratitude to Secy/DOT for convening the meeting, we informed him that in the meeting on 10th Jan.,07, when the orders on promotion policy were yet to be issued, we were specifically asked to wait for issuing of orders on promotion policy and their implementation and the after that raise issues which have not been addressed. Now that orders on promotion policy have been, by and large, implemented, it is high and appropriate time that a serious and immediate consideration is given to very important unresolved issues relating to promotion policy. Accordingly, Secy/DOT and other senior officers of DOT were fully apprised of the following issues in a comprehensive manner and urged upon to settle the issues at the earliest.

A) Functional promotion on time bound basis up to SG/JAG: We explained in detail the commitment made to Gr B officers at the time of their absorption in BSNL that promotions from JTO to SG/JAG would be on a time bound basis, the periodicity varying from 4 to 6 years. Beyond SG/JAG, promotions shall, however, be linked to the actual availability of posts. This is contained in the terms and conditions of absorption of Gr B in the form of presidential orders. The interpretation of BSNL Management that only scales and not posts are to be given on time bound basis is nothing but clear breach of Presidential Orders. What is extremely pertinent in this context is that posts are basically not required for functional promotions up to SG/JAG and it is only after that posts are actually needed. Thus the argument of BSNL management that for promotions from JTO to SG/JAG on a time bound basis posts are needed is completely untenable. On this issue, however, Secy/DOT’s response was not quite responsive and encouraging.

B) Service weightage; Unless some weightage to the service rendered in DOT prior to absorption in BSNL is given, a highly anomalous situation is going to prevail wherein officials with 10 years of service shall get first financial upgradation along with those having put in 4 years of service. This is quite undesirable from point of view of manpower management and shall lead to widespread demoralization. Besides, point to point fixation is in no way linked to service weightage. Ex Secy/DOT suggested on a number of occasions to BSNL Management to evolve some kind of mechanism by which this kind of anomalous situation would be taken care of, we informed Secy/DOT. The response of Secy/DOT on this issue was quite encouraging and positive.

C) No outside recruitment at STS: We very strongly pleaded that there is absolutely no justification and need to induct MTs at STS from outside when highly qualified and adequately screened JTOs are already available in BSNL. These JTOs after getting full exposure to functioning of BSNL for a reasonable time are most suited to go to STS through competitive means to take over higher responsibilities in the Organization. Moreover, the argument of the BSNL Management that Management Graduates with B Tech are quite needed at STS level is untenable because no Management graduate even from a B category management school is going to join BSNL in STS scale. If BSNL management wants lateral induction in BSNL, the most appropriate level would be SAG because Management graduates may be inclined to join at that level. Ex- Secy/DOT was also of firm view that lateral induction in BSNL should be SAG level and that there should be absolutely no outside recruitment at levels below SAG, we informed Secy/DOT, who appeared to be quite convinced about our arguments.

D) First financial gradation after five years for those not reaching minimum of the scale in four years: Huge number of JTOs are not reaching minimum of next scale even in six years from the date of their absorption/recruitment in BSNL and they are going to get their first financial up gradation after six years. When all subsequent financial up gradations up to SG/JAG have been capped at five years, there appears to be no justification whatsoever to cap the first financial up gradation at six years which is highly discriminatory, Secy/DOT, was apprised, who took a very positive note of the observations made by us.

E) Regularization of adhoc STS and continuing abnormal delay in holding DPC for promotion from SDE to adhoc STS; Very strongly we conveyed the resentment and large scale demoralization on account of continuing delay in holding DPC from SDE to STS on adhoc basis, even though nearly 4000 STS vacancies are available as on date. Highly agitated and disgusting feelings of our comrades throughout the country on account of continuing delay in holding DPC and non regularization of existing adhoc STS was communicated in very strong terms. While ITS officers not absorbed in BSNL are getting regular and interrupted promotions from STS to JAG, JAG to SAG and SAG to HAG, it is unfortunate and unacceptable that Gr B officers absorbed in BSNL are not even getting adhoc promotion to STS. Nothing can be more unjust than this grave injustice. Secy/DOT appeared to be quite concerned and visibly upset.

F) Issue of deferred option to continue in CDA pay scale up to the date of promotion/retirement: On this issue, Secy/DOT lost no time in informing us that the issue is being dealt at highest level by Member(F)/DOT with the concerned officers in DPE.

G) Benefit of five years of qualifying service to Gr B officers having put in 20 years of service and seeking VRS: Secy/DOT informed that this issue is being dealt with by Member(F)/DOT with DOP&PW and that its settlement will be further expedited.

H) Issue of pension under rule 37 A- withdrawal of the order stating that payment of pension by the govt. would be restricted to 60% of revenues that it gets from BSNL on account of licence fees, dividends, cess tax etc: Secy/DOT informed that Member(F)/DOT is already seized of the matter and is fully involved in finalizing a cabinet note for consideration of the govt.

Our first hand impression of the meeting is that Secy/DOT is quite convinced about resolution of certain issues like service weightage, no outside recruitment at STS, first financial upgradation after maximum of five years and is also concerned and upset over abnormal delay in regularization of existing adhoc STS officers and holding of DPC from TES Gr B to STS. We were categorically assured by Secy/DOT that he would get back to us after discussing the issues with BSNL Management, keeping in view our opinion on the issues. Meeting with Secy/DOT was quite useful and raises high hopes of resolution of important unsettled issues of promotion policy. Of course, organizationally, we have to start making hectic and complete preparation to create sufficient pressure on BSNL Management to act decisively.

Departmental Qualifying Exam for SDE/AEE Civil/Electrical which was scheduled to be held on 20th to 23rd August-2007 is postponed due to administrative reasons and is rescheduled from 24th to 27th October-2007 vide BSNL CO order No-45-I/2006-DE Dated 01-08-2007.

Recruitment Rules of SDE(Telecom), SDE(Electrical), SDE(Civil), SDE(Arch.) & AE(Arch.), SDE(Telecom Factories) amended as 67 % and 33 %( ratio of seniority cum fitness quota to LDCE quota) from existing 75% and 25 % respectively from the vacancy year 2006-07.

Our Assistant General Secretary, Comrade Vithal Rao, From Karnataka Circle is no more with us today. He breathed his last at around 11:30 am on 29-07-07 due to a massive heart attack. He was our young, bold, dedicated and dynamic CHQ office bearer and had also served as Circle Secretary, Karnataka for a long period.He was having very good relationship with all the circles of south.

His demise is an irreparable loss to the SNEA(I) fraternity. We express our deep condolences to the bereaved family and pray to the Almighty to give strength and courage in this hour of crisis. May, his departed soul rest in peace.

GS holds detailed discussions with Dir (HRD) on 27th Jul 07 on expeditious resumption of the DPC process for promotion of SDEs to STS. The Dir (HRD) expressed very positive sentiments on the issue and replied that he expected no further hitches/ impediments in going ahead with the process. He also called the officers concerned and directed them to go ahead with the DPC process.

The SNEA met the Addl Secretary DOT on 27th July 07 and requested him to intervene with the BSNL Management in his capacity as BSNL Director Board member to carry out the referendum for BSNL executives.

Joint Forum decides to defer indefinite strike programme till first week of September 2007. In the meanwhile intensive mobilization programmes including All India Convention , State conventions creating awareness among MPs etc. will be organized during August 2007. The Minister during his meeting with Joint Forum on 23rd July 2007 expressed his intention to honor the entire tender programmes and also promised to place the Purchase Orders for the 3G component in his 23 million already approved.

The Secretary to Justice M.J.Rao. Chairman of the Pay panel requested the Association to make a presentation on SNEA's views in the next sitting on 8th and 9th August 2007 due to acute shortage of time. SNEA accepted the second option making the proposal on 8th and 9th 2007 August 20007 with more time in our disposal.

The BSNL Management presented their views at 1 pm on 25th July 2007 before the pay panel.

GS and NGO President Com.W.Seshagiri Rao held discussion with CMD BSNL and Director (Finance) on the wage revision proposals to be presented by BSNL before the Pay panel. They assured that the proposals were prepared in a very positive manner. They also confirmed that BSNL is in a much better and comfortable position compared to MTNL.

Details of Manpower plan posts sanctioned for 2005-07 - Circle-wise list >>Click>>

Joint forum was called for a meeting by Secy/DOT. After Director(O) explained in detail the decisions taken by BSNL board and approved by MOC&IT on the issue of tender for procurement of GSM equipment, Secy/DOT wanted to specifically know the decision of the Joint forum regarding deferment of strike by fifteen days.Convener of joint forum conveyed to Secy/DOT that indefinite strike would commence shortly in case the original size of 45.5 m with complete 3G component of the tender is not maintained.

There is absolutely no justification in halving the size of the tender as well as drastically depleting the 3G component in view of the fact that the committee set up by the BSNL Management to address the issues of pricing and change of technical specifications found no substance in the apprehensions raised by MOC and reiterated earlier decisions of BSNL board. The unanimous decision of the Joint forum to resort to indefinite strike in case the original size of the tender with full 3G component is not maintained has already been conveyed to Secy/DOT by Convener joint forum. We shall start making extensive preparation towards going for indefinite strike very shortly and should start base level mobilization.

Let us get apprised of some basic issues. A) The price per line has not been at all reduced. B) The grounds on which Motorola has been disqualified have been found to be fully valid C) no arbitrary change in technical specifications has been noticed. D) Nothing, absolutely nothing, as regards the terms and conditions of tender has changed. What are then the grounds for reducing the size of the tender by 50% and virtually eliminating 3G component? We are practically back to the same situation were from we started the struggle. 3G component of 3.5 m for which advance purchase order, not purchase order, shall be placed is only to save the tender from collapsing since Motorola has been disqualified because of its inability to meet technical specifications of 3G. This component is not going to come in near future. And the tender is reduced to 50% of its original size because the tender provisions permit maximum reduction of 50% of original size only. Had there been a provision in the terms of contract to reduce it to 10%, it would have been reduced to 10%. Additional Solicitor General, Sh. Gopal subramaniam, has opined that legal grounds demand the original size of the tender should be fully retained. That clearly means that the decision to reduce the tender by 50% is not legally tenable and can be challenged. What shall be our fate in such a situation can be easily understood by each one of us and a huge public and political opinion has to be built as to what are going to be the deadly consequences of all that is taking place now. Let us get fully ready for a real battle, battle which has to be fought with unprecedented commitment, battle which has to be fought in the enemies (of BSNL) camp, battle which has to be decisive to define and secure our future and that of our beloved Company.

CWC will be held at Trivandrum on 7th and 8th September 2007. Accommodation will be available from 6th to 9th Sept. All CHQ office bearers/Circle Secretaries/ CWC members should book their tickets in advance. Notification will be issued shortly.

BSNL board approves fresh proposal for procurement of first phase of 17 m GSM lines which includes 13.5 m 2G and 3.5 m 3G. The total size of the tender has been reduced to 50% of the original size of 45 m. Another 5.5 m is from the II phase of 14m. The ratio of 2G : 3G of 5.5 m of phase II is yet to be decided. The remaining part of phase II i.e 8.5 m and whole of phase III i.e 14m is scrapped.         

Association invited to formally submit its views to the 2nd pay panel on 25th July,07 at 1215 hrs:  Our submission will be preceded by submission by the BSNL Management which is to be made by CMD/BSNL personally. Association is to make acomprehensive power

point presentation finalized at Bangalore recently before

the pay panel and also submit a detailed report. Com

S.L.Reddy, CHQ President, and Com W.Seshagiri Rao,

president/NCOA, are likely to be present on 25th July,07 .

GS spoke to CGM/T&D requesting him to consider a few cases of  modification of posting orders of SDEs on their promotion. CGM informed GS since he was on leave for about a fort night, he has no seen the representations and would check up again.

GS writes to Hon. Prime Minister - Rapid slide down of BSNL continues unabated – quickest resolution of the tender issue absolutely essential.>>>>>>>>>

Congrats to all the Comrades for making today's Strike- a Total Success.

We have created tremendous pressure on BSNL/Ministry by the total Strike in BSNL through out the country.

Based on the assurance given by the Minister of Communications the Joint Forum decides to defer the strike by 15 days to give time for the BSNL/ ministry to settle the issue .

Minister of Communications  today appealed to call off stir in the interest of the country and the PSU. He  assured the employees that the interest of BSNL and its employees would be protected . Immediate action will be taken for procurement of 23 million 2G+3G GSM as soon as the Report from BSNL on quires raised by minister is received.

We congratulate all the Leaders of Joint Forum at Delhi and Tamil Nadu. Active participation of all the comrades in the strike has created history in BSNL Trade Unions. We should continue this unity for the benefit of BSNL. A right time to get real benefits from unity.

Com.Asokhan AGS inaugurated the massive Dharna by SNEA  at Madurai on 10-7-2007.on the same he addressed the members of Joint Fourum at Trichy.

After holding discussion with MOC and BSNL Management Committee the Joint Forum decides to go on indefinite strike from 11-07-2007. All units are requested to make necessary preparation to make the strike programmes a total success.

Massive and total unprecedented, historic Mobilisation of all the BSNL Comrades arranged by Joint Forum at Salem on 10-7-07. Com. N.Balakrishnan Circle Secratary addressed the gathering. Thousands of Comrades participated in the Dharna. Thanks to the media for excellent coverage.

Joint Fourum organised a massive Dharna at Dharmapuri with total participation of all members. Com.N.Balakrishnan Circle Secretary Com.L.Jayapal Circle President and Com.Vediappan Circle Vice President addressed the gathering. Dharmapuri SSA Joint Forum arranged demonstration in all branches on 10th July.

Com.Tha.Pandian EX MP addressed the Dharna at Chennai. Com.Nanmaran MLA and Com.Mohan MP addressed the Dharna at Madurai . Com.Mohan emphasised about the pro private attitude of the Tender and unequalities will be brought to the notice of ministry in order to release the Tender immediately.

Congratulations to all the Divisional Secretaries and Circle office bearers for their 100 percentage Success in the Dmonstration/Dharna. Make the indefinite strike a successful one in TN Circle. Thanks to all the Media for their wide coverage through out the state in all districts.

All the Divisional Secretaries are requested to form the struggle committee in the joint forum immediately, the agitational programs as given by all india CHQ are to be carried out in a grand manner in our circle.

The CHQ program of agitation:

From 5th july -Wearing black batches

From 7th july- Demonstaration in the branches

9th & 10th july -Dharna

Com.Asokhan AGS will participate in dharna on 9th July Trichy & 10th July Madurai. Our CS Com.K.Balakrishnan will participate on 9th July Dharmapuri & 10th July Salem.

One day strike on 11th july - All the circle office bearers, Divisional Secretaries are requested put their best efforts and ensure full participation and make it a grand success.

Due to the decentralization of installation work to SSAs the circle administration is taking steps in this regard to rearrange the officers. The options received from officers have been processed to take necessary action by the circle office. SNEA represented by Com. Asokhan AGS, Circle President, Circle Secretary and Circle Treasurer met the Circle Administration three times.

  The disturbances will be minimum. The exemptions will be given to the officers who are over 58 years of age as on 01.07.2007.  A station which is having no option will be filled by the junior most officer in the All India Seniority List. Further developments can be had from the respective DS/CS/any circle office bearers.

Regarding 1966 SDEs case: In implementing Promotion policy some hurdles were created in some SSAs. Circle Secretary and Circle Treasurer met the GM Finance in circle office and had fruitful discussion. The 1966 case is progressing in all India level and also stay exists. SNEA requested GM to give directions to SSAs to clear the problems.

SNEA launches Lunch hour demonstration on 25th June,07 and day long dharna on 29th June,07 at SSA/CGM Hqs to create tremendous compulsion on the authorities in DOT/BSNL to place the purchase order for immediate procurement of 45.5 million GSM equipment. Dist Secretaries ,Branch Secretaries and other office bearers are requested to fully involve and mobolise the members.

Any further delay in placing the purchase order will mean death for us. Let us not allow BSNL to reach point of bankruptcy.

Wide spread Organizational preparation and intense mobilization at the grass root level for success of the struggle should commence immediately.Dist Secretaries ,Branch Secretaries and other office bearers are requested to fully involve and get success.

BSNL is displaced to 3rd position in GSM Sector and 4th position in Cellular (CDMA+GSM) Services. Let us fight it out in the most committed manner and thus protect BSNL as well as our bread and butter under all circumstances.

Notice for Organizational actions issued to Hon.Minister for Communication & IT for Country wide demonstrations and day long Dharna at SSA/Circle/Corporate office Hqs on 25th/29th June, 07 – Protest actions against threatening, unwarranted, continuing and completely unacceptable delay in procurement of 2G/3G GSM equipment >> Click>>

Shri V.S.Balakrishnan GM (Admin) TN Circle retired on 2-6-2007 on voluntary retirement. We wish him a happy retired life.

GS and AGS, Com Khan, met CMD and apprised him in detail that restrictions being imposed for appearing in LDCE against 25% STS vacancies in terms of age, educational qualifications while finalizing Gr A RRS on the basis of recommendations of IIM are unjust and unfair and not really relevant from the point of  view of such a gigantic service organization like BSNL. They also made a strong plea to regularize existing Adhoc STS officers.

They also conveyed our anxiety on account of continuing delay in placing purchase orders for procurement of first phase of 45.5 million GSM lines and requested him not to further delay the procurement process.

It is reliably learnt that the 2nd pay panel of CPSUs has taken a positive decision on the issue of merger of 50% IDA with basic in their meeting at Hyderabad on 22nd /23rd May,07. A formal recommendation is expected to be sent to the government by the wage committee for its consideration and approval when it meets at Bhubaneswar on 11th/12th June,07.

Competetive Exam for promotion of JTOs to SDEs - Exam scheduled for 10-06-07 has been rescheduled for 15-07-2007<<Pl click>>

BSNL Board clears Man Power Plan for 2005-06 creating 3500  new posts which comprises of 2300 JTO posts, 600 SDE posts, 450 DE posts, 150 JAG posts. This is the fruitful termination of the fervent and incessant pursuance and follow up by the SNEA.

GS meets Sr.DDG (Estt) and pursues the DPC from SDEs to Adhoc STS. The Sr.DDG (Estt) has assured that he will be holding a further meeting with the Association day after tomorrow to straighten up and settle pending issues in this regard.

GS and AGS, Com Khan, met Director (HRD) and discussed following issues:

 The issue of holding of verification was discussed  in detail all the adverse effects of not holding the referendum to decide who is number one to legitimately represent the issues of executives. We categorically informed that this Association is not going to be a silent spectator in case the verification process continues to be delayed and requested him to convey the stand of this Association in clear terms to the BSNL Management.

We once again impressed upon Director (HRD) the need of pleading before the 2nd pay panel for getting complete parity with MTNL with regard to IDA pay scales so that existing anomalous situation created as a result of lower IDA pay scales for JTOs/SDEs/DEs/DGMs etc. in BSNL is corrected and JTOs/SDEs/DEs/DGMs etc. get appropriate equivalent IDA scales of E2/E3/E4 etc. Director (HRD) assured us that he is in agreement with our stand and have further discussions with us.

10thMay 07 NCOA   hunger strike : Members of SNEA and other NCOA members  participated in  large numbers in the Hunger  strike on Thursday 10th May demanding merger of 50% of Dearness allowance with basic pay , Removal of ceiling on Gratuity and other demands.

STS to JAG Time bound promotion:TN circle issues order for 94 STS officers on 8/05/07<< Click >>

Time bound Finanacial  upgradation orders have been issued by TN Circle office - JTO to SDE scale , SDE to SR SDE Scale  and Sr SDE to DE Scale.

4th May 07-Friday: Opposing TRAI Policies-Day

Demonstration along with Joint Forum on 4th May was conducted at Chennai and other places in a massive way.

DE officiating orders issued for 142 SDEs in TN Circle on 26-04-07 for a period of one month due to  our consistent efforts .

Even though there was some court cases by some people affecting the DE officiating issue SNEA was pursuing the case  regularly.  There was a trouble legally to follow the officiating arrangement in DE cadre. After the CEC meeting the circle Secretary and circle Treasurer met repeatedly the circle administration  highlighting the delay and urged them to break the hurdles . At last the DE officiating orders issued today on 26.04.07 for 142 officers for a period of one month.

After getting legal clearance from the corporate office the new list for the officiating as per already obtained options will be issued.

Members of NCOA  in PSUs turned in large numbers to hold a demonstration at the CGO Complex New Delhi. More than 700 members from SNEA, Officers Associations in ONGC, NTPC, NHPC, SAIL, FCI etc. raised their demands on provisions in pay revision drawing the attention of Secretary DPE so that the DPE places our proposals in the pay panel meeting to be held on 16th  & 17th April 2007.

Last date for filling up the application forms of TES GR.B competitive examination extended from 10.4.07 to 25.4.07

Circle Secretary met PGM(O), GM (A) and DGM(A) of TN circle to discuss to settle the inordinate delay in ordering officiating in DEs cadre and insisted to get Legal clearance from BSNL Head quarters to finalise the issue.

JTO to SDE (Regular) posting orders for those who had been allotted to Tamilnadu Circle issued. They are retained in the same SSA.<<Click >>

The Circle Executive Committee of TN Circle held on 6-4-2007 at Vellore.  The meeting was addressed by General Secretary G L Jogi, Com W Seshagiri Rao, NCOA President, Com.R.Asokan, AGS, Com. H. Muthu, CHQ Treasurer, Com.  Sukumarn, Com. U Sundar, apart from the Office bearers of TN Circle.  The meeting discussed  issues concerning executives and held fruitful deliberations. 

The meeting of executives of Neyveli Lignite Corporation and SNEA Office bearers held in the Neyveli Lignite Complex on 7-4-2007.  The meeting was addressed by Com. W Seshagiri Rao, NCOA President, K Ashoka Rao, Secretary General NCOA, GS SNEA G L Jogi and Com. KNS Raju among others.  In a winfall decision 5000 executives of Neyveli Lignite Corporation decided to join NCOA to further the prospectus of the executives and employees of Public Sector Undertakings. 

The Core committee of NCOA met in Chennai on 8-4-2007 in the presence of Com W  Seshagiri Rao, K Ashoka Rao, G L Jogi and KNS Raju.  The Core Committee after serious deliberations decided to hold Lunch hour demonstration on 13-4-2007 at CGO Complex New Delhi outside the Office of Secretary DPE to create sufficient pressure on the DPE to present and pursue all issues concerned with the Pay revision in PSUs. 

The Pay revision panel will be holding discussions with the DPE on 16 and 17-4-2007 to workout the strategy on Pay revision. 

The NCOA and Co-ordination committee decided to join the massive Dharana organized by CITU and other trade unions on 26-4-2007 at Jandar Mandir, New Delhi to press the following major issues.

1)      Merger of 50% of DA

2)      No Income Tax on House Allowance

3)      Scrapping guidelines issued by DPE to different PSUs on  pay finalisation of Non executives.

4)      Reduction of term of pay revision in PSUs from 10 years to 5 years.




A meeting of AIBSNLEA and SNEA jointly was held with the

Coms.Ajeetha, Salammal R, Sellammal R and Thamilarasi M who had been allotted to

TN Circle issues the clarificatory orders on Promotion Policy << Click>>

Association meets CMD BSNL to take up the following issues (1) Finalisation of Transfer Policy after discussion with the Association. (2) Expediting promotion process of SDEs to Adhoc STSs (3) Regularization of Adhoc STSs (4) Posting of Officers to outside circle in T&D Circle. (5) 3 G Tender - DDG (Regulations) were also present. He informed that case is being pursued with the Govt. Of India and Addition Solicitor General for getting the case posted to an earlier date. (Now posted for next hearing on April 25 , 2007.) CMD promised urgent steps on all issues at Sl. No.1 to 4.

Central Coordination Committee of PSU Executives meets to work out strategy on the following issues.
(1) to create pressure against amendment of the Income Tax Act in Parliament to unnecessarily tax those occupying residential quarters.

(2) Merger of 50% DA.

Congrats to the newly promoted SDEs on their promotion...

All the Comrades who are posted outside the TN circle are requested to give the Representation to CMD,BSNL stating their particulars, Sl No, position with a copy to GS SNEA and Circle Secretary TN, Chennai. Efforts are made to reconsider the allotment.

Regular Promotion of JTOs to SDEs - Orders issued by BSNL<<Pl Click>>

TN circle proposes to fill up the vacancies in the posts of DEs (135 posts listed in Annexure II) by local officiating . The eligible 322 SDEs are listed in Annexure are requested to exercise three options from among the 63 stations listed in Annexure II, subject to the conditions. This exercise of option is in supersession of all previous options.and Each SDE is required to give fresh options for 3 stations in the order of priority. The officiating postings will be decided as per the 3 options, as far as practicable and in the case of non-availability of any of the options, the officer is likely to be posted to another station.<<Pl Click >>

Due to Our efforts Mobile Telephone Connections to Executives changed to 525 plan post paid with CUG(within LSA). <<<Pl Click for order<< <

Modified Procedure for issue of vigilance clearance -up to SDE to STS level by circle for officiating and time bound promotions.<<Pl Click for order>>

AGB of SNEA Nagarcoil SSA was conducted on 26-02-07. Our Circle Secratary Com. N.Balakrishnan attended the meeting. The following New Office bearers were elected unanimously

President Com.S.Paul raj CO
Dist Secretary Com.M.Monikantan SDE
Treasurer Com.S.Durarairajasekaran

The process of Calling option for new additional SDE posts is under process. Some of the SSAs have not sent Vigilance Clearance Report . All the Dist Secretaries are requested to contact their SSAs and confirm the sending of Report to Circle office.

Time Bound / Post Based Executive Promotional Policy for Group B level officers of BSNL - TN Circle issues order <<Click for Lr dated 09-02-2007>> for formation of Screening of ACRs upto STS level by SSAs. All the Assessment Sheets should reach CO office on or before 05/03/2007. Divl Secretaries are requested to monitor and persue with SSAs. Kindly ensure our Comrades get their Promotions orders early.

After discussion with concerned authorities the following clarifications on Promotion Policy has been sorted out by the Association.

(1) In case of regular/ Adhoc Promotion after 1-10-2000 and before 1-10-2004 the first lateral upgradation will be available to such Executives on completion of Four years. (Eg. JTO getting regular promotion as SDE in 2001 will be eligible and will be considered for lateral upgradation to Sr.SDE scale in 2005 review.)

(2) Even tough the dates of DPC fixed as 1-10-2005, 1-10-2006 etc. lateral upgradation will be effective from the actual completion of the required residency period .

TN Circle clarifies that GSM Cellular Connections may be provided to the Officiating JTOs irrespective of Pay Scales with immediate effect (Lr dtd 03/02/07) due to Circle Association efforts.

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